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Cakes and a Cart Pull

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are well and have been enjoying the lovely sunny weather we’ve had over the past week.  We are pleased to report three of the four Dartmoor yearlings have now been safely gelded by the Defense Animal Centre (DAC).  However, much to everyone’s surprise one of the yearlings turned out to be a mare! A huge thank you to the DAC for giving their time and expertise to safely perform the operations, it is really appreciated.  Also we have some great news that two of the yearlings have found a fantastic foster home together in the local area.  It is planned for Dreamer and Darcy to be transported this coming Friday to their new home.  As regular readers know, we are looking for permanent foster homes for the other two yearlings, also homes for two coloured ponies who are approx 2 years old and are standing at 13hh.  If you have the suitable facilities and appropriate horse knowledge and experience, and would like more information please get in touch with Carole.

Grace and Lilli in Watham on the Wolds

Our volunteer Wendy held Pablo’s new and nearly new equine stall at Canaan Farm, Costock, at their Olympic show on Saturday which raised £38.  A big thank you to Karen and Hayley Sankey at Canaan Farm for their support.  Also thank you to the lady (sorry we did not get your name) who donated some large outdoor rugs for our horses on the day.   Wendy will holding the new and nearly new equine stall at Vale View in Old Dalby on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (weather permitting!) so please pop over and say hello and pick up a bargain as well!

Grace and Lilli on their sponsored cart pull

On Saturday our volunteer John held a cake sale on Melton Mowbray market and raised an amazing £204.  A big thank you to everyone who supported the stall by baking such delicious cakes and for everyone who purchased a cake.  This Saturday, Carole will be holding a bric-a-brac stall on Melton Mowbray market so if you are in Melton on Saturday, please pop over and say hello.

A huge thank you to Grace Hall-Daley(12) and Lili Gibson(9) of Waltham on the Wolds who wanted to raise some funds for Pablo’s. They came up with the idea of a cart pull, so Grace pulled the cart on her hands and knees with Lili in the cart for over a mile around the village and collected money on the way. They collected a fantastic £31.  Grace and Lili  are both devoted to horses, are pony club members and ride at Ironstone riding school.  Also thank you to their dad Mick Daley for his support as well.

A huge thank you to the following for their very kind donations received over the past two weeks: Mr Rowbottom for his cheque for £100, Beryl from Leicester for her donation of £20, Chris Smith for the donation of £10 and Tina Booth for her donation of £250.  Also to Phylis and Richard who regularly save their spare pennies in a box for the horses and ponies which amounted to £56 this time.  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for all their help and support, either through donations, fundraising, monthly contributions and horse sponsorship.  With all your help, in-roads are being made into the accumulated running costs for the Sanctuary, and this helps to ensure the charity can continue on into the future.

Remember our Open Day is Sunday 26th August – with doors opening at 12.00 noon.  We hope you can make it!

Have a good week .


Is Summer here?

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are well and are enjoying themselves relaxing in this beautiful sunny (long awaited!) weather.  Thank you for your patience for this week’s blog.

This weekend was a busy fundraising weekend, as Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Loughborough very kindly allowed Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary to hold a store collection on Saturday (21st July).  There were many very kind and generous donations, which included one lady who arrived with a small tin full of coins and donated the whole tin to us.  An amazing amount of £261 was raised during the day.

Volunteers John, Rachel, Kat, Kirsty and Jen at Sainsbury’s on Saturday

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to volunteers, Rachel, Kat, Jenny, John and Kirsty for giving their time, and working in shifts which allowed the collection to take place all day on Saturday from 8.30am.   Also a MEGA thank you to Sainsbury’s  and also all their super-special customers for all their support and donations.  As you know, Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary is run on a volunteer-only basis, so all of the funds raised will be spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies.

Also this weekend Carole was able to hold her first stall of this year, on the market at Melton Mowbray on Saturday.  A fantastic £300 was raised and a huge thank you to all whom very kindly gave donations and supported the stall.  You’re all stars.

This Saturday, volunteer John will be running the market stall on Melton Mowbray, and there will be home-made cakes for sale as well.  So if you are in the area, please pop over and see John and see if you can pick up a bargain, whilst helping the horses and ponies.

Thank you to Sue Thorn for her kind donation of £20 and the Long Clawson village shop for their collection tin containing £23.50!   A big thank you to Lynn and Simon, and all of the customers of Long Clawson village shop for their continued support.  Also the ink cartridge recycling4charity scheme has sent a cheque for £45.85 for this quarter.  Thank you to everyone who sent in their used inkjet cartridge in support of Pablos.

