by Christine Bell

After searching the internet for somewhere for my husband, Gerry, and I to volunteer our help I found Pablo’s.  I wanted an animal charity, but not your PDSA’s or RSPCA’s as feel they get enough help and publicity.  I wanted somewhere we could feel we were making a difference.
On Sunday 11th April 2010 we made our first visit.  We were welcomed and given a tour, and told about the horses and how some of them came to be there.
The volunteers do a fantastic job and first priority is, of course, the welfare and well-being of the horses. Because Pablo’s isn’t over run with volunteers, general maintenance as very low on the priority list.  Gerry and I are both pretty handy people and can paint, hammer and drill with the best of them.  Therefore whenever there are enough people for the priority jobs, we find we fit into the maintenance role very easily.  I feel that Gerry and I have made a real difference in the appearance of Pablo’s and first impressions count to visitors.
We now spend a full day at Pablo’s every Saturday, doing the little, much needed jobs around the place, making things better for the people there and thus better for the horses.
At Pablo’s all the volunteers are such wonderful, dedicated people who all work together to make the health and welfare of these beautiful animals top priority.
I feel privileged to be apart of Pablo’s and able to offer my help to such a wonderful place.  I know that I shouldn’t have favourites, and I love all the horses dearly, but Icarus as stolen my heart!!  He is my number one male (sorry Gerry)!!  He seemed so timid when we first started at Pablo’s, but now he will follow me around and know it has nothing to do with the fact that I often have mints in my pocket!!
Penny, I love because of her beautiful smile, seeing is believing.
Coco and Moley also have a special place in my heart and I always make sure that they get lots of hugs and love.
To sum up Pablo’s is a fantastic place, giving a home, love and care for horses and ponies, who but for places like Pablo’s wouldn’t be with us today. THANK YOU Pablo’s for letting me be a part of your team, for welcoming me and for letting me share the love of these beautiful animals.  I hope that I am helping to make Pablo’s a better place for all.


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