Blossom is a 15.2hh grey who is believed to be around 10 years old when she came to Pablo’s in April 2010.

Blossom is a very striking horse, with a very sweet nature who had originally been owned by travelers as a brood mare.  Her next owner had bought her but did not have the accommodation or the finances at the time to look after her properly.

Blossom very quickly settled in well at the main yard in Long Clawson, she is very affable with both people and horses, inquisitive, playful and loves to be made a fuss of.

Blossom happily shared (and has a special bond) with her field companion Westie, and also shared her paddock with Dolly during the daytime.

Since late 2011 Blossom and Westie live together in a wonderful foster home  with one of our long-standing volunteers, Jodie.  Jodie not only looks after Blossom and Westie, but also continues to volunteer her time twice a week at the main yard.

Dolly, Westie and Blossom

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