Baby Dartmoor foals find a safe home

Baby Dartmoor foals find a safe home


The Dartmoor ponies at Pablo's Horse Sanctuary PHOTO: Tim WilliamsPublished on Wednesday 21 December 2011 09:00

Published on Wednesday 21 December 2011 09:00

LITTLE foals from Dartmoor, which were rescued from the meat market, have found a safe home at Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary in Long Clawson.

The four foals, Dizzy, Dodger, Dreamer and Darcy made the long 13 hour trip to the borough six weeks ago after their owner, an elderly man named Austin Northmore, became unable to look after them any more.

The male foals, which come from a heritage herd, are aged between five and six months and are not used to human company.

As a result Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary owner Carole Fielding is steadily introducing them to human contact in order that they may be rehomed in the spring, next year.

She said: “When they arrived the foals had never been touched we are trying to get them used to contact, so that they can be lead and their hooves can be checked.

“They are all so adorable and are all real characters and we are very happy that we could take them in and stop them from suffering the sad plight of being turned into horsemeat or hand-bags.

“If anyone would like to pay them a visit or help me teach them to be handled, they are welcome to contact me.”

Call Carole on (01664) 562634.

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