Egbert isn’t one of our horses but rather a little red Rooster who frequents the barn at Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary.

Carole for years has rescued ex battery hens from many local places, our last batch came we expected six new arrivals only to open the box and find fourteen!   The hens are all given a new life and a bit of freedom, they are all very independent, inquisitive and often under your feet when attempting to muck out.

Sadly Egbert is perhaps half the size of these huge brown hens who now all happily lay eggs again, although he is a very pretty boy he isn’t the boss.  Egbert sometimes displays his voice but usually is not the most daring of the chucks although recently we did see him the other end of the Pony field (sadly no photos).

I hope anyone who comes to the Sanctuary doesn’t overlook our charismatic Rooster as certainly in my eyes he is great, I have never asked Carole where he came from but I would really miss him if he wasn’t there.

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