Why Volunteer?

by Rosie

Firstly, I feel I have to introduce myself, to give you an idea of how I came to find out about the wonderful Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary! My name is Rosie, I live in Rugby, I’m currently 16 and I’m planning on doing Veterinary Science at University! For those who don’t know, Veterinary Science is an extremely hard course to get on to, high grades are needed, and a lot of animal related work experience is very much important to even be considered. I came across Pablo’s whilst searching on the internet for places to do this work experience! I was touched by the information on the site, the loving descriptions of the horses, the stories of fundraisers, just the whole general feel of the place, the dedication put towards it! I emailed, and received a swift reply, saying I was welcome to come down; to say I was excited would be an understatement!

On my first day of volunteering at Pablo’s, I was overwhelmed by the kindness of the people there, from offering me hot drinks every break, to making sure I was alright doing whatever jobs needed doing! The horses were so relaxed, so in tune with their routine, it felt extremely special to be part of the team that provided that stability for them. Each Saturday I have been to Pablo’s, the more special the place has become to me! The more horses I have grown fond of, and the more I have realised, how there really are some special people in this world! Some wonderful people who do everything for others, I feel privileged to be at Pablo’s alongside them!

Pablo’s has given me so much in the little time I have belonged to its community! My confidence has increased dramatically, which makes me feel so good about myself, better than I ever have before! Then of course, Pablo’s has given me some very valuable experience, which will not only help with my future career, but has made me realise how much I really do love horses, and how much I really want to replicate the community, the dedication and the focus Pablo’s has in my future. Also, Pablo’s has given me many different life skills, I can now knock a nail in straight, thanks to Chris and Gerri who have shown me when I stay behind to help them with maintenance work! I never knew, just volunteering at a horse sanctuary on Saturdays for a month or two would give me so much, and I can’t explain how it feels to be included and my help appreciated, I really want to do all I can to help!

Unfortunately, I do live in Rugby, an hour’s drive from Pablo’s. This means, now I have started my A-levels at school, I can only come one Saturday every month. I really want to say, anyone who can spare even an hour or two in their week, anyone who can donate anything, however small it is to Pablo’s, it is appreciated so much, and you will feel so wonderful for giving your time to them! The sanctuary is filled with amazing people and gorgeous horses, Jack or Westie for example, who I must say, have to be my current favourites (don’t tell the others!!!). I am so proud to be involved in such a community and I would encourage anyone to come down and volunteer! Ring Carole up and say you’re interested in volunteering! If you don’t like using a phone, like me, then email! Rob is ever so kind, and ever so quick with responding! I can’t put into words how much Pablo’s means to me, it has given me so much in so little time, and if I do succeed with my future career, then I would be more than happy to provide Pablo’s with free Veterinary care! They really do deserve it!

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One thought on “Why Volunteer?

  1. Gerry and I both feel very touched by what Rosie has written. She is such a wonderful young lady, who is very dedicated in the work she does at Pablo’s. She realises that after the feeding, mucking out and general care for the horses is done, there is still plenty more to do. She will help with ANYTHING you ask. Yes she can knock a nail in straight. She can break down a pallet, without damaging the wood, so we can use the wood again to build shelters. Today she was preparing plyboard ready to be used as roofing for a shelter.

    Whenever she comes to Pablos she gives 110% to everything asked of her. She is a real pleasure to have around. Until I read this I didn’t realise how much she feels she has gained from Pablos. We feel as though we are the lucky ones having found a great little worker who loves coming to volunteer with us.

    I must say a BIG thankyou to Rosie’s Dad, who gives up time in his weekend in order to bring Rosie to us. Thanks Dad!!!

    Work hard Rosie, get your grades and may all your wishes come true. You are very special to the humans and the horses at Pablos

    See you soon
    Chris and Gerry

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