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Hay Appeal

Hi Everyone


All the horses and ponies are well this week.  You may remember that Gloria, one of the goats who resides at the Sanctuary, last week somehow managed to get a 5″ a gash on her side;  the vet was called out and cleaned the wound and gave Gloria stitches and antibiotics.  We are pleased to report that Gloria’s wound has healed incredibly well and the vet is due on Monday to remove her stitches.  Also last week, Bizzie had a bruised sole, which unfortunately has developed into an abcess.  The farrier is treating Bizzie and has drilled a drainage hole in her hoof, and also Bizzis has a poultice  to help with the drainage.  Bizzie has appointments with the farrier and vet again this week and everyone wishes her a speedy recovery. Bizze is still being stabled-kept until the foot is healed and her dedicated companion Lady constantly stands by Bizzie’s stable with her head inside the stable door!!

Our fantastic Fix-It Team has made repairs to the field shelter next to the yard and as you can see from the photo our volunteer Gerry is putting the finishing touches so that it can be in use  for the ponies this coming week.

Gerry putting the finishing touches to the field shelter

We would like to thank Pets at Home in Melton Mowbray for their donation of £250 this week, and thank them for their continued support.  Also a huge and special thank you to Accountant Steve Dungworth, who volunteers his time and professional skills and does an amazing job to get the books together ready for the Charity Commission, which were submitted this week.

The first stall of 2012

Our volunteer Wendy held Pablo’s New and Nearly-new stall on its first outing of 2012 to Rearsby Lodge Riding Club show at Brooksby today and raised a fantastic £55. A big thank you to Liz Atkins and committee, and members for their support.  Also a big thank you to  Simon and Lyn at Long  Clawson Shop for their continued support, and their collection tin which raised £12 (and thank you to Long Clawson villagers for their kind donations in the tin).

Again, we send an appeal for  any spare hay that you may have, that could be donated to help the horses and ponies.  As the price of hay has increased this has meant that more funds are needed to purchase the same amount of hay has last year, unfortunately funds are low at the moment and hay is desperately needed as a donation.  If you are able to help, it would really be appreciated.

Daisy relaxing

Have a good week.


Birthday Girl!!

Hi Everyone


All the horses and ponies are well and enjoying this unseasonal warm weather we’ve been having at the end of this week.  However, on Wednesday morning Gloria, one of the goats who resides at the Sanctuary, approached one of the volunteers to show them a gash on her side.  The gash was about 5″ and no-one has any idea how Gloria got the wound .  The vet was immediately called out and on arrival cleaned the wound and gave Gloria stitches and antibiotics.  Gloria was a very good patient and having been keep inside for a few days the wound is healing really well.  Also this week, Bussie has got a bruised sole, the farrier was called out and on examination it was diagnosed that the sole was badly bruised.  Bussie’s foot is now padded out and Bussie is being stabled-kept until the foot is healed. Bussie is also being cared for by companion Lady who stands by Bussie’s stable with her head inside the stable door!!

We would like to thank 103 The Eye Radio Station for having Carole star as their guest speaker on Monday 16th January at 2.00pm.  Carole talked about Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary in general terms and also made some appeals for help. On the show The Eye also indulged animal-lovers with a whole hour of horse-themed music. Whilst there Carole recorded an appeal which will keep being played on 103 The Eye Radio Station.  It is planned for a live broadcast to take place on the Long Clawson yard sometime in the near future, so a special thank you to Billy Ray and Dr Jay and all the team at 103 The Eye.

Also thank you to Debbie at On The Sands Cafe and Deli in Long Clawson, who raised £47 in the Pablo’s collection tin that is kept on their counter.  On The Sands Cafe and Deli has the most delicious home-made foods for you to buy, or if you have a little more time  you can enjoy the ambiance of the cafe.  It is a great place to meet a friend and have a lovely lunch – for more information please visit their website or just click on the link on right.

