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Hi Everyone

We’d like to start the blog by thanking all the very kind volunteers who have been helping out at this difficult time, and appreciate everyone for coming out and getting dirty, wet and muddy to help keep the Sanctuary running.

The Sanctuary has been receiving a lot of calls recently regarding horses and ponies in distress, particularly in and around the Leicestershire area.  Although this is a very sad situation, Pablo’s has no legal powers to do anything but can only advise to contact the World Horse Welfare, who do a great job.  We do appreciate the problems but at the moment are doing everything we can to keep the Sanctuary running for the horses and ponies in our care.

We would like to give a huge thank yous to the following: to Sainsbury’s superstore in Melton for donating their just out-of-date vegetables for the horses, to Barry and Caroline for the bags of feed that they have been sending, to Mary and Dennis for their donations of hay, which is a godsend at the moment over the Winter months when there is always a big hay bill, to Tony and Sue from Leicester for the donation of a van, which will make such a difference when moving food around the sites.

We are pleased to report that Pablo’s merchandising sales made a £460 profit over the past year, which has gone towards the Winter running costs at the sanctuary. We would like to thank everyone for their support whether you have purchased a Pablo’s card, t-shirt or something from the stall.  Also a huge thank you to Sue, Chris and Sue for making the merchandising possible.

Volunteers John, Gayle, Karen, Amanda and Sam held a store collection at Morrison’s supermarket in Melton Mowbray at the weekend of 8th and 9th February and raised a fantastic £201.  Thank you to all the super Morrison’s customers who showed their support and to our super volunteers.  The next store collection is at Sainsbury’s in Melton on Sunday 13th April.

There are now 2 new ways to help the horses and ponies at Pablos:

You can sign up with Pablos at and every time you make a purchase online, the retailer donates a percentage of the cost price directly to Pablo’s.  The best bit is that it does not cost you a penny and there are discounts/printable vouchers and various deals for you as well, so everyone can benefit.

Also you can now donate directly through Paypal via  Thank you.

Have a good week.



January blues

Hi Everyone

With Winter being the toughest seasons for the Sanctuary, with battling the Winter weather conditions as well as being financially challenging with donations being down and expenses being at their highest, we are pleased to have come through January.


We would like to appeal for help with fundraising at this time, if you are able to help out, please get in touch.  Also we’ve had a very kind offer of a donation of 400 bales of hay, however this need to be collected (and loaded / unloaded) from the location on the border of Leicestershire / Northamptonshire.  If there is anyone out there would be able to collect the hay (or just some of it) please could you get in touch.  We are able to pay for fuel used, but need help with the transportation.  This fantastically kind offer of 400 bales of hay, are so desperately needed at the moment to help feed all the horses and ponies at the yard, if you can help in any way, please get in touch.


A big thank you to Emma who held a “Spooktacular” fun raising event on her horse in October which raised £95, and for Gayle and Brian, for their donated bags of change they’d save over the past year which amounted to £120. To Jane and Jo for making hand-knitted items to be sold on the Saturday fundraising stall, and to our long-standing car booters, Ken and Ann for their continued support.  Also to the2nd Bottesford Brownie Pack who save and donate their pennies in a jar, which amounted to £19.84.


Our volunteer John, single-handedly held a store collection on Saturday 18th January at the Co-operative at Oakham which raised a fantastic £130.  A huge thank you to John, the Cooperative, the staff and everyone who supported the event.  This weekend, John and volunteers will be at Morrison’s store at Thorpe End, over both days Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February.  If you are in the vicinity and would like to show your support (and donate any spare change you may have) please pop over to one of our volunteers.