In memory of Sidney – by Carole Fielding

Our beloved Sidney

It was a sad day on Friday 17th June 2011 as we said goodbye to our beloved Sidney, a little grey pony came into our lives 10 years ago. I had a call from a dealer who had picked up a little old pony who was destined for the meatman, but was too old and too thin and so he offered Sidney to me for £100.  Sidney was immediately bought to the Sanctuary and was worth every penny as he turned out to be the most lovable, charming and well-mannered pony you could wish to meet.  Nobody knew his exact age but he was definitely over 40 years old, but Sidney was always bright and happy right up to the end. We’re already missing Sidney and his impatient whinny when it is feed-time on the yard. I would like to give sincerest thanks to Andrea who took such great care of him during the Summer months and Carol and Dawn who looked after Sidney when he was back at the main yard during the Winter months. We are sure Sidney knew how much he was loved and now he is galloping around in horse heaven being reunited with his dear friends, his beloved Caper and Tappy.
By Carole

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