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Old Money Collection


We are collecting OLD £1 coins, £5 notes and £10 notes.

Although they are not in circulation anymore we would be grateful if you checked the bottom of your handbags, down the sides of the sofa or on the floor of your cars for any OLD ££££££’s.


If you find some please drop them down to the Sanctuary or post them to:

c/o Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary
27 Mayfield Street
Melton Mowbray
LE13 0NW

Thank you for your continued support.


Pablo’s Annual Dog Walk 2018

Pablo’s Annual Dog Walk 2018.The weather did it’s best to put us off today, but our die hard supporters were there for our annual fundraising Dog Walk. Thank you so much. Yes we got wet and so did our animal family. But we had fun, whilst raising much needed funds for the sanctuary and our amazing horses and ponies! Your support means so much to us, it has been a tough year and every pound counts going into the winter months. Thank you to RandR Country for donating our Doggie Goodie Bags and their support, we are very grateful. Love and hugs to everyone and a massive thank you xx

2018 Dog Walk

2018 Dog Walk2