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Wet Wet Wet

Hi Everyone

Cherry and Lou

Well all the horses and ponies are well this week, all a little wet and waiting for the sun to come back out (like us all!!). The “laminatic field” is still very wet, due to poor drainage, so the horses and ponies from this field are still on the yard and will be allowed to go back on once it is has dried out. Unfortunately, with all the wet weather we’ve been having, this week it had been arranged for the Kinoulton Girl Guilds to come and meet some of the horses and ponies on Thursday evening, but this has had to be postponed for a few weeks time, when the yard and fields have hopefully dried off.

We would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all the members of the fantastic Fix-It Team who have, over the past 2 years been putting up and repairing all the field shelters. This has meant that there are now plenty of field shelters for all the horses and ponies, so that they all have dry and safe shelters during the continuous down-pouring of rain over the past few weeks. Also a BIG thank you to all the volunteers who continually help to care for the horses and ponies during this bad weather, getting soaking wet whilst making sure all the yard duties are completed regardless.


This week saw the return of Ginger, who was rehomed but her foster family are no longer able to look after her. Ginger is an approx 15 years old very bright chestnut mare, who is 14hh. As Ginger as a few health problems which requires daily medication and careful monitoring, it has been decided to keep Ginger at the yard in Long Clawson on a permanent basis. As Ginger is such a friendly and well-mannered pony, she has made many a volunteer fall in love with her and a few of the volunteers are now funding her medical costs for her. Ginger loves equine company, and now lives with Little Jerry and Christina Scarlet and they get on really well altogether. More photos of Ginger will be on the website next week.

A huge thank you to new members of the Fundraising Team Jenny, her daughter Kirsty, Mandy and Lynda who raised £238.30 at the car boot sale in Melton today. Also to for Sheena, an ex-volunteer for her kind donation of £10 and to Lou, one of our youngest volunteers at 11 years old, who held a home-made cake and small toy sale, at Dame Hill Primary School in February, that raised £69.02 which was received this week.

Our volunteer, Wendy took Pablo’s New and Nearly-New Equine Stall to Riverside Riding Centre at Asfordby today which raised £70. A big thank you to Bekky and all of the liveries for their continued support and Wendy will be back there on Saturday 23rd June.
Wendy and the Equine stall will be at the show at High Meadow Farm, Barrow on Soar on Monday 7th May, if anyone has anything they are able to donate, Wendy will be there all day. The Equine Stall will also be at Soar Valley Riding Club Jubilee Show in Quorn on Sunday 3rd June, and at Canaan Farm Equestrian Centre Jubilee Show in Costock on Monday 4th June.

This week we’ve also received a cheque from Recycle 4 Charity for the sum of £22.35. If you have any ink cartridges that you are able to donate for recycling and raised some funds for Pablos, then please click on the link on the right and don’t forget to put Pablo’s unique code C17828.

Have a good week.


Super(market) Collection Weekend

Lilly at one week and four days old

Hi everyone

All the horses and ponies are well this week, albeit a little wet from all this rain we’ve been having.  The horses and ponies that live in the “laminatic field” are all still on the yard due to their field being too wet, but hopefully when the weather gets better and the field dries out then they can go back on.  We are pleased to report that Arrian and her little foal are both doing extremely well and the little filly has been named as Lilly.  Lilly is now one week and four days old and as you can see from her photo, she is still such a cutie and extremely friendly and very curious (still bouncing around as well!).  Her mum Arrian is a beauty, as you can see from her photo.

Beautiful Arrian (mum to Lilly)

This weekend was a busy fundraising weekend, as Morrisons Supermarket in Melton Mowbray very kindly allowed Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary to hold a store collection on Saturday and Sunday.  Due to the very kind and generous donations, on Saturday an amazing £342 was raised, which included one gentleman who arrived with a Quality Street sweet-tin full of coins which he was going to cash in at the coin-counter machine, but donated the whole tin to us, and the kind lady who gave a bag of 5p coins which added up to £5.  On Sunday, our volunteers were in the store again and a fantastic £196 was raised, which makes a grand total of £538 raised, which is an incredible amount.  

