Dartmoor foals

Dodger with his friends

Dodger, D’arcy, Dizzy and Dancer

On Friday 14th October 2012 we welcomed four Dartmoor foals to the main yard at Long Clawson. They arrived safely, six of them, at 10.15pm on Friday night having spent 13 hours travelling up from Dartmoor, due to their horsebox breaking down somewhere in Exmoor. Six tired little foals spent the night together in the barn, and on Saturday morning the horsebox arrived and two of the foals were loaded onto the horsebox to be taken to their new home, at another animal sanctuary in Leicestershire. The four foals (aged between 5-6 months old), are 3 males and 1 female and, as you can see from the pictures, are all absolutely gorgeous.

The following letter accompanied the foals:

Dear Carol

We foals have all grown up on a place called “Roborough Down” on Dartmoor, which runs between Yelverton and Plymouth. We were owned by Mr Austin Northmore, whose family have been breeding ponies on Dartmoor for 3 generations. All the mares were purebred and “heritage” ponies so have very good breeding.

All resting, as foals need their sleep

Mr Northmore is now very elderly, and last year decided to stop breeding anymore foals. He removed his stallion from the moor, but his neighbours refused to, so we ended up coming into this world. Mr Northmore decided that if it is not possible to responsibly manage his herd then he will have to give us up and disperse his breeding herd.

Mr Northmore cares very much about his ponies and was very upset about making this decision, but was determined that the mares and foals should not be shot, like many of other foals born to other farmers on the moor this year, and they should not be sent to market where they would likely be exported aboard live to Europe for meat and skins.

All of our mothers were purebred/heritage mares, but some of us had horse stallions as fathers so we might grow up to be a bit bigger than our mums who were around 12hh in height.

Thank you very much for giving us a new home. From the Dartmoor foals

All the colts have been gelded and Dancer and Dreamer have found a fantastic foster home, where they are both thriving, and Dizzy and Dodger are still looking for their special foster homes.

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