Burton Lazars

As well as many horses and ponies at the main Pablo’s location in Long Clawson, there is also a small herd in the village of Burton Lazars, looked after by the tireless Andrea! Click on each photo below for the names of the horses…..


A Big Thank You

As we are now well and truly into summer, and all the horses and ponies are enjoying the sun in the fields, Pablo’s would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated and
Sooty - Copycontributed to help keep our horses healthy and happy!


And Pablo’s would like to say a special thank you to Dickinson & Morris of Melton Mowbray for their recent donation.

Pablo’s Open Day

Hello everyone. As summer is now in full swing (by the way, someone should probably tell the weather!), it’s almost time for the annual Pablo’s Open Day! This will take place on Sunday 27th August and features many activities and stalls selling various items. All the details will soon be available here so please put the date in your diary and visit this site regularly for further updates!

Powys Cook Donation

Last Sunday, Gary Cook and Sandy Edmunds visited Pablo’s to present a very generous donation on behalf of their late son, Powys. Pablo’s would like to offer Gary and Sandy their heartfelt appreciation for this donation and condolences on the loss of their son. Here is the story of Powys:

“I’m Gary Cook father of Powys Cook. Something about Powys. Born in 1994 in my home country Wales, but soon moved to Lincolnshire. Powys was a wonderful son who will be sorely missed.


It became apparent Powys had ADHD/Asperger’s, but was a lovable kind boy although he did not quite fit in at regular school, until he found a place with Phoenix School in Lincolnshire. Here they brought out all his best qualities. At an early age he learnt to play drums to a high level which he loved. He also learnt to ride off road motorcycles, had no fear and enjoyed it. From there he took his exams and did extremely well. He decided to work with horses and gained entry to Brooksby Equine college where everyone loved him. And he loved it


Powys always looked for a challenge and he took his HGV licence and passed first time, enabling him to transport horses around the country. He decided to change career and worked for colas driving lorries and road laying machines, but still wanted to do more with his life. He applied to Western Power as a lineman working on overheard powerlines.
Tragically Powys was travelling to a friends funeral on his motorcycle and collided with a HGV travelling in the other direction and lost his life.
I organised a fundraising event in his name,where hundreds of bikers and friends turned up to watch the band, the disco and get involved with the auction and raffle.

We really hope this money and event will inspire more people to help and support Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary.”


Gary Cook, Sandy Edmunds and the Eye of Ra MCC