In the memory of Poppy

In Memory of Poppy
By Carole Fielding

Poppy on arrival at the Sanctuary

Poppy came into our lives one cold November day six years ago. She had been abandoned by travellers on wasted ground, no-one would take any responsibility for this sad and  almost starving pony so we brought her gladly to the Sanctuary.

Poppy was obviously old, well over thirty years old with a coat  that looked like an unmade bed, and although in a bad condition she  still had a glint in her eye and a spring in her step.

During her years with us she was much loved by everyone and lived  with her two pony friends Coco and Mole.  No matter how many times she  was groomed she never looked sleek but she had a feisty personality and  never walked anywhere when she could trot.
We lost our very special Poppy last week  and we miss her very  much, and thank Goodness that she didn’t suffer and just gently went to  sleep.  Goodbye Poppy we will never forget you, I hope God has got lots  of Polo mints ready for you.

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