Our volunteer Wendy is holding Pablo’s new and nearly new equine stall at Canaan Farm, Costock, at their Olympic show weekend on this Saturday and Sunday.  There are some great items for sale, and if you see Wendy please pop over and say hello.

Have a good week

Another wet one

Bea Bea and King

Hi Everybody

The horses and ponies are all well this week.  The yard however, is still very wet due to the continuous rain we’ve had over the past week.  We know that everyone’s struggling with their fields at the moment, but just hope that we could have a few weeks without any rain so that the fields can dry out, and also maybe a bit of sun – that would be nice as well – fingers crossed!

The four beautiful Dartmoors ponies

Regular readers will know that we are looking for suitable foster homes for the four Dartmoor ponies who are now a year old, also for 2 coloured ponies who are approx 2 years old and 13hh at the moment. These ponies have not had the best start in life, either being destined for the slaughter house or abandoned, so if anyone can help, or if you know of anyone with suitable facilities and has the experience and knowledge, that will be able to bring on these youngsters and give them a wonderful life that they so deserve (as every equine does!).  Please could you give Carole a call.

Next Saturday is going to be a double-fundraising weekend – please look out for Carole who will be holding a stall on Melton Market, and also some of our volunteers will be at Sainsbury’s in Loughborough next Saturday holding a collection day.  If you are in either area, please pop over and say hello, and if you could give any spare change it would really be appreciated.

So beautiful – can you give him a home?

Also, look out for the Autumn edition of  the ‘Village Link’ magazine, which is due out soon.  There’s a half-page feature on Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary!

On Saturday long-standing volunteers, Ruth and her husband Cliff, celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary at the Melton Conservative Club at 7.30pm. A fantastic night was had and a raffle held in aid of Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary raised an amazing £170.  A HUGE thank you to Ruth and Cliff for holding such an enjoyable event and for all their continuous support that they selflessly give.

Thank you to fundraising volunteers Gayle and Eileen who held a stall on Melton Market on Saturday and raised a fantastic £110.  Also to Karen and Sue for their very kind donation of 20 bales of hay, and delivering them all to the yard.  You’re all stars.

Have a good week

More floods

A growing Lilly and mum Arian

Hi Everybody

Apologies for the delay in getting this week’s blog to you.  All the horses and ponies are well, but what a week for the weather.  Another wet week and due to the continuous rain, the fields couldn’t cope with the volumes of water and became flooded again. Here’s hoping for some sunshine for this coming week – fingers crossed!!

Don’t forget to put Sunday 26th August in your diary, as it is Pablo’s Open Day.  We are pleased to report that Dr Ray Smith, will be there on the day and free tours of the yard will be starting at 12.15, 1.15, 2.15 and 3.15pm.  Do come down and meet some of the horses and ponies.  You can meet the gorgeous four Dartmoor yearlings, who will all be looking a suitable foster homes, and some of our more elderly residents such as Dolly who’s in her late 40s.  Entry is free and there will be a raffle to try your luck on to win some fantastic prizes.  More information to follow.

This coming Saturday (14th July) long-standing volunteers, Ruth and her husband Cliff, will be celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Ruth and Cliff have invited all Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary volunteers to join them at the Melton Conservative Club at 7.30pm, for a fantastic night with entertainment from Bakers Treat.  A raffle is to be held on the night in aid of Pablo’s with some super prizes on offer.

As regular readers know, on Saturday 30th June a Charity Football and Family Fun Day at Hamilton Tennis Club, in Melton Mowbray was held to raise funds for “Alternative” (a crisis pregnancy and baby loss service), Cancer Research and Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary and each charity  has now received £200 each.  A huge thank you to Sarah and Patrick for your support.


Our volunteer Wendy took Pablo’s new and nearly new equine stall to Hosefest on Saturday which raised a total of £140.  A big thank you to all on the Hosefest committee, and to Sarah Thorpe for their support.

On Sunday, due to poor ground conditions, unfortunately the Soar Valley Riding Club show was cancelled.   However Mark and Julie Hyslop kindly invited the Equine stall to attend the competition day at Vale View Equestrian Centre in Old Dalby which raised magnificent sum of £196.50.  A huge thank you to Julie and Mark Hyslop for their kind invitation, and for their customer’s support.

