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FashionShowPoster2016UPDATE! – WE ARE HOLDING AN AUCTION ON FACEBOOK starting on Sunday 28th February at 6.00pm please click on the link or see our Facebook page for more details

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

As you know, caring for horses is 365 days a year so a big thank you to all the volunteers for giving their time to help out of the Christmas and New Year period, and continue to do so over the Winter which is always the hardest time.

You may be aware that last year The Control of Horses Act 2015 came to law. This is to deter people from illegally grazing or simply abandoning horses on public and private land, which is known as ‘fly-grazing’. Horse owners who fly-graze their animals without permission can now be dealt with more quickly and effectively.

Under the previous Animals Act 1971 an abandoned horse could only be disposed of after 14 days through sale at market or public auction. The new Act means fly-grazing horses have to be reported to police within 24 hours, and owners now have four days to claim their animals.

Previously, an abandoned horse could only be disposed of through sale at market or public auction. The new law extends the options for dealing with abandoned horses, which now include private sale, gifting and rehoming.

As many as 3,000 horses are thought to be illegally fly-grazing across the country. However it is common for the horse-owner not to be prepared to pay the fine and collect their horse. This leaves the horse either being destroyed or being found a place at a horse sanctuary. Unfortunately most horse sanctuaries are full, including Pablos, and some sanctuaries are having to close down.

We hope that some solution can be found for these horses in need, and Pablos, along with all the other animal charities wish that they could give these horses a home but are unable due already stretched resources.

We would like to give a big thank you to Morrisons supermarket for their continued support by allowing store collections throughout the year.

Also a huge thank you to Tesco in Melton for holding a fundraising weekend for Pablos which raised an amazing £390. This included a tombola, run by the staff of Tescos and prizes donated by Tesco including Kindles, and for Melton Times to run an article. Also Tesco are donating unwanted vegetables to help to feed the horses and ponies, and they will be sending their maintenance crew to the main yard to help out.

We are grateful to all the supermarkets for their support, and we need to keep the fund raising momentum going, so if you would like to help volunteer, please get in touch.

If you have any unwanted horsey items, either tack, rugs etc, please could you consider donating these to Pablos, as those items which we can use, we can sell to raise much needed funds.

After the success of last years Fashion Show….this year we are holding another event on 23rd March at The Stute in Asfordby.

Clothes are from known high street labels at massively reduced prices, they carry a huge selection of stock. Come along and bag yourself many bargains.

Tickets £5, with a great raffle on the night.

Tickets are available from Joy at “Cards in the Mall” in Melton or Carole.

We would love to see you there!