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5km Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk

Everybody at the start of the walk

Hi Everyone

It’s been a good week, with all the horses and ponies being well. The foals are now out of isolation and, although they are still in the barn, all the volunteers are now able to handle the foals each day which is not only a pleasure for the volunteers, but also good for the foals to get used to humans and being handled.

On Saturday (29th October), the big fundraising event of the 5km Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk took place at RandR Country Superstore on Waltham Road, Thorpe Arnold, in Melton Mowbray. A great fun afternoon was had by all.  At the start the weather looked promising and participants started to arrive at the store at 1.00pm. After signing in at the registration table and receiving their doggy goody bag and certificate, participants could have their dog(s) professionally photographed with the The Dog Portrait Company, or have a look around the wonderful RandR Superstore. At 1.30pm the photographer from The Melton Times arrived and some action photographs of walkers and their dogs were taken which will be featured in this week’s Melton Times.  Just before 2.00pm every participant had arrived and everyone was gathered together for a group photograph. Carole Fielding started the speeches and thanks you, followed by Wendy Beale (RandR Store Manager), and after a short safety brief, the walk was underway!

Half-way there!!

The group moved as one and headed towards Melton Country Park, the route being guided by Martin Hall with Isaac.  After about 15 minutes into the walk a light shower started, so on went dog coats on some the dogs. More photos were taken around the half-way mark (the shower had stopped at this point), and after a short rest the group then continued on the walk. Everyone arrived safely back at RandR Country Superstore, and a magnificent total of £1847 was raised for Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary. We would like to give a HUGE thank you to the following who participated in the Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk (dog names are in italics):

Clare Whitmore and Sandy; Amanda Bailey and Lulu; Sharon Dadd; Richard Knox and Roxy; Melanie Knox and Sasha; the Knox family; Steph Shepherd and Lucy; Alison and Michelle Greenwell and Gizmo; Susan Grogan and Dizzy; Beverley Adams and Barney; Dawn Webb and Rosie; Rachel Hall and Heidi; Martin Hall and Isaac; Samantha Hawker and Cinnamon; Rosie Paine and Sam; Gayle Wells and Marco; Sue Ruscillo; Laura Meadows and Pip; the Meadows’ family; Farren Baldwin and Sky; Jenny Mellor and Gizmo; Jodie Barlow and Mikey.

Beverly Adams and Barney, Susan Grogan and Dizzy

An extra HUGE thank you to Susan Grogan and Dizzy, who raised the most in sponsorship of an incredible £343, and of course to Wendy Beale and her great team at RandR Country Superstore for supporting the event.  The money raised is to be spent on this quarter’s rent of the main yard and fields at Long Clawson, with the remainder being spent on hay for the horses and ponies. More photos are now under the “Events Held” tab.

The next fundraiser is a music night on Friday 18th November at the Rugby Club, Burton Road in Melton Mowbray with the fantastic local group “Revolver”.  The night starts at 8.00pm til late, with disco and raffle and at only £5 entrance on the door, this will be a great family night out.

Funds are needed for the coming Winter feed bills, and if anyone has any spare hay that they are able to donate, this would be really appreciated.  Also, this year, at the Victoria Christmas Fair in Melton Mowbray on 4th December, Pablo’s is holding a tombola stall which has always been a good fundraising event.  If you have any unwanted  gifts, that would  make ideal tombola prizes please get in touch with Carole.

Have a good week.


A sad loss

Our beloved Silver

Hi Everyone

We are sorry to have to report this week the very sad news that one of most beloved horses, Silver, has passed away.  Silver came to Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary almost 5 years ago, when his owner was unable to care for him.  Silver was a horse that was both big in size (over 18hh) and big in personality, and his loss has left a huge void in the lives of all of us who knew and loved him.  It was his size that caused his health problems; he suffered with Shivers and Lymphangitis.  When his problems became insurmountable for him, the vet made the sad decision to quietly and peacefully put Silver to sleep.  Looking over at his field will never be the same again, but Silver will always be remembered as that huge grey horse with the beautiful head looking out for his carrot.  Bless you Silver, we shall all miss you.

All the other horses and ponies are fine, and enjoying this unusually warm weather for the season.  All of the four foals are in good health and settling in very well.  They are still in isolation, but will be able to join the other ponies outside in their “foal-proof” pen very soon.

Well, it’s less than one week to go for the big fundraising event of the 5km Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk , to be held on Saturday 29th October 2011 at RandR Country superstore at 2.00pm.  For those who would still like to participate and help raise much-needed funds for Pablos, please get in touch with Rachel on 01664 820278 for your sponsorship form!  A great day is planned, with Melton Times newspaper being there to report on the event, and each dog that participates will receive a Doggy Goody Bag, filled with lots of treats and gifts!!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Galliford Try for the kind donation of new fencing panels.  Galliford Try are building a new fence at the railway bridge on Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray.  Galliford Try have donated the wood from the old fence panels which amounts to around 500ft of fencing.  We would like to say a special thank you to Lee Johnson (Site Manager) and Jarrad Parkin of Galliford Try  for all their help.  The wood was collected and delivered by S&J Transport who again generously donated one of their huge lorries for the day, and a big thank you to S&J Transport for their continued support – it is really appreciated!  The loading and unloading was done by Chris, Jerry, Tommy, Roger and the Ruscillo family – you’re all stars.  The wood panels will be used for fencing repairs and repairs to the field shelters.

