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British Summer Time is here

Dixie enjoying the sunshine in Iccarus's pen

Hi everyone

Well it’s finally here, the clocks have gone forward and we’ve had a wonderful sunny weekend – what a great way to start the British Summer time!  We are pleased to report that all the horses and ponies are well, and still loosing their Winter coats which is keeping all the volunteers busy trying to keep up with all the grooming needed.  All rugs have been removed, with the exception of a couple of the very old horses which still need the extra bit of warmth at the moment.  Everyone is looking forward to next weekend, when all the horses and ponies will be moving into their Summer quarters, for some this means going back into their paddocks, and for others it means being moved out of the barn into the outside pens.  This is an exciting time and one of the main events at the yard and next week we’ll be able to bring you photos of the big event.

Winston snoozing in the shade

The two new ponies which were given sanctuary after being abandoned in village in South Leicestershire, now have been named.  They are Frankie and Freddie!  They are settling in well and being handled by volunteers, both Frankie and Freddie need to be gelded and once this has been done, they will be placed with our volunteer Andrea to be cared for.  Andrea is a longstanding volunteer who is very experienced with horses and will be able to provide them both with the care and expertise needed to bring them both on.

Thank you this week to volunteer Russ who spent Wednesday giving the kitchen a good Spring clean and clear out and doing such a superb job!  Also to Roger for checking and mending all the electric fences this week, so they are now all ready for the horses returning to the paddocks next weekend.

Jive relaxing in the sunshine

We would like to thank the 3 new volunteers, Lynda, Mandy and Jenny, who are all local ladies who came to help out at the main yard this week. Lynda not only donated £90 for hay but also signed up to the Standing Order scheme and got a few of her friends to donate regularly through the scheme too, and donated equine items for Pablos new and nearly new equine stall!  It is always wonderful to see new volunteers, and they are always very welcome and needed, but as Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary is completely run by volunteers, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers – the Sanctuary could not run without you, and your hard work really is appreciated – you’re all stars!!!

You may remember that in mid-February the Knoulton Girl Guides performed the pantomime “Cinderella” for their families and friends.  On the night they also held a raffle with all the proceeds raised to be donated to the care of the horses and ponies at Pablos.   We are pleased to report that they raised and have presented a cheque for an amazing £151, and all the Girl Guides are coming down to the main yard on the evening of 26th April to meet some of the animals that they have helped.


Now Summer is officially on its way, don’t forget about your garden.  We have the most beautiful well-rotted manure which has been bagged up (in feedbags) for collection, and all for just a small donation.  Your plants and roses will love you for it!

Have a good weekend


Abandoned horses


Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are well, with Lady’s and Bizzie’s ongoing treatment yielding good improvements. You may be aware of the reports of the growing number of horses and ponies being abandoned by their owners, sometimes on parks, golf courses and just let loose in villages. This is very concerning, and Pablo’s was contacted about two ponies that had been abandoned in a village in South Leicestershire, which had been running wild for weeks, and amazingly had not come to any harm yet. Although the Sanctuary is full and financially struggling, and since no other organisation was able to help, the two ponies were given Sanctuary here. Their names are yet to be decided, but they have settled in quite well and are being stable-kept together.

The Daily Mail recently printed an article on “Hundreds of horses abandoned by owners”, which will be available to view on the “Stories and tributes” page from Wednesday onwards. This highlights the current problem and how animal charities are struggling to help all the animals in need. Also with the effects of current recession reducing donations and feed / hay prices doubling, every bit of help that Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary receives is so appreciated and we will do everything to keep the Sanctuary going through these tough times.

Beautiful Bella

As the 1st of April is coming nearer, this is the time when all the horses and ponies are allowed back onto their grass paddocks, an event the horses and volunteers are looking forward to!  Around this time we are needing to geld 6 ponies; the 4 foals rescued from Dartmoor and 2 colts, so that they can be rehomed.  The cost is approx £200 per equine, and we are needing to raise funds so if you are able to help, please get in touch. Also we are still needing volunteers to spend time with the foals to help with their socialisation, so again, if you are able to help – please get in touch with Carole.

