Kizzy by Gerry Bell

When I first went to Pablo’s as a volunteer, I was given a few pointers. It was something like ” all of our horses have come here for one reason or another, it may be they have out grown there use, they may have had owners who could no longer cope with keeping a horse, they may have been saved from the meat man, or in the very worst case, been abused and/or badly treated.”
Kizzy was the only horse I was told to be wary of. She had been a brood mare, kept just for having foal after foal after foal. When she first come to Pablo’s she was very untrusting of people in general, especially men. I was told that if she feels insecure or threatened in anyway, she can turn her back to you and kick out very quickly.
I didn’t think to much about this at first as there were so many horses and ponies to get to know. However one day I was watching her, with her companions, Jack, Arthur and Sparky.  Arthur and Jack are the dominant ones in this group and if there is food around like hay or haylage then they get first choice.  Although there are enough containers around for them each to have one, they seem to want to see what the other is eating, just in case its better than theirs.  So, when Arthur or Jack moved to see what Sparky had got, Sparky would go and see what Kizzy had got, and in some cases push Kizzy out.
I remembered what I had been told about her being nervous around new people, especially men and initially just used to go for a little walk around the yard, keeping my distance and having a fuss with Jack, Arthur and Sparky.  I would look at Kizzy from a distance and wonder what had happened in her past, maybe far more than Pablo’s had been told.  She is such a beautiful horse and I wanted to be able to pat and stroke her as I could with all the others.
I decided that at a weekend, I would spend at least half an hour on each of the two days, trying to build up Kizzy’s trust. I have been doing this for about six weeks know and each week I feel as though things are improving between us. This week I took some haylage into her field with me, She came to me, which was fantastic, she followed me for more great!! You can see this in the video footage. I will continue trying to build up Kizzy’s trust as she is a beautiful horse and I want her to know that she has a true human friend, who she can rely on.
Pablo’s is such a fantastic place to belong to, they help all these wonderful creatures. I feel privileged to be apart of this and hope that Kizzy will one day take a piece of carrot from my hand and let me give her a big hug.
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