Horse Sanctuary needs your help

Horse sanctuary needs your help – Published on Tuesday 3 April 2012 14:46


Pablo’s founder Carole Fielding is appealing for the public’s help to continue the charity’s work



AN ANIMAL charity inundated with requests to care for unwanted horses and ponies has issued a desperate public plea for help to continue its work.

Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary, based in Long Clawson, has been caring for horses and ponies since 2006 .  The over-stretched charity is currently looking after more than 60 animals, with a further 25 fostered out to approved homes.

But now Pablo’s is full to capacity and demand for its services remains so high, its need for public donations of funding and support has never been more vital.

Not being able to help more animals in need has been heart-wrenching especially for Pablo’s inspirational founder Carole Fielding.  She said: “Every single day last week we received calls about unwanted horses.  As we’re full all we can offer now is to put them on our waiting list until we do get room or we can find a good home for them. We have about 10 animals on the list at the moment.  We do what we can. The police recently brought us two frightened young ponies that had been dumped by a main road. Thankfully they were unharmed.  We’ve also taken on four foals from Dartmoor which were destined for the meat market, a fate which sadly awaits so many of these ponies.”

She added: “Pablo’s is completely run by volunteers and on kind donations, as we receive no government funding.  We’re trying so hard to help as many of these animals as we can but are struggling financially to pay our escalating feed and vet bills.  The problem is mainly due to the recession and escalating feed prices, but this is now being compounded by large numbers of unwanted horses and ponies being abandoned.”

A recent article in the Daily Mail reported that 200 horses have been abandoned over the last few months, and this was just in the north of England.

“I hope that some members of the public may be able to help us. Perhaps they can offer to hold a fundraising event on our behalf, sponsor a pony or make a donation?  Please help us continue our work. There are so many horses and ponies desperately needing sanctuary.”

Anyone who would like to help Pablo’s can call Carole on 07745 628684.  For more about the charity and work it does visit

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One thought on “Horse Sanctuary needs your help

  1. I would like to say that I had not heard of the Pablo’s until hearing Carole on BBC Radio Leicester the other day and was taken aback by her total commitment, love and enthusiasm for what she does for lots of less fortunate horses and ponies.
    I have had a horse for some 8 years who has been in and out of the vets constantly since owning him with injuries to developing cushings disease in the past two years, he is now 20 and gets lots of tlc at whatever cost, I am touched at what she and all her volunteers do, I just wish I had more spare time to help. I do not frequently give to many charities, but horses are and have always been a huge part of my life, very dear to my heart and will be donating to the charity with pleasure and will complete a sponsorship form shortly and send it in with with a cheque, Every little helps, thanks Jane

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