Introducing Manfred

Manfred (or affectionally as Mannie)

Manfred (or affectionally as Mannie)

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are well, and this week we welcome a new addition to the main yard.  An 18 year old little minature horse called Manfred, along with his companion, a minature goat called Petal, who both had been on the waiting list a long time, and finally were given sanctuary.  Manfred has settled in very well and is a really sweetie, as you can see from the photos, a handsome little horse as well.  Unfortunately, his owner was unable to care for him any longer, but he came from a loving home and Manfred will now spend his twilight years at the sanctuary.

Manfred with Lilly behind the fence

Manfred with Lilly behind the fence

We would like to appeal again for  anyone who could help out with the use of a horse-trailer or horse box, as the sanctuary does not have its own horse transport.  We have been offered free grazing, and need to move some of the horses and ponies onto these fields for their Summer grazing.  It costs around £50-60 a session to hire transport to move them, which is a struggle to find, so if you could help out, even just the once, it would really be appreciated. If anyone has a horse trailer that they could donate?  If it needs repairing then we would be able to make the repairs.  If anyone can help please get in touch with Carole.

Save the Date – on Sunday 25th August 2013 is our Open Day.

Our volunteer Wendy will be taking the New and Nearly New Equine Stall to the Sutton Bonington Riding club show on Sunday 19th May and on to Rearsby Lodge on 26th May, both will be weather permitting.  Wendy raised £35 in direct sales this week, so thank you to everyone who has purchased items and to those who have donated.

Thank you this week to Rosie for her kind donation of equine items and to Victoria for donating her proceeds made from her wrapping Christmas presents service last year.

Have a good week (rain hats may be needed!)




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