Under Surveillance

by Andrea

We always like to keep our paddocks and fields clean and tidy, free from Horse droppings so every day we ‘poo-pick’.  If you have had a hard day this can be quite relaxing or therapeutic, honest!!!

So anyway, there I was merrily ‘poo picking’ the paddocks, the horses had finished their tea and were back off grazing.  I was there minding my own business and humming songs to myself  ‘like you do’ and I wasn’t really paying much attention to what was going on around me.

As I looked up Ted, Merlin and Prince were all stood in a line like soldiers standing to attention, staring out across the paddock, I just smiled and carried on with my work.

A few minutes later I looked up again and to my surprise they were still stood there, I stood there and called Ted’s name but they didn’t move, just all stood there statue still.

I turned and looked to where they were staring and there along the bottom of the paddock were a family of foxes, a Mum, Dad and two gorgeously cute cubs sat in the sunshine; they all looked beautiful with shiny coats and bright eyes.  I have seen many foxes over the years but these just looked amazing, they must have been watching me for quite a while.

As I stood and watched for a minute I swear they had a smile on their faces, I could imagine what they were thinking

She’s missed a bit!


Ted, Merlin and Prince




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