Rosie’s story of how she came to us was after a kind lady was extremely concerned when she witnessed a very large-sized woman ridding her at a Gymkhana, who was continuously whipping Rosie.  We were told this unfortunately was apparently a very regular occurrence.

Rosie being a small pony has had her back now permanently damaged due to being ridden by the weight of the large-size woman.  She also became very head-shy due to her experiences.

Rosie is a very pretty pony and she can now happily approach people and she even snuffles their coat pockets.  Due to being head-shy she is somewhat wary but she does enjoy being fussed over and the attention she gets.   She has a great sense of humour and she tends to do naturally humorous things and can pull some really funny faces.

We are pleased to announce that in April 2010 Rosie, along with Gypsy went to a fantastic foster home in Wales, where they are enjoying life in Welsh countryside in superb surroundings being cared for by one of our ex-volunteers.

*Rosie is currently being fostered*