Stories and Tributes

Please enjoy the stories, tales and tributes that have touched the people who have worked at or been helped by Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary.  We hope to be adding many more in the near future so keep coming back!

Horse Sanctuary needs your help – Melton Times 03/04/12

Daily Mail article 06/03/12

The Dartmoor ponies at Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary

Letter from Dartmoor foals – 14.10.11

Leicester Mercury article – 04.10.11

Paula’s Card

Melton Times 1st Article 25.11.10

Melton TImes 2nd Article 02.12.10

Melton Times 3rd Article 09.12.10

Melton Times 4th Article 16.12.10

Melton Times 5th Article 23.12.10

Brownies raise funds for horse – Feb 11

Thank you note from the Brownies

A tribute to May

In memory of Arthur

In memory of Silver

In memory of Ezra

In memory of Poppy

In memory of Bobby

Kizzy by Gerry Bell

Why Volunteer? – By Rosie

My Experiences at Pablos by Gerry Bell

Under surveillance – by Andrea

Pablos by Christine Bell

In memory of Tappy

Our Egbert by Rob

Philip by William Tell

In memory of Ted

In memory of Sidney


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