Although his real name is ‘Willow the Wisp’ as we have quite a few Willow’s we refer to this lovely pony as Will.

Will was an emergency case and unfortunately a product of the current recession.  A lady phoned us after her daughter was struck with financial problems and he was brought to Pablo’s literally off the street.

Will is a very lovely, handsome and striking horse who does enjoy his food, getting plenty of attention, being groomed and fussed over.

At his time at Pablo’s Will lived with his field companions, General, Thomas, Winston, Minty, Malty, Bella, Jive, Rupert, and Shanty.

In May 2010,  Will was found a fantastic foster home to be cared for by Emma at Waltham.  Emma has sent a photo of Will (July 2011), and his field companion Subaltern who is a 22 year old ex-army horse.  Emma reports that Will has settled in fabulously well and is a very fit and well pony.  Will is ridden by Emma, and he also takes kids on rides as well, who absolutely adore him.  We are so pleased that Will has such a lovely home where he is very much loved and wish him and Sally all the very best for their futures together.

Will (left) and his field companion Sabaltern