In memory of Ezra


Ezra was a very striking looking horse who was extremely sociable and inquisitive. Ezra was approx 21 years old, and in the care of Pablo’s for the past 4 years. Unfortunately his previous hip injury started to flare-up, and after many visits from the vet, on the vet’s recommendation Ezra was put gently to sleep in October 2011.

Ezra came from a loving home, but developed a hip injury and could not be ridden, so came to live at Pablo’s. Ezra loved people, was very laid back, quickly won people’s affections and had a habit of licking anything he took a fancy too!! We like to say a big thank you to Andrea and Rob who looked after Ezra so well during his time with us, he will be truly missed, in particular by Andrea and Rob, who loved him dearly. It was a pleasure to have known and cared for Ezra in his last years.

He lived with his companions Dee Dee and Nicky and together they were a very humorous threesome.