Christina Scarlet


Christina Scarlet came to the Sanctuary in February 2011, along with her companion Little Gerry.  Christina is an Exmoor pony around 7 years old, is 12.2hh and has timid but sweet nature.

Pablo’s was contacted about a little grey pony (Little Gerry) which needed to be removed from it’s rented field (as notice had been given) and was due to be sold at Melton Mowbray Horse Sales in one week’s time. On arrival at the field to look at the pony, it was found that the grey pony had a companion whose fate was to be the same, so Christina was offered Sanctuary as well.

Not much is known about Christina and Little Gerry’s backgrounds only that their previous owners had purchased them 2 years ago in a bid against the meat-man at the Melton Mowbray Horse Sales. Both were then transported to a field in Melton Mowbray until their owners were given notice to remove both ponies from their rented fields. As both these ponies were undomesticated their options for a new home were very limited and were due to go back to the Melton Mowbray Horse Sales.

As both ponies were untamed it took two attempts and hours of dedicated volunteer work to be able to catch them in their field and load them into the horsebox to get them safely to the Sanctuary. At first they were stabled together in the American barn so they could get used to their new environment, and they have now been moved to the yard area so that they can slowly and gradually gain trust around humans. It is a slow process as both ponies need specialist handling their personal development plan is to make them feel very comfortable and secure in their new environment until August 2011 when Adam Shereston, the internationally renowned Horse Whisperer will work with them. The long-term plan for their future is to find wonderful caring new owners to foster them and to live a fulfilling life.

We will keep you informed of Christina’s progress.

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