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Arthur homeward bound

Sunbathers – Coco and Moley

Hi Everyone

Well, what a lovely week it’s been, now that the sunshine has finally arrived.  All the horses and ponies are well and have been enjoying the warm weather this week.  Caught on camera, as you can see our Coco and Moley even managed a spot of sunbathing!


We have great pleasure to report that one of our  horses, Arthur is going to be rehomed back with one of his previous owners.  Arthur came to the sanctuary approximately 7 years ago, and is now 33 years old.  Arthur has such a gentle nature and is very easy going, which makes him a favourite with volunteers;  he also loves to be groomed and fussed over.  Arthur lives with his field companions Jack, Chanelle, Sparky, Lady and Kizzy and they all get on very well together.  One of Arthur’s previous owners, Maria, who owned and cared for Arthur for around 15 years, has been in touch and is now able to offer him a home with her in Uppingham.  We are so delighted that Maria and Arthur are to be reunited again, and that Arthur is going to spend his twilight years being much loved and cared for by Maria.  We wish them both all the happiness together.

Arthur with Sparky, Jack and Lady

Look out over the Jubilee weekend as our volunteer, Wendy will bringing the Pablo’s New and Nearly New Equine Stall to Soar Valley Riding Club Jubilee Show in Quorn on Sunday 3rd June, and at Canaan Farm Equestrian Centre Jubilee Show in Costock on Monday 4th June.   We have had lots of great equine items recently donated, so please pop over and say hello, and see if you can grab yourself a bargain whilst supporting the Sanctuary.  If you have any equine items that you would like to donate, they will be gratefully received by Wendy on the day.

We now have some new fantastic Pablo’s merchandise available: we have Pablo’s t-shirts, polo-shirts and sweatshirts in all sizes.  Also we have a range of greeting cards (blank for your own message) and new stock lines are always being introduced.  If you would like to purchase any items, please visit Joy Slater’s Cards, The Mall, 53 Nottingham Street in Melton Mowbray who is kindly holding a range of Pablo’s merchandise, just ask at the counter.  Over the next few weeks we will have a webpage with all the items on display.


A big thank you to the lovely ladies from the Swithland Spring Water yard in Swithland, Toni, Sophie, Sharon, Hayley and Alison for their kind donation of £80 and equine items for Pablo’s New and Nearly New Equine Stall.  A few months ago, the ladies responded to the Police appeal for transport for the two frightened young ponies that had been abandoned in a village, and helped load the two ponies on to their box so that they could be brought safely to the yard in Long Clawson.  Also a huge thank you to them on behalf of Frankie and Freddie – you’re all stars.

Carole has received some lovely comments and texts this week about the Sanctuary, from a couple of new volunteers, and it is always nice to hear such positive feedback.  A gigantic thank you to all the volunteers for giving their time and energy, to help look after the horses and ponies, to keep the Sanctuary going and making the yard the special place that it is.

Have a good week.



Nicely trimmed

Little Jerry with the farrier Rolf


All the horses and ponies are well.  This week has been an important one for Little Jerry who, on Wednesday, reached a mile-stone in his life by having his first foot trim with the farrier.  As regular readers know, Little Jerry came to the Sanctuary last year, with a fear of humans.  In August, Adam Shereston (Horse Whisperer) worked with Little Jerry and made the first contact.  Since then the work has continued and Little Jerry is progressing very well.  As you can see from the pictures, Little Jerry is quite comfortable having his feet trimmed and rasped, and it was a successful event.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Rolf, the farrier for his kind way and patience with horses, and for spending the extra time needed with Little Jerry to ensure that his first experience went calmly and smoothly.  Also on Wednesday, Cherry our blind pony, had her feet trimmed which went well.

Little Jerry having his hoof “rasped”

This week, Frankie, one of the ponies who had been abandoned in a village in South Leicestershire was safely gelded.  Thank you to Simon from the RSPCA for this help on the day, and also to the vets from the Crescent Veterinary Practice for doing such a good job.  His companion, Freddie is due to be gelded soon, once this has been done then they both will be cared for by long-standing volunteer, Andrea who is very experienced in handling young ponies.

Thank you to our fabulous Fix-It Team for painting Cherry’s stable and the outside of Dolly’s stable in over the weekend, and also to Alex for strimming all the docks and nettles in the fields, which needs to be done at this time of year.

We are looking to find an approved foster home for two horses who are approximately 20 years old.   Both horses are extremely good natured and enjoy hacking out.  If you could offer a home to these horse – both must be rehomed together and the foster home must be within a 25 mile radius from Long Clawson –  please contact Carole for more information

Cherry after having her feet trimmed

A huge thank you this week, for their very generous donations, to Mrs Kirk (£10), Tina Booth (£500) and Suzanne from Belvoir Human Resources (£40).  Also to Lee Newton, the son of our volunteer Alex, who promised that if he won the local golf championship then he would donation the prize money to Pablos.  Well, we are extremely pleased to announce that Lee won the championship and donated the £200 prize money to help the horses and ponies.  Thank you to The Deli in Long Clawson for raising £18 in their collection tin, and to everyone who kindly donated their spare change, and to the Charity Aid Foundation for their kind cheque for £75.  As Pablo’s is completely run on donations, we receive no funding from the Government, every donation is so important and so gratefully received.  It is so wonderful that there such kind-hearted people out there who support the Sanctuary and help keep the charity going.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

Over the coming months Pablos will be holding a fundraising stall at Cotgrave Festival of Sports on 30th June, at Old Dalby Day on Monday 27th August and at Waltham Charter Day on 15th and 16th September.  Look out for our stall… more details of these event will follow.

