Little Gerry

Gerry with Christina (behind him)

Little Gerry came to the Sanctuary in February 2011, along with his companion Christina Scarlet.  Little Gerry is thought to be around 4 years old, is 12hh and has a curious and sweet nature.

Not much is known about Little Gerry and Christina’s backgrounds only that their previous owners had purchased them 2 years ago in a bid against the meat-man at the Melton Mowbray Horse Sales.  Both were then transported to a field in Melton Mowbray until their owners were given notice to remove both ponies from their rented fields.  As both these ponies were undomesticated their options for a new home were very limited and were due to go back to the Melton Mowbray Horse Sales.  Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary was contacted and offered them both a home and had a deadline of one week to remove them from their rented field.

Little Gerry is still looking for his new foster home, however Christina has found a lovely foster home, living with a group of mares.

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