The team from Capital One

On Thursday, we welcomed another team from Capital One Headquarters in Nottingham, who chose to help Pablo’s on their Community Day.  The team consisted of (from left) Matt Hollier, Rich Elliott, Martin Hall, Stuart Williams and Neil Shah), and after meeting all of the animals on the yard, they got down to it!  They have done us a huge favour in moving a huge amount of muck from one part of the paddocks to another area.  The area they cleared is destined to house a new field shelter, which will keep the horses and ponies snuggly and dry when it rains.  We truly appreciate the effort!

Another action shot this week from the Master Farrier, W Spence who is working on Daisy’s feet.  Daisy needs specialist care for her feet, due to her many conditions, and is being treated under the watchful eye of W Spence and his team.  Daisy is always much happier after one of his visits.

Daisy's feet getting special attention

A few thank yous this week.  To Sue from for raising £51.20 in her collection tin.  To Steve the farmer for flattening the ground around a new shelter with his tractor.  For everyone who supported the Quiz Night on Thursday at the Noel’s Arms which raised a fantastic £80.  And also to RandR Country Superstore in Melton Mowbray for generously donating approx 20 rugs, of all types and sizes, which is of such a help to the horses and ponies as winter approaches!  You’re all stars.

Hopefully, we’ll see some of you on Saturday for the 5km Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk, to begin at RandR Country Superstore, Waltham Road, Thorpe Arnold, Melton Mowbray LE14 4SD at 2.00pm.

Have a great week.

New foals and a new service

Hi Everyone

Ahhh...... one of the little foals sound asleep...Sweet Dreams

On Friday we welcomed four Dartmoor foals to the main yard at Long Clawson.  They arrived safely, six of them, at 10.15pm on Friday night having spent 13 hours travelling up from Dartmoor, due to their horsebox breaking down somewhere in Exmoor.  Six tired little foals spent the night together in the barn, and on Saturday morning the horsebox arrived and two of the foals were loaded onto the horsebox to be taken to their new home, at another animal sanctuary in Leicestershire.  The four foals (aged between 5-6 months old) at Pablo’s are all male and, as you can see from the pictures, are all absolutely gorgeous.  The following letter accompanied the foals:

Dear Carol

We foals have all grown up on a place called “Roborough Down” on Dartmoor, which runs between Yelverton and Plymouth.  We were owned by Mr Austin Northmore, whose family have been breeding ponies on Dartmoor for 3 generations.  All the mares were purebred and “heritage” ponies so have very good breeding.

All resting, as foals need their sleep

Mr Northmore is now very elderly, and last year decided to stop breeding anymore foals.  He removed his stallion from the moor, but his neighbours refused to, so we ended up coming into this world.  Mr Northmore decided that if it is not possible to responsibly manage his herd then he will have to give us up and disperse his breeding herd.

Mr Northmore cares very much about his ponies and was very upset about making this decision, but was determined that the mares and foals should not be shot, like many of other foals born to other farmers on the moor this year, and they should not be sent to market where they would likely be exported aboard live to Europe for meat and skins.

All of our mothers were purebred/heritage mares, but some of us had horse stallions as fathers so we might grow up to be a bit bigger than our mums who were around 12hh in height.

Thank you very much for giving us a new home.   From the Dartmoor foals

All the foals are looking for suitable homes, so if you are interested in offering a home please get in touch with Carole.

The guys from Capital One

On Thursday, a team from the Capital One UK Headquarters in Nottingham came up to the yard to offer their help (from left; Jason Pressland, Andy Mathews, Rich Breakwell, Martin Hall, and Rob Holland).  After being introduced to all the horses and ponies the team set to work on clearing out the small pen on the yard, so that it is ready for Winter quarters, having finished that the lads moved on to clear the areas around the gate at the rear of the barn, to allow for more effective drainage when the rains finally come.  A big thank you to the team for all their hard work and doing such a great job, it was great to see such fantastic team work, and getting some much needed ‘muscle’ on the run up to Winter.  Another team from Capital One will be coming to the yard again this coming Thursday and if they’re anything like the first group, then we look forward to welcoming them.

