In memory of Arthur


We are so sad to report the passing of old Arthur before Christmas 2011.  Old Arthur came to Pablo’s approx 8 years ago and was an extremely gentle horse, who was popular with the volunteers and with the other horses and ponies.  Arthur had a particular bond with Cherry, and they loved to spend time together mutually grooming each other.  The vet advised that Arthur was in his late 30s and he passed away in his stable during the night from heart failure.

Arthur’s look and temperament caught the attention of a dealer who brought him at a horse sale. However once the on the dealer’s yard he discovered that Arthur was older than he looked and permanently lame. The dealer was ready to have him put down but Pablo’s was alerted to Arthur’s plight after the farrier Pablo’s used at the time told us of him, and we were very happy to welcome Arthur to Pablo’s.

Arthur was one of our thoroughbreds and was just a gentle old soul. He was great amongst people and happy socialised with the other horses.