In Memory of Bobby


by Carole Fielding

We recently had the great sadness to lose a very special old gelding, our much loved Bobby.

Bobby was a very handsome chestnut in his late twenties who came to us approximately four years ago and we quicly all beacme very fond of him.

All he asked from life was to be with his lady friends (he only liked mares) and his bucket of food.  How we will miss his lovely face looking over the gate at feeding time telling us to `hurry up`.

Bobby looked a big tough horse but had such a gentle character , he was particularly protective and chivalrous towards the ladies he shared his paddock with, particularly a mare called Suzy.  Bobby also had a “second sight”, he knew when it was the time of the year for wormers and also if the farrier was there, on either of those occasions we could not, despite our best efforts, catch him!

Bobby left us just quietly  from a suspected heart failure, we hope he is re-united in horse heaven with his Suzy whom he loved so very much.

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