We would also like to thank the 3 generous donations that were made anonymously this week which totaled £110.  These donations are so gratefully received and as always 100% of donations are spent directly on the welfare of the horses and ponies, as the Sanctuary is run completely by the kindness of volunteers.

We say a sad farewell to one of our volunteers, who is moving away from the area and we wish them all the best for their future.  However, this means we need  more help for the evening feeds at the Long Clawson site.  So if you could give a few hours in an evening, even just one evening a week, please get in touch with Carole.

And finally, last week was Carole’s Birthday which she has kept very quite about – so on behalf of all the volunteers, horses and ponies, and friends of the Sanctuary – we would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLE!!!!! and wish you many more happy birthdays.

Have a good week

Dodger the “dodger”

Dodger with his friends

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are well this week, however on Friday Dodger, one of the four Dartmoor foals had worked up a bit of a sweat on him, so the vet was called out. However, when the vet arrived and tried to take a good look at Dodger, Dodger decided that he was having none of it and gave the vet a right run-around! The vet (eventually) got to diagnose Dodger as having just a bit of tummy ache, maybe due to some trapped wind. We are pleased to report that Dodger is fine, and the vet came back to check on Dodger today (Sunday) and gave him the official all clear.

A date for your diary is tomorrow (Monday 16th) as Carole is staring as a guest speaker on The Eye Radio to talk about Pablos at 2.00pm. The Eye will also be indulging animal-lovers with a whole hour of horse-themed music. So remember Monday 16th January starting at 2.00pm to 3.00pm – 103 The Eye Radio Station!

A huge thank you this week to the wonderful people of Eastwell for kindly donating £170 through running various fundraising events which included Carol Singing over the Christmas period, and to Peter Marsh of Melton Mowbray for his kind donation of £100 this week. Also a big thank you to Helen Lovegrove and the liveries at Hill Top Farm Livery Yard, Long Clawson for raising £60 through supporting Pablo’s new and nearly-new equine stall on Wednesday. If you would like a yard visit please contact Wendy on 07831 453504 (please note no message service) or email: We also need donations of stock – all equine items and clothing (human and horse) donations, please get in touch with Wendy – collection can be arranged.

Savannah is now officially on the Sponsorship Page, taking the place of the beautiful Silver who sadly passed away last year.  So if you fancy sponsoring Savannah, or maybe giving the sponsorship as great gift to a friend or family member – all the information is on the Sponsorship page.

Have a good week

A fresh start to the year

Hi Everyone

We’re pleased to report that all the horses and ponies are well this week.  In addition, some of you may have noticed, in last Thursday’s edition of the Melton Times, a feature which was published about our four Dartmoor foals, D’arcy, Dizzy, Dreamer and Dodger (you can see the full article on our Stories and Tributes page).

Rocky and Weetabix at their new home

You may remember Weetabix and Rocky; two horses who came together as a pair that Pablo’s gave sanctuary to in 2010.  Well, a fantastic foster home was found for them with Sarah and Craig in Leicestershire early last year.   Sarah and Craig sent in this recent photo of Weetabix and Rocky and report that both are as gorgeous as ever!  They have two new friends now, in the form of orphan lambs that Sarah and Chris bottle-fed which have now grown into big, healthy sheep.  Both Weetabix and Rocky are very inquisitive and have enjoyed watching the fencing in their field being recently replaced. We are so pleased that Weetabix and Rocky have found such a wonderful new home where they are extremely well-cared for and loved, thank you so much Sarah and Craig.

We are also pleased to report that Sooty, a young  5-year old thoroughbred mare has recently been rehomed to a good local friend, Sara.  Sooty has settled in very well in her new livery yard and Sara has been spending a lot of time with Sooty and it is planned that she will be re-schooled in the Spring time.

