Rocky is a very handsome colored horse who came to us along with his friend Weetabix in November 2009.

Rocky and Weetabix both had been abandoned by their previous owners and were left on an embankment for around six years.  Over this time Rocky who had been once schooled and Weetabix who has never been ridden, where left to fend for themselves; both came to us having never even worn winter rugs.

Rocky soon settled in with us although he is still inseparable from Weetabix, he is awfully fond of food and despite his years in the wilderness he loves fuss and attention from our volunteers, and being around people. Although he is striking to look at Rocky thus far hasn’t been successful at wooing any of our female ponies, though not through lack of trying!

* Rocky and Weetabix are currently fostered out together*

Rocky and Weetabix at their new home 2011