Kizzy – will you sponsor me?


Kizzy is a very sweet little pony with such beautiful markings and our only one who has to be handled very carefully.

Kizzy was kept tied up by her owners and was continuously used as a broodmare. One day a lady who was looking for horses to purchase, came across Kizzy and was so appalled by her physical plight she brought Kizzy from her owners. This lovely lady then got in touch with Pablo’s and handed her over.

When Kizzy first arrived she was very fearful and due to her history of mistreatment she was very hateful of people, especially men. Because of this we started on the long slow process of gaining her trust and everything is at Kizzy’s own pace and she has started to respond well to people who she sees regularly. We feel that she knows that she is in a safe place now, but is still wary so handling is keep to a minimum to avoid any undue stress.

Kizzy happily lives with her field companions Jack, Arthur and Sparky and is growing in confidence, but it is a slow progress. Due to her problems, she needs to be cared for by the Sanctuary for the rest of her life.