We would like to thank Peter Marsh of Melton for supplying free grazing at the beautiful park in Burton Lazars.  Five of Pablo’s horses and ponies are kept in the 20 acre park, who are looked after by our longstanding and valued volunteers Andrea and Rob, this is really appreciated.  Also thank you to Tommy, a wonderful volunteer of the Fix It Team who has been making new hay racks and feeding stations for the main yard, and to the Fix It Team in general for starting on the repair of another field shelter.

Can you help with getting more hay? asks Bussie

A warm welcome is extended this year to Emily Large and Suzanne Gillespie who have started volunteering at Pablo’s as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Unfortunately, we are still struggling financially to find the funds required for the amount of hay needed over the coming Winter months.  As the price of hay has doubled over the past two years, this has meant that only half the amount of hay has been purchased with the Winter hay fund this year, also as there is a national shortage of hay stocks, understandably we have not had the extremely generous donations of hay as in previous years (except for Dr Gallop, who has once again been extremely generous in her contributions).  Therefore we are having to make an urgent appeal for hay in the form of a press release in all the local papers.  If you have any spare hay that you are able to donate, please get in touch as this would be extremely welcome.

Our volunteer Wendy is looking for new venues for the Pablo’s new and nearly-new equine stall, so if you would like a yard visit please contact Wendy on 07831 453504   (please note no message service) or email:  We also need donations of  stock – all equine items and clothing (human and horse) donations, please get in touch with Wendy – collection can be arranged.

If you have any used ink cartridges or old mobile phones, please could you donate these to Pablo’s?  Please see the link on the right, or bring them along to the yard and our volunteer Christine will send them off.  Believe it or not, we can exchange these for a small amount, with all proceeds going directly to the welfare of the animals.

Thank you, and have a wonderful week

Happy New Year 2012

Hi Everyone

Old Arthur - a very gentle soul

Happy New Year to you all.  All the horses and ponies are well and are now all in their Winter quarters, but we are so sad to report the passing of old Arthur, before Christmas.  Old Arthur came to Pablo’s approx 8 years ago and was an extremely gentle horse, who was popular with the volunteers and with the other horses and ponies.  Old Arthur had a particular bond with Cherry, and they loved to spend time together mutually grooming each other.  The vet advised that Old Arthur was in his late 30s and he passed away in his stable during the night from heart failure.

We would like to say a big thank you to Brimsvale Birdseed, at Long Clawson for their Christmas donation of bags of pony nuts, and to Kim and Claire from Nottingham for their kind donation of horse feed and feed buckets.  Also a special thank you to volunteers, Sue and Rosie for spending the whole day on Wednesday painting the field shelters, and to the fantastic Fix It Team for making new feeding stations and feed bins for storeroom.

Wendy would like to say a personal thank-you to everyone who has supported the Pablo’s New and Nearly New Equine stall  this year. The yearly total raised by everyone is  £3437.00, so well done to you all.  Wendy hopes to see you again in 2012, and if anyone has a new venue for the stall or would like a yard visit please contact Wendy on 07831 453504   (please note no message service) or email: or if you would like to make stock donations, please get in touch.


We would like to introduce a new arrival of Silvana, a 15.1hh mare from Warwickshire, who is 26 years old and in her time was a polo pony.  Silvana was on Pablo’s waiting list for many months, and due to one of Pablo’s ponies having found a new foster home, a space become available and Silvana was given Sanctuary.  Silvana is very sweet and sociable, and has quickly made friends at the main yard in Long Clawson.  Silvana will be available to sponsor , so please check out her page.

Another huge thank you to those who have so generously given donations over the Christmas period, every donation is really appreciated.  However, we would like to launch an appeal for hay.  As all the horses are now on the yard, and funds are low we are looking for donations of hay to help see us through the Winter months.  Unfortunately the price of hay has risen so much this year, that the Sanctuary has only got half the amount of volume of hay for the same price of last year’s Winter funds, which has caused the deficit this year so if you could help it would really be appreciated.

Have a good week.