Cas and Bayler

Cas and Bayler – always together

Cas is a 21 year old Dales mare and Bayler is a 30 year old sheltand pony. Both Cas and Bayler have been together for the last 20 years and have been extremely well-loved and cared for by their owner Debbie in Nottingham.  Sadly Debbie is no longer able to care for Cas and Bayler due to serious health problems, and Pablo’s offered Sanctuary to Cas and Bayler who arrived at the yard at Long Clawson at the end of May 2011.

Cas is absolutely adorable and became a firm favourite amongst the volunteers very quickly due to her gentle nature and friendliness, she was always there to greet visitors and volunteers alike when they arrived on the yard, and with her gorgeous full mane flowing in the wind, she always looks stunning.

Bayler is very sweet, and also very friendly and a has typical Shetland pony character.  He is in very good condition with regards to his age and both are a true credit to the love, care and attention Debbie has lavished on them over the past 20 years.

Cas and Bayler at their new home, with Sally and son

Cas and Bayler were at the yard in Long Clawson for only a few months as a fantastic foster home was found for Cas and Bayler.   Sally at Bunny on the Hill, Nottinghamshire became the foster-carer for these two delightful ponies in mid-July 2011.

Cas and Bayler came back to the Sanctuary in 2014, (thank you to Sally for looking after them) however have now got another foster home together and we wish them both all the very best.


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