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It feels like Spring is on its way

Hi Everyone

Polly Puff-ball enjoying the Winter sunshine

All the horses and ponies are well. Lady has now finished her course of antibiotics and her wound is crystalising nicely, although her leg still needs to be bandaged for the next two to three weeks, with frequent bandage changes. Lady is still kept in her stable at night, but enjoys her time on the yard during the day as she is able to walk around and exercise at her pace which is all helping to heal her wound.

Our volunteer Wendy held Pablo’s new and nearly new equine stall at Riverside Riding Club on Saturday 25th February and raised £65.  A big thank you to Bekky and  all of the liveries and customers for ther continued support.  Next week, on Sunday 4th March Wendy will be holding our stall at the Point to Point day at Garthorpe, hosted by the Cottesmore Hunt – so if you see Wendy please pop over and say hello.  And don’t forget on the 10th March Wendy and the stall is at The Equine car boot at the Polish club Sandy Lane Melton.

Pablo's New and Nearly New Equine Stall at Riverside RC

A big thank you this week to Joanne from Farnfield in Newark for holding fundraising events, and raising a total of £30, also a huge thank you to anonymous person for their kind donation of £10, which is regularly pushed through Carole’s letterbox in a sealed blank evevelope – we have no idea who you are but your gift is really appreciated.

A special thank you to Lou, one of our youngest volunteers who helps out on a Sunday with her older sister Jodie, for raising an amazing £57 from organising a cake and small toy sale, in aid of Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary, at her school, Danehill Primary School in Leicester last week.  Lou you’re a star!

Bea Bea in her shelter

For those of you who sponsor a horse or pony, or give a gift each month on the Standing Order Scheme, the quarterly newsletter is being produced , so over the next couple of week you’ll need to start looking out of the postman!   And if you fancy a bit of gardening, don’t forget Pablos has well-rotted manure which your plants will love – and as much as you want just for a small donation.  If you would like some, please contact Carole to arrange a collection time.

Every donation, large or small is so greatly appreciated and 100% of monies are spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies.  Unfortunately, in this current financial climate, and with receiving only one donation of hay over the Winter period (thank you Dr Gallop), the funds needed to run the Sanctuary are nearly depleted.  If you could offer any help, donation or could organise some fundraising it would really be appreciated.  The Sanctuary has taken on many horses and ponies this year, which with feed and hay prices nearly doubling as well as bills going up in general, it is a struggle financially to keep the Sanctuary running.  If you can offer any help please contact Carole.

Have a good week


A bit of sun this week

General having a roll

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are very well and were enjoying the lovely sunny weather we had this morning. Lady’s leg is still healing well, with Rachel and Helena changing the dressing during the week, and Lady had another visit from the vet to check and redress her bandage, this week. Bizzi’s foot is healing, although the bruise on her sole is still going to take some time to heal.

The Fix It Team have still been hard at work, and on Wednesday volunteers Chris, Sue and Rosie gave up their time to spend the whole day painting the paddock fences and a field shelter with wood preserve. Not only does the paddock fencing and shelter now look amazing, it helps the fences and shelters to last longer. You’re stars.

Our volunteer Wendy spent the day at Newleigh Livery yard today with the Pablos new and nearly-new stall and raised £30. A huge thank you to Sandra and all customers for their support. Next week Wendy is at Riverside Riding centre from 9.30am, so come on down and grab yourself a bargain. On 10th March Wendy will be at the Equestrian indoor car boot at The Polish club, Sandy Lane with doors opening at 10.30am. The main charity is in aid of the Air Ambulance but again come on down and have a look at what we’ve got on offer.

"That was a good roll" said General

A huge thank you to Denise and family, who not only have given such a great home to Tika, but this week donated 6 bags of horse feed, and Angela and her daughter, who also very kindly donated bags of horse feed. Also a big thank you to Paws 4 Thought in Old Dalby for arranging several donations of big bags of carrots. All these very kind donations are so appreciated, as funds are low at the moment every donation of any kind really goes a long way to help the horses and ponies.

Next weekend the Knoulton Girl Guides are performing “Cinderella” in a pantomime for their families and friends. There will be a raffle and have offered to donate the proceeds to the care of the horses and ponies at Pablos. We wish them all the best for next week – go break a leg! – and, if you can please buy an extra raffle ticket and good luck.


We are looking for more volunteers to help out with our fundraising team, so if you fancy helping animals but without coming down to the yard, we would really appreciate your help. We have a few events arranged this year to raise much needed funds to help keep the Sanctuary running, so please contact Carole for more details.

Have a good week

It’s Snow Joke

Hi Everyone

Well, the snow has started to melt away and good news as it’s forecast for warmer temperatures later in the week.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers who braved the snow and ice to help out with the care of the horses and ponies this week.  Your help is so appreciated.