The next event Wendy and the Equine stall will be attending is the Canaan Farm Equestrian Centre in Costock, for their Olympic show on Saturday 28th July.  Then on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August the Equine Stall will be attending the Arena Eventing Championship Final at Vale View Equestrian Centre in Old Dalby.

The handsome Dartmoors – all looking for a foster home

A huge thank you to Gail Stimson from Somerby Equestrian Centre for her kind donation of some new rugs and riding ware, and also to the kind ladies who dropped off some lovely equine items at the main yard on Saturday.  If anyone has got anything that they can donate to Pablo’s to raise much needed funds, please contact Carol or Wendy.

Also a special thank you this week to Lynda from Great Dalby for her kind donation of £200 and for Phil from Leicester for his kind donation of £40.  You’re all stars.

Again we would like to sincerely thank everybody for supporting Pablo’s, your help is so appreciated and the charity would not be able to survive without your help.  If there is anyone out there who could perhaps hold a fundraising event on behalf of the horses and ponies at Pablos, as the rent for the yard is due shortly, this would really be appreciated.

Have a good week

Hail, thunder and floods – Summer 2012


Hi everyone

All the horses and ponies are well this week, despite the big storm the country had on Thursday.  The hail stones lashed down and the thunder rumbled, and what did the horses and ponies do?  Nothing they just carried on grazing, not even using the field shelters for cover, we were all amazed.  The volunteers however,  did take cover and watched on helplessly as the yard quickly flooded as the drains couldn’t handle the rivers of water.  The “laminatic” pony field flooded and looked like you could row a boat across it!  The water on the yard eventually drained away, and we are pleased to report things have returned back to normal.

The new shelter

Thank you this week to Gerry, Chris, Rosie and Craig from the Fix-It team for spending the whole week at the yard and putting in the drainage in the back field and for the erection of a new shelter which is still work in progress.  You’re stars.  Chris and Rosie will be holding a stall on Melton Mowbray Market on Saturday 7th July to raise much-needed funds for building materials needed for the yard, so if you see Chris or Rosie please pop over and say hello.

Wendy at Charity Football and Family Fun Day at Hamilton Tennis Club

On Saturday 30th June the Charity Football and Family Fun Day at Hamilton Tennis Club, in Melton Mowbray was held to raise funds for “Alternative” (a crisis pregnancy and baby loss service), Cancer Research and Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary.  The fundraising event was a total success and very-well supported, with everyone having such a good time.  Our volunteer Wendy, took Pablo’s photo board, and also modeled the new t-shirt range (see photo).  We would like to thank  Sara Carter and Annabell for organising such a great event and for their support.  The money raised throughout the day is still to be finalised, but the total figure that has been raised should be released this week.

Christina Scarlett

Also our volunteer Wendy went to Riverside Riding Centre with some orders from the new and nearly-new equine stall for the liveries. The running total from Riverside RC is now standing at an amazing £125. Thank you to Riverside for their support, and Wendy will be back with them later in the year.

The new and nearly-new equine stall will be at HOSEFEST next Saturday 7th July.   The location of the HOSEFEST is at the village hall and grounds in Hose. The new Pablo’s T-shirts, polo-shirts and card range will also be available.  Wendy will be by the Secretary’s Tent at the gymkhana /show site. On Sunday 8th July the equine stall will be at the Soar Valley Riding Club show, Farley Way Quorn, from 9.30am to 3.30pm.Weather permitting!

Our volunteer, John held a fundraising stall at Cotgrave Festival of Sports on Saturday 30th June which raised £60.  Thank you to John and everyone who supported our stall.  Also a big thank you to Hayley Sankey at Canaan Farm Equestrian Centre Costock for donating loads of rugs and horse wear items to sell.  And a big thank you to Kirsty Milner and her team from Milners saddlers at John O’ Gaunt for kindly donating some new horse ware and a Breyer horse.  Thank you for your continued support.

Minty – cheeky boy

A huge thank you to Fred and Joan Raynor, who live in Nottinghamshire for their generous donation of £390, which was also gift-aided.  Gift aid is very important to the sanctuary and if you are a tax payer, we ask if you could please gift-aid as it means your donation is worth an extra 25%.  Our gift aid claim is submitted once a year and this really helps towards the high costs of running the yard in Winter, you can download the gift-aid form (in “how you can help” tab), thank you.

Have a good week