Tika – will you sponsor me?


Tika came to us after her previous owner, having bought her from a dealer, decided that she was too dangerous to ride. After some research they also found out she had passed through as many as seven different homes in as little as eighteen months. When her previous owners rang the dealer they were advised to euthanize Tika because they wouldn’t be able to sell her on. At this point it was decided that the best option for Tika was for her to be given to a horse sanctuary, and we took her in.

When Tika arrived at the Sanctuary she was very thin, all of her ribs were visible through her coat and she’d rubbed all the fur off of her face. Her former home had been very competition orientated which can be very stressful for a horse and we believe this is why she’d come to be in this condition. However, since coming to live at Pablo’s Tika has put on weight, settled in really well and the hair has grown back on her face.

We were even able to get into contact with one of her past owners from whom we were able to find out a little bit more about Tika. Back in that day she had been a fantastic little jumper and was destined to be a mounted games pony.

Sadly, we’ll never know exactly what happened to her between then and now to have caused her problems.

Tika, as she is now, is such a sweet pony who has joined the many horses and ponies cared for by the Sanctuary.

Tika - Before

Tika - Before