Our Other Residents!

As well as providing a clean and loving environment for our many horses and ponies, Pablo’s is also home to a few other furry residents….



Is it fuss o'clock yet?

Is it fuss o’clock yet?

Dixie is our very friendly feline friend, whose main pastimes include being fussed, eating, sleeping, being fussed and sleeping!








Lounging around

Lounging around

There are several goats here at Pablo’s, of varying age and size. They eat just about anything and are pretty nonchalant the rest of the time!


You talkin' to me?

You talkin’ to me?


Taking the weight off..

Taking the weight off..



Patrolling the yard are three geese who are totally inseparable. They go everywhere together and are better than any guard dogs! Once they get to know you though, they let you go about your business…just don’t interrupt them while they are eating!

Keep your distance mate!

Keep your distance mate!


Patrolling the yard…







These two will never cross the road...

These two will never cross the road…

Strutting their stuff and making sure everyone hears about it, our several cockerels are loud and proud.