Volunteers (l-r) Rachel, Kat, Wendy and Gayle at Morrisons on Saturday morning

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to volunteers, Gayle, Wendy, Rachel, Kat, Jenny, John, Amanda, Julie and Sarah for giving their time over the weekend, which allowed the collection to take place 8.30 – 5.00 on Saturday, and 10.00 – 4.00 on the Sunday.  Also a MEGA thank you to Morrisons and also all their super-special customers for all their support and donations.  As you know, Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary is run on a volunteer-only basis, all of the £538 raised will be spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies.

Volunteers (l-r) Amanda, Kat, Julie and Sarah on the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday

Thank you this week to Mrs Wallace for her kind donation of £10, Mrs Ball for her kind donation of £30, and Dorothy and Sally Jones for their kind donation of £30.  Also to Nigel and Mavis for their generous donation of food supplements for the horses and ponies, and for Jim and Rita for their kind donation of a strimmer and items for a car boot sale.  You’re all stars.

Volunteers (l-r) Rachel, Gayle, John and Jenny on Sunday morning at Morrisons

Wendy held Pablo’s new and nearly new Equine Stall at Soar Valley Riding Club in Quorn which raised £60 today. Thank you to the SVRC Committee and all of the members for their continued support, especially coming to see the stall in the bad weather!.  On Saturday 28th April Wendy will be holding the Equine stall at Riverside Riding Centre from 9.30am onwards. If anyone has any donations of horseware/riding clothes they can bring them to Wendy there or, contact Wendy direct to collect. Wendy will also have our new range of Pablos cards, T shirts and polo shirts for sale.

Have a good week

Pablos New and Nearly-New Equine Stall at SVRC on Sunday

First Born

One-day old new born

Hi Everyone

We have very special and exciting news to report – the first foal was born at the Sanctuary this week! About 6 weeks ago when there was snow on the ground, sanctuary was given to a 21 year old Welsh Section A mare named Arrian who was heavily pregnant. Her owner was struggling to look after her and did not have any stabling or facilities needed for the impending birth.

Arrian and her foal (4 days old)

On Wednesday morning, when the volunteers arrived at yard it was discovered that Arrian had her foal, a little filly, during the night. We were told that Arrian was an experienced mother and she had beautifully cleaned and dried off her new born. The vet was immediately called and throughly checked over both mother and foal, and gave them both a tetenus injection and a clean bill of health. However, the little foal was slow to begin to suckle, so we would like to thank Gill Stevenson from The Hose Stud, Mount Pleasant in Hose for all her expert help and advice on the day, and are pleased to report that the little one is now suckling very well, and happily bouncing around the stable.

Both Arrian and her little foal (still to be named) have now been signed over to Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary. Arrian is doing very well since the birth, and as she is such a friendly and loving pony, she is very content around her foal – however, as you can imagine the absolutely gorgeous foal is a big distraction at the moment and yard duties are taking twice as long!!!

The new field shelter

Our Fix-It team have been hard at work this week and have finished the new field shelter for Murphy, Bella, and Shanty’s field. As you know, all the fields are poo-picked on a daily-basis and the poo is put on a mound at the side of each field. However, the erection of this field shelter was made a little harder due to the fact the location was to be on the very large poo-mound. So the back-breaking job of moving (and bagging up) of the poo-mound had to be done first before the building work could commence. So really well done Fix-It Team – you’re all stars.

Thank you this week to Suzanne from Eastwell for her kind donation of £30 and Hazel Lovett for her kind donation of £50. Also a big thank you to Bottlesford Brownies who saved up all their spare change in a jar and this raised a wonderful £24.35. Thank you also to S. Milner & Son Saddlers & Riding Outfitters in Rural Industries, 
John O’Gaunt 
near Melton Mowbray 
who are going to have a stock clearance and donate the items to Pablo’s new and nearly-new equine stall.

Wendy with our fundraising game

Volunteer Wendy held our “Can you guess the pony’s name” game today at Rearby Lodge Riding Club Cross Country Event and raised £30, thank you to everyone at Rearsby Lodge Riding Club for their continued support.

