Winston is a gentle and very playful pony.

Winston lived for 19 years with his mother and brother in a field.  When they both passed away Winston was left alone, and it was agreed that it would be better for him to be amongst other horses so he came to Pablo’s.  Winston was never broken-in and originally when he came to us was somewhat lacking in a few manners, though quickly he became very chilled and happily accepted the peaceful surroundings of our Sanctuary.

Winston suffers from a condition called `Sweet Itch` and has to wear a fly rug in the summer and makes him look very medieval.  Winston has a habit of having a good scratch on a wheelbarrow, something that gives him enormous pleasure, though not for the volunteer who returns to find that he has knocked it over!

He lives with his field companions, General, Minty, Malty, Bella, Jive, Magnum, Marmite and Polly.  He is best friends with Malty and they spend all their time playing together.