Domino and Harvey

A few years ago we were asked to take a young pony who had been kept chained to railings 24 hours a day and was being abused by local youngsters.

We thought he had found his forever home twice but both times he came back through absolutely no fault of his own. That was until the lovely Katherine came to the yard to donate loads of horse rugs. She saw Domino and fell in love. Domino now has an amazing home where he is much loved. Katherine has kindly sent us some pictures of Domino with his horsey mates!

Harvey was another unwanted but lovely and cheeky young pony who we took in. He was unhandled but very pretty and needed love and understanding. He soon found it though with the wonderful Chel and Jackie. Two special ladies who several times a year load their horse box with goodies and come down to us from Bedford. This one time Harvey went back with them, where he is being expertly brought on and educated, loved and ridden by Amy-his Number 1 fan!


To everyone who helps us in any way – however small – please accept our love and sincere thanks.


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