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In March  we welcomed back a little grey pony called Starlight to the main yard at Long Clawson. Over 8 years ago a mare in her late 20s came to the Sanctuary, and alongside her was her foal, who was 18 years old at the time. Mother and daughter had always lived together. 

Starlight (grey) and Buster

Starlight (grey) and Buster

The mare and foal went to a wonderful foster home in Sproxton, Leicestershire a village close to the border with Lincolnshire where they lived happily together for 8 years. Sadly Starlight’s mother has now passed away and, in Starlight’s best interest she has been returned back to the Sanctuary. Starlight arrived a very nervous pony when she walked down the ramp of the lorry, but when she walked into the barn she was met by Buster (who lives in the bard), who started to lick and nuzzle her. This reassured Starlight who settled down and started to eat – it was lovely to see.

Thank you to Brookesby College for holding a riding demonstration event a few weeks ago, and raised £60. Thank you to Emma Holliway and to those who supported us.

We would also like to thank the facebook group REIN Resources for Equines In Need for raising over £400 last month for Pablos. The great news is that equine charities can enter to be voted for the Charity of the Month every 2 months now instead of every 6, which means potentially Pablos can be nominated 6 times a year ! R.E.I.N is a fundraising group which helps to support a different U.K based registered Charity or non profit organisation each month. R.E.I.N have been actively fundraising since June 2012 with different prizes, competitions and photo shows running each month with entry fees from as little as 50p. All money raised goes to the chosen charity of the month. REIN has raised over £5000 since it’s start in June 2012 !!

We are looking for volunteers to help out on the following fundraising events:

  • 14th April Melton Morrisons Store Collection 0900-6pm 3 shifts of 3 hours.
  • 14th June Cotgrave Festival 29th June Melton Mowbray Country Festival.
  • 26th August Old Dalby Day

If you are able to help out please email: Also if you are interested in helping out with the New and Nearly New Equine Stall please get in touch with Wendy on 07831 453504 (please note no message service) or email:

There are now 2 new ways to help the horses and ponies at Pablos: You can sign up with Pablos at and every time you make a purchase online, the retailer donates a percentage of the cost price directly to Pablo’s. The best bit is that it does not cost you a penny and there are discounts/printable vouchers and various deals for you as well, so everyone can benefit. Also you can now donate directly through Paypal via

Have a good week.