Westie is one of Pablo’s ex-racehorses  who is approx 17 years old (2012) and was also a champion racehorse in his prime.  He is still in excellent condition but problems with his tendon meant he could no longer race, and he became yet another ex-racehorse looking for a home.

He is very friendly and still enjoys a good gallop now and then around his field, especially on a blustery day!

Westie happily shared (and has a special bond) with his  field companion Blossom, and also shared his paddock with Dolly during the daytime.

Since late 2011 Westie and Blossom live together in a wonderful foster home  with one of our long-standing volunteers, Jodie.  Jodie not only looks after Blossom and Westie, but also continues to volunteer her time twice a week at the main yard.