A big thank you to Lyn and family from Gotham, for her kind donation of £100 this week. Also a huge thank you to Ray and his family from Liverpool for their kind donation of work tools to help our Fix It Team (please note no tools are kept on site, since the break-in, they are stored safely at volunteer’s homes), and also their kind donation of £50. Ray and his son Craig have been helping out over the last two Saturdays with routine maintenance at the yard, and Craig will be joining us for work experience. Ray also kindly donated the CCTV security cameras which have been in place on the yard since last Summer. Thank you – you’re all stars!

Have a good week

Nicely trimmed

General and Jive relaxing in the sun

Hi everyone

We are very pleased to report that all the horses and ponies are well and have been enjoying the lovely weather this week.  The volunteers have been busy removing rugs and doing plenty of grooming to help remove the horses and ponies Winter coats.  At the moment there is a lot of spare hair on the yard coming from hairy horses!  There’s only a few more weeks to go and then all the horses and ponies will be back in their paddocks.

Some while ago we took on a pony which had many emotional issues due to the trauma that she had suffered in her life.  Although settling in very well with her new equine companions, she naturally was distant with humans, but has been slowly gaining confidence to realise that she is in a safe place now. However, her hoofs began to grow a bit long, as previously they were being worn down naturally.  Due to her delicate nature, she needed expert handling to have her feet trimmed, and this was done for the first time on Monday. We would like to say a huge thank you to the following for their help, dedication, patience and amazing skills:  Simon Parker from the RSPCA, Rachel from Crescent Veterinary Practice, vet and volunteer Helena and to Richard and Rolf from Spencer and Son Farriers for beautifully trimming her feet with such care and expertise.

Bizzie, out and about in the sun

A big thank you this week to Hollie and Sophie Large of Oadby, who will be 8 years old and 3 years old in April, for their kind donation of £30.  Also to volunteers Wendy and Shirley who held Pablos New and Nearly New Equine stall at the Equine Car Boot Sale at The Polish club, in Melton on Saturday which raised £170. A big thank you to everyone that came and supported us, and also all those that have donated items for us to sell.  If you are able to donate any equine items,  please contact Wendy on email: .  Also thank you to volunteer Shirley for holding a car boot sale today at Melton Mowbray Car boot sale.  You’re all stars.

Remember, if you’re thinking about treating your garden roses then get in touch as we have some great well-rotted manure, as much as you want for a small donation.

Have a good week

Adam’s coming to Pablos

Hi Everyone

Jack in the rain today

All the horses and ponies are well and have enjoyed the lovely warm weather over the past week.  We have some fantastic news – Adam Shereston, the Horse Whisper has been in touch and is coming to Pablos on Sunday 1 July for the day!  Adam is a friend and supporter of Pablos and we are very pleased and honoured to have Adam helping horses through his sessions for the third year running.  All the volunteers are now busy planning for the day and this year we would like to make the event even bigger!  So remember to put Sunday 1 July in your diary.

For those of you who sponsor a horse or pony, or give a gift each month on the Standing Order Scheme, our quarterly newsletter will be sent to you over the next couple of weeks, so to start looking out of the postman!   If you would like to help by sponsoring a horse or pony, or can give a donation on a regular basis you can download the forms on the “How you can help” section.

A big thank you this week to Terry Pryke of Pryke Cleaning Company for his generous donation of £100, and to Sue and Ian for their kind donation of £20.  Also our car-booting stars Ken and Ann Johnson who hold car boot stalls for Pablos and have raised £61.

Shirley on the car boot sale today

Our volunteer Wendy was due to be at Garthorpe Racecourse, Cottersmore today with Pablos new and nearly new equine stall, however due to the rain forecasted all day, it was decided to hold a car boot stall at Melton Mowbray Market instead which raised a wonderful £107.  We are so pleased to introduce a fantastic new volunteer, Shirley to the fundraising team, and not only does Shirley help out at the yard, Shirley and Wendy held the car boot stall today and Shirley will be holding a car boot stall next Sunday 11th March, so if you see Shirley do pop over and say hello, and see if you can grab yourself a bargain from the stall.  Wendy will be taking the new and nearly new equine stall to the Polish Club on Sandy Lane in Melton on Saturday 10th March for the Big Equine Sale.

And if you fancy a bit of gardening, don’t forget Pablos has well-rotted manure which your plants will love – and as much as you want just for a small donation.  If you would like some, please contact Carole to arrange a collection time.

Have a good week