Beautiful Arrian (mum to Lilly)

At the beginning of March 2012, when there was snow on the ground, sanctuary was given to a grey 12.2hh, 21 year old Welsh Section A mare named Arrian who was heavily pregnant. Her owner was struggling to look after her and did not have any stabling or facilities needed for the impending birth.

On the morning of Wednesday 11th April, when the volunteers arrived at yard it was discovered that Arrian had her foal, a little filly (Lilly), during the night. We were told that Arrian was an experienced mother and she had beautifully cleaned and dried off Lilly. The vet was immediately called and throughly checked over both Arrian and Lilly, and gave them both a tetenus injection and a clean bill of health. However, the Lilly was slow to begin to suckle, so we would like to thank Gill Stevenson from The Hose Stud, Mount Pleasant in Hose for all her expert help and advice on the day.

Arrian and Lilly (4 days old)

Arrian is doing very well since the birth, and as she is such a friendly and loving pony, she is very content around Lilly.

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