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A Christmas Message from Carole

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of the volunteers who have helped look after the horses and ponies at Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary over the past year.  You are such an amazing bunch of people who generously give their time and energy, whether you are looking after the animals, fundraising or carrying out yard maintenance, the Sanctuary would not be able to run without you.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has shown their support by kindly giving donations, being part of the Standing Order Scheme, sponsoring a horse or pony, donating food, rugs and equipment, or holding their own fundraising event.  Every donation, no matter how small or large is so gratefully received and means so much to the Sanctuary.

With all your help, this year we have been able to take in additional horses, ponies and foals that were in need of Sanctuary, whilst still looking after those who need long-term care.

Your help this year is so deeply appreciated and I sincerely thank you from the heart.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year 2012.

 Love Carole”


Not long now til Christmas

Hi Everyone

General back in his field with his companions

Well it’s only one week to go before Christmas day and all the horses and ponies are well and warm in their rugs.  This week, however, General slipped on the mud when he was playing in his field and bruised his back leg.  The vet was called out and after examination the vet prescribed treatment with daily injections of Penicillin and painkillers as General had a small cut on his leg in where some mud had got in.  We are pleased to report that General is recovering really well, and after being kept in the small pen with Jive for company, General went back out onto his field today and his leg looks so much better.  Shanty and Willow are still very much the inseparable pair who walk around together, sleeping together in the barn at night and then out into their paddock during the day.  It’s really sweet as Willow sometimes has difficulty in bonding with other horses, but with Shanty he’s definately found his soul-mate!

The four Dartmoor foals are going to be featured in this week’s edition of The Melton Times, so make sure you reserve your copy on Thursday!  The foals are still absolutely gorgeous and so cute,  they are all very friendly and we’re hoping that fantastic new homes can be found for them in the Spring next year.  If any one would like to help out socialising the foals over the Winter period, then please get in touch.

Our volunteer Wendy held Pablo’s new and nearly-new equine stall at Canaan Farm, Costock today and raise a fantastic £85.  A big thank you to Karen and Hayley Sankey and all the customers for their support. Also a big thank you to Mrs Bush for her donation of 8 rugs; 5 turnout and 3 stable rugs for the horses and ponies at Pablos.

Jive in his new rug

We would  like to say a big thank you to Carol Brock from Birstall, whose horse sadly passed away in February who donated rugs and equine items to the sanctuary.  Also a big thank you to Ann and Ken Johnson who have held more car-boot sales to raise a fantastic amount of £113.

A huge thank you to all those who have sent in Christmas donations and well-wishes to the horses and ponies in care, it is really appreciated.

Have a good week, and only 7 more sleeps to Christmas

Christmas wishes and thank yous

Dolly all rugged up

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are well, with their Winter coats growing nice and thick for the coming months ahead. Those horses and ponies which require rugs are all rugged-up to keep them extra warm. This week we welcomed Silvana and Thomas back onto the main yard to spend the next few months in their Winter quarters.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all those who have sent donations, cards and well wishes to the Sanctuary over the past few weeks. There are too many to mention, but we’d like everyone to know that every single one is really appreciated and it is lovely to know that there are so many friends out there, helping the horses and ponies. Again, sincerely thank you.

It’s that time of the year again when the quarterly newsletter is out! Those that give regularly on the Standing Order Scheme, and those who sponsor a horse or pony will be receiving their newsletter through the post – so watch out for the Postman. It’s not too late to Sponsor a horse or pony before Christmas, as this makes an excellent Christmas present! Details are on the “How you can help” and “Sponsorship” pages.

This week Pablo’s was asked to help a local charity “Rethink” as a few members would like to start spending therapeutic time with the horses and ponies in the New Year, and we look forward to welcoming them. Again thank you to Mars UK for generously funding the yard insurance which enables people with physical and mental health issues to spend time with the horses and ponies.


A few individual thank yous this week to Pat a long-standing supporter for her generous donation of £50, good friends Phylis and Richard who save their pennies in jar which amounted to £65, and to Cheryl who held a charity and craft stall in aid of Pablos at Ashlockton Christmas Fair on Saturday 19th November which raised £60.

Our volunteer Wendy is back at Canaan Farm Equestrian Centre’s Open Show on Sunday 18th December, with Pablos’s new and nearly-new equine stall – so if you see Wendy please pop over and say hello.

Have a good week.

The boys are back in town

Blossom and Westie

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are well, and this week saw the return of the boys (Old) Arthur and Jiffy back onto the yard in Long Clawson.  Arthur and Jiffy are back to spend the Winter season at Long Clawson and it was lovely to have them both at the yard.  Arthur and Cherry have a special relationship, and Cherry was thrilled to see Arthur and the pair have spent the week catching up with each other with plenty of mutual grooming.  The four little Dartmoor foals – Dodger, Dizzy, Dreamer and D’arcy are all making good progress and are responding well to being handled, so that they will be able to be rehomed in the Spring.  We have some pictures of Blossom and Westie in their new lovely foster home with Jodie, and are pleased to report they have settled in very well and you’ll agree they look very happy together.

We’d like to say a special thank you to Mars UK, as they have very generously funded the annual yard insurance again for the coming year.  Thanks to Mars UK this allows all visitors, regardless of their disabilities to be able to spend time with the horses and allow both to gain such benefits from the sharing.

Gayle at the Victorian Christmas Fair

On a rather chilly Sunday, volunteers Gayle and Rachel held a tombola stall at the Victorian Christmas Fair in Melton Mowbray town centre. An amazing £447 was raised from the tombola and sale of home-made crafts.  A “guess the pony’s name” game was also held and many thanks to those who gave their support to raise such much-needed funds.  As always 100% of all funds raised is spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies.

Thank you to Dr Gallop for generously donating and delivering an early Christmas present of 100 bales of hay, and also to Alec as last week he asked for donations instead of presents for his 65th Birthday party; a few more cheques have arrived since which has raised the total to £410.  You’re both stars.

Wendy is holding Pablo’s new and nearly-new equine stall at Riverside Riding Club in Ashfordby on Saturday 10 December, and will also be at the Canaan Farm Show, Loughborough Road, Costock – so if you see Wendy please pop over and say hello, grab some bargains and help the horses and ponies at Pablos as well!

Have a good week