Don’t forget next weekend our volunteers will be at Morrison’s Supermarket in Melton Mowbray holding a store collection. Funds need to be desperately raised for the quarterly rent and the vet’s bill – so please if you have any spare change that you could donate it would be very much appreciated.

Have a good week

Happy Easter

The lovely Murphy

Hi Everyone

Happy Easter and hope that you’ve had a good bank holiday weekend. All the horses and ponies are well this week, however, unfortunately due to the all the rain that we’ve had this past week, this has meant that the pony field is now too wet for all the horses and ponies in the first field (laminatic field), so they are back on the yard until the field has dried out a bit.

This week saw the return of Murphy, who was rehomed as a companion horse last year. Sadly the horse that Murphy was being a companion to had to be put to sleep due to health problems, and the owner is not able to offer a home to Murphy any longer. Murphy is a 16.2hh grey gelding, who is approx 14 years old and can not be ridden, however he is such a well-mannered, sociable and gentle horse, and very good looking as you can see from his photo. Murphy is now with Shanty and Bella in their paddock and Shanty and Bella follow him around everywhere.

Lady and Jack

Also this week, an article was published in the Melton Times about Pablo’s being inundated with requests to care for unwanted horses and ponies and issuing a public plea for help to continue our work. Thank you to Melton Times for the article and you can read the article in the “Stories and Tributes” section. The picture showed Carole with Cherry. As many of our regular readers know, Cherry is our very special pony, who came to Pablo’s after being in a traffic accident and was left traumatised and blind. After a lot of care and attention, Cherry is now a very happy pony who makes friends very easily, and all the disabled children who visit the yard gravitate towards her which she loves. A truly special pony.

The Fix-It Team have been busy (as always) and this week with the help of Craig, they fitted a new water tank to catch rain water for use on the yard. The water tanks really do help to reduced the water rates bill, which is due shortly.


A huge thank you to our star carbooters – Ken and Anne Johnson who regularly hold car boot sales in aid of Pablo’s, who this week presented a cheque for £65 from holding 3 car boot sales. Also to Mrs Stockdale who visited the yard in Long Clawson today with her son, and after a tour around the facilities (and falling in love with the foals!) she very generously donated a cheque for £200. Also thank you to Craig of Belvoir Groundcare who is currently cleaning out his hay barn and has kindly donated all the loose hay.

Have a good week.

Fields of dreams

Grass at last

Hi Everyone

We are pleased to report that all the horses and ponies are well this week and all have been looking forward to this special weekend.  As the Winter period has finally come to an end, this means that all the horses and ponies have now been moved to their Summer quarters.  There was much excitement on the yard (as you can imagine) when each horse and their companions were led back onto their paddocks.  Once released they all joyfully galloped around, bucking and enjoying the feeling of grass underneath their feet, then some of them followed this up by having a good roll!  Congratulations go to our oldest pony Dolly, for winning the title of “biggest buck”, even though Dolly is 46 years old she is amazing for her age, and second place went to General.  It is also lovely to see horses and ponies whose futures once looked so bleak and uncertain, now happy and having fun with their companions.  Thank you to volunteer Chris for supplying the photos this week.


Our volunteer Wendy took Pablo’s new and nearly new equine stall to Soar Valley Riding Club show today which raised £182!  A lovely day was had by all and  a big thank you to the committee and their members for supporting us.  Wendy will be at their next show on Sunday 22nd April.   Wendy is looking for some more stock in particularly summer/show/travel sheets and children’s riding kit, so if you are able to help to donate any equine donations for stock please get in touch with Wendy (contact info in “How you can help” section).

Coco having a roll

A big thank you this week to Louise from Buttercup Feeds for her kind donation of equine items for Pablo’s new and nearly new stall, and also to Richard our fantastic farrier who donated some bales of hay.  This is really appreciated as hay is constantly needed as some of the horses and ponies came into our care with laminitis, and therefore have restricted access to grass, so they need to be fed on hay all year round.

In a few weeks time, Morrisons in Melton Mowbray has very kindly offered us to hold a collection day on Saturday and Sunday, 21st and 22nd April,  so if you see one of our volunteers, please pop over and say hello and if you could donate any spare change – it would really be appreciated.

Have a good week