Have a good week

Our little ray of sunshine

Back on their field at last!

Hi everyone

Apologies for the delay in bringing you this week’s blog, due to a technical problem, but here it is.

All the horses and ponies are well this week.  With a break in the weather, we saw a bit of sun this weekend and this enabled the “laminatic field” to dry out and drain enough to let the horses and ponies back on the field.  As you can see from the photo, the horses and ponies are happy to be back on their field and to feel the sun’s ray on their skins.

“What’s that?” says Lilly

Now the horses and ponies are back on their field and the weather being dry, this has meant that our lovely Arrian and Lilly were able to go outside in the small paddock for the first time on Saturday.  Both Arrian and Lilly really enjoyed their time outside, with Lilly springing, bouncing, leaping and bucking around to everyone’s delight, and Arrain being a proud mother giving just the right amount of protection, yet letting Lilly investigate and say hello to the other horses and ponies on the other side of the fence.  As you can see from the photos, Lilly is growing up and becoming more beautiful each day.

Arrian and Liily

Our Fix-It team are busy fencing off an area to make a paddock especially for them both, with access to their own field shelter, so that they can both enjoy their time outside in a safe, foal-proof field.  It should be completed in a few week’s time (weather permitting) but until then Arrian and Lilly are having their exercise in the small paddock during the day, and stabled in the barn during the night.

As you know, Adam Shereston is due to hold a demonstration at Pablos Horse Sanctuary on Sunday 1 July, Adam has been in touch with the good news that he is opening his new centre of horsemanship in Arundel, West Sussex, which will offer livery, training, rehabilitation, demos and clinics.  However, his new centre’s opening day is Sunday 1 July  2012, so he’s had to reschedule his visit to Pablos to later in the year, possibly September, with the date to be confirmed.  We are honoured that Adam chooses to volunteer his time to Pablos, to help and work with horses and ponies here, and wish him all the best for his new UK base in West Sussex and can’t wait to see him again when he visits Pablos.

We would just like to take this opportunity to say “Get Well Soon” to long-standing volunteer Dawn who gives her time to do the administration of the Sponsoring a Horse scheme, and also volunteers her time in the evenings to help out with the yard duties.  We’re all missing you and hope to see you back soon.

Thank you this week to Ken and Ann Johnson for holding a car boot sale which raised £30.  Also we would like to thank the following for their kind donations received this week – Mrs Pashey (£15), Mrs Gray (£25) and to volunteer Lynda (£50).  A big thank you to a lovely lady (sorry we didn’t catch your name) who came to the yard on Friday and donated rugs and tack for Pablo’s New and Nearly New Equine Stall, it’s really appreciated – you’re all stars.

Have a good week

The merry merry month of May

A “dry” Ginger

Hi Everyone

Hope you have all enjoyed this Bank Holiday weekend.

All the horses and ponies are well, and Lilly continues to grow and seems to get even more gorgeous and sweeter each day.  The horses and ponies on the “laminatic field” have been able to go back on their field for two days whilst the sun was out over the weekend, but are now back on the yard due to the wet weather forecast over the coming week.  “When will this wet weather change?” is the question and topic on all the volunteers lips at the moment!  However, as promised, a couple of photographs of a “dry” Ginger, the bright chestnut pony who has returned back to the yard, from being rehomed.

Little Jerry

For those of you who joined us last year in August when we had Adam Shereston, horse whisperer, you may remember when Adam worked with Little Jerry and Christina Scarlet (date for your diary is Sunday 1 July when Adam is coming back to Pablo’s!).  Work has continued with these two ponies by the volunteers, and now Little Jerry has reached an important stage in his life – his first feet trim with the farrier will be happening in a few weeks time.  We’ll keep you updated.

A big thank you to the Fix-It team, who have given their time over this bank holiday weekend, for painting inside the barn which includes Cherry’s stable.  Unfortunately the wet weather has meant that completion of outside jobs have been limited, but this has given the opportunity to catch up on jobs needed inside the barn.

Another “dry” Ginger

An article about Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary featured in the Grantham Journal last week, and there is a link to a short video taken by the Grantham Journal, which shows Arrian and Lilly, and also some of  the volunteers working inside the barn.

We are pleased to let you know that Rita and Jim Leggett are arranging a Queen’s Jubilee Street Party at Severn Close in Melton Mowbray, to raise funds for the horses and ponies at Pablos, which will also include a raffle on the day.  We are always looking for new and fun ways of raising money to keep the sanctuary running and are planning to hold band nights and events at our new venue which is “The Kings Head” pub in Melton Mowbray.  Their function room has just been freshly renovated and looks great, so if you have any ideas for evening events, please get in touch.

A big thank you to Lindsey at Rise Holm Feeds in East Leake for their kind donation of 6 bags of horse feed, and to Mrs Salter for her kind donation of £10 this week.  Also a huge thank you to our fundraising volunteer Gayle who held a stall on Melton Market on Saturday and raised close to £150, and to volunteer Wendy for holding Pablo’s New and Nearly-new Equine stall today at High Meadow Farm Show Day at Barrow on Soar which raised £90; a big thank you to Mr Bill Finney and Judith (yard manager) for their kind invitation and all of their customers for their support.

Wendy will bringing the Equine Stall to Soar Valley Riding Club Jubilee Show in Quorn on Sunday 3rd June, and at Canaan Farm Equestrian Centre Jubilee Show in Costock on Monday 4th June.  If you are able to donate any equine items for stock for our stall, please do get in touch.  Collection of donations can be arranged.

The Equine Stall at High Meadow Farm Show today