In memory of Tappy


We are sad to announce that one of our old ponies, Tappy has passed away; it appears that he had suffered heart failure, he was 39 years old.  Tappy joined Pablo’s approximately 3 years ago and quickly became inseparable friends with Sidney, one of our oldest ponies.

Tappy came to Pablo’s after his owner was moving away from the area and had nowhere else to keep him.   Although in good health, his owner was considering to have him put down, luckily they contacted Pablo’s and we were more than happy to take over the care of this loveable character.

Tappy lived with this field companions Magnum and his best friend was Sidney, they were inseparable.

Tappy was a sweet old pony and we’d like to say a huge thank you to Andrea for looking after him so well during his time with us, he will be truly missed, in particular by Andrea, who loved him dearly.  We like to think that Tappy was very happy at Pablos, and it was a pleasure to have known and cared for him in his last years.