Lady with her pink bandage

Regular readers will be aware that last week Lady sustained a nasty cut on her back hind leg.  Nobody knows how it happened but the vet cleaned the wound and Lady has been put on a course of daily antibiotics.  The vet has checked on Lady twice this week to change her bandage and we are pleased to report that the wound is healing really well.  Lady is now back on the yard during the day with her companions and is still being stable-kept at night.  Thank you to Rachel, our trainee vet volunteer for changing Lady’s dressings as well this week, and with her antibiotics due to finish on Tuesday, our lovely Lady will be back to full health.

Bizzi’s abscess has nearly healed and she is still being treated by the farrier who is pleased with her progress.  Bizzi is now able to walk around the yard, although her sole is still a little sore she is walking much better on her foot.

Westie and Blossom are still in the excellent care of one of our long-standing volunteer Jodie, who has sent in these lovely pictures of Blossom and Westie in their day-time field in the snow, to share with us.

Blossom in the snow

A big thank you this week to the Ruscillo family for saving up their Tesco vouchers to buy rakes, a water pump and a drill for the Fix It Team.  A few months ago there was a break-in and all the work tools were stolen, therefore all tools are now stored safely off-site with Fix It Team members Gerry and Chris.  Also thank you to Gail and Brian from Melton, who instead of  Christmas presents asked for money raising an amazing £150, which they generously donated to Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary, Gail and Brian have being doing this for 3 years straight!

Thank you to Fiona and Lynda from Leicester who generously donated £25 and equine items as stock for Pablo’s new and nearly new store. If you would like a yard visit please contact Wendy on 07831 453504 (please note no message service) or email: We also need more donations of stock – all equine items and clothing (human and horse) donations, please get in touch with Wendy – collection can be arranged.

Westie enjoying his afternoon snack

And finally thank you to Lynsey from Riseholm Feeds for her generous donation of horse feed, and Ann and Jean from Wysall for their kind donation of hand-made teddy-bears and bric-a-brack.  Also to Jill Bernhardi for her kind donation of £50 and offer of help to join the fundraising team.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow evening for our Horses looking for homes section, to see if you can help Wren and Rusty.

The White Stuff

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and thank you for  your patience waiting for the latest news this week.  Here goes……..

On Saturday night, Lady sustained a nasty cut on her back hind leg.  Nobody knows how it happened but the cut was immediately bandaged and the vet was called out.  The vet cleaned the wound and Lady has been put on a course of daily antibiotics for the week. The Vet came back on Monday to check on Lady and is pleased with the progress that Lady is making.  Bizzi’s abscess is healing well and both the vet and farrier are pleased with her progress too.  Bizzi is now able to walk around the yard, and Lady is being stabled-kept for the time being.  However the roles have been reversed now with Bizzi standing with her head inside Lady’s stable!!

Unfortunately due to the nature of having elderly horses and some ponies with long-standing problems the Vet’s bill for the Sanctuary is extremely high at the moment.  Although the Vet’s Practice is very patient and understanding, funds need to be found to settle the account.  If anyone could help with raising some funds to help clear the bill, it would really be appreciated.

It was a big day for Cherry, our blind pony, who had her feet trimmed by the farrier today.  Cherry is fine with having her back feet trimmed, but she has problems with her balance when her front feet are picked up, however with the farrier being very kind and gentle, and everyone offering Cherry support, her front feet were trimmed with the minimum fuss from Cherry.

A big thank you this week to the Leicester and Rutland Endurance Group who donated the proceeds of £41 from their raffle, and to Dorothy Jones who popped £20 through Carole’s letterbox.  Also a big thank you to long-standing supporter Suzanne Smith from Belvoir Human Resources for her kind donation of £30  each month, and to the fantastic Ann and Ken Johnson for holding regular car boot sales, and raising £69 at their latest stall.

Also, a special thank you to Mrs Betts of Quorn for her kind donation of rugs belonging to her late horse.

Next week, there will be 2 ponies looking for new homes. Wren and Rusty are two ponies in need of new homes together and more details will be on the website next week.

We would like to share some photos of Little Gerry and Christina Scarlet enjoying the snow together during their time in the exercise menage on Sunday.

"Wow - look at this fun white stuff - what shall we do?" said Little Gerry

"What about prancing around and looking impressive?" said Christina Scarlet

"What's over there" enquired Christina

"I'm a bit puffed-out now - need a break from prancing" puffed Little Gerry

"Break's over - lets go prancing again" whinned Christina Scarlett - and off they went again

The Sanctuary is still in need of donations of hay to see the Winter through. Unfortunately, many of the kind donations of hay which were gifted last year, have not been able to be donated this year and the funds to purchase hay for the Winter are low. If anyone has any spare hay, please could you get in touch with Carole – every bit of help would really be appreciated.

Have a good week.