Minty – will you sponsor me?


Minty is a Shetland pony in his twenties who is even cuter than his photos.

Minty arrived at Pablo’s in March 2010 after his elderly owners were no longer able, due to their illnesses, to care for Minty as they had done in the past since Minty was four years old. Although Minty’s family were very upset to let him go, at least they are reassured and comforted knowing that he has a very good home at Pablo’s where he will be always loved and cared for.

Minty already is very popular with all the volunteers, he is very sociable with people, extremely sweet and of course inquisitive to anything new. He has a very well-kept coat and he is a pleasure to look after.

He lives with his field companions, General, Marmite, Winston, Jive, Bella, Polly, Shanty and Tommy.