Wendy, our volunteer, had a busy weekend holding a yard sale on Saturday at Becky’s yard, Riverside Riding Centre in Asfordby.  A fantastic £137 was raised.  A big thank you to Becky, all the liveries and customers who supported us.  Wendy will be returning on Saturday 5th November (by popular demand) from 10.30 until 12.00.    Wendy also held a stall today, (Sunday) at Rearsby Lodge Riding Club Dressage Show at the Brooksby College, Melton Mowbray which raised a wonderful £88.  A huge thank you to Liz Atkins and her committee for supporting Pablos.   Wendy will be retuning to Brooksby College on 20th November (weather permitting).  Due to the overwhelming success of the New and Nearly-new tack stall, stocks need to be replenished, so please if anyone can donate equine items or equine clothing, please contact Carol or Wendy.

This week we will be adding another service at Pablos.  Due to the increase in demand for suitable foster homes, and owing to the the Sanctuary being at capacity, and therefore unable to help every horse or pony in need (we wish we could!), there is to be a new section called “Ponies looking for homes”, which will appear later this week.  This section will be advertising for new suitable homes (that are desperately needed) and appeals from owners who can no longer look after their horses or ponies, so please have a look to see if you are able to help.  Although these horses and ponies are not under the care of Pablo’s, and the arrangements will be between the current owners and the adoptive owner, the Pablo’s strict criteria for re-homing, will be adhered to ensure that suitable matches are found.

The big fundraising event of the 5km Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk , to be held on Saturday 29th October 2011 at RandR Country superstore, is now only 2 weeks away!  For those who would still like to participate and help raise much-needed funds for Pablos, please return the Registration Form as soon as you possibly can!  A great day is planned, with Melton Times newspaper being there to report on the event, and each dog that participates gets a Doggy Goody Bag, filled with lots of treats and gifts!!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Sue Ruscillo (Sam’s mum), as unfortunately she was unable to participate on the Sponsored Dog Walk, so instead Sue generously donated £100.  Also to Dr Gallop, of the Long Clawson Medical Centre, for generously donating and delivering 20 bales of hay and 6 bales of straw.  Also Dr Gallop donated two very large rugs for May, our Shire mare.  Dr Gallop and Sue – you’re both stars.

A reminder that on Thursday 20th October a Fun Quiz Night is to be held at the Noel’s Arms, Melton Mowbray starting at 8.30pm. The brilliant local Quiz Master – Paul Jaggard will be hosting the quiz with great prizes on offer.  At only £1 per person entrance fee and with a great raffle; so come on down, have some fun, maybe win a great prize and help the horses and ponies.

An appeal (again) for any hay/straw that could be donated to the Sanctuary.  With Winter approaching, it is always a tough time to see Winter through, with battles against the weather and the extra costs that are involved.  It would really be appreciated.  Also, if you have any apples (it’s that time of year!) that are unwanted, these will be gratefully received (and enjoyed) by our horses and ponies.

Have a lovely week everyone, and see you next time.

Winter Preparations

Hi Everyone


Well, what a change in the weather!  I wonder if you have put your central-heating on yet!  All the horses and ponies are well and have received their worming treatment this week. Some of the older horses and ponies are now having their rugs on to keep them warm and dry.  The others are OK, but soon they will all be rugged up in order to keep them well and warm throughout the winter months.  Winter is always a tough time of year for Pablos, and yard preparations for Winter are underway, however funds need to be raised to meet the extra Winter feed bills.  If you could help in anyway, by either donation or holding a fundraising event it would really be appreciated.

The anticipated arrival of the Dartmoor mares and foals has now changed.  The two mares have been found homes, so instead Pablos are taking two more foals.  So in total four foals, who will be approximately 5 – 6 months old, may arrive later this week or maybe next week.  All the volunteers are looking forward to welcoming them and settling them in.  All the foals are looking for new homes, so if you are able to offer them a suitable home, please get in touch.

Our fabulous “Fix It” Team, who are forever hard at work, are now in the process of making some new doors for the stables ready for Winter quarters for the horses, and have secured a pen (and made it foal-proof) ready for arrival of the foals.  A huge thank you to them for all their continued support and hard work.

Bea Bea

On Thursday this coming week, we are very pleased to welcome a team from Capital One, who are coming, from their Nottingham Headquarters, to the yard to offer their help and to meet the horses and ponies.  Pablo’s always welcomes visitors and is extremely grateful for any help we receive from Corporations, and we would like to say a big thank you to Jayne Showell for organising her department’s visit to the sanctuary, we look forward to meeting them.

On Saturday 15th October a Charity Dressage Competition in aid of Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary is to be held at Cedar Farm Stables, Church Lane, Cossall Village, Nottinghamshire, NG16 2RA . The event starts at 8.15am – 3.15pm and is it £5 per class, classes are Intro A, Prelim 12, Prelim 18 and Novice 24 (2010).  There will be a Tack Shop in attendance, raffle and refreshments. Entry by Wednesday 12th October 2011.  Please contact Carrie on 07926 089200 for more details.

A huge thank you this week to Ann and Ken Johnson from Earl Shilton who contacted the Sanctuary and have very kindly offered to hold carboot sales to raise funds, and also very kindly donated £30.  Also a thank you to Mrs R Salter from Melton Mowbray for her kind donation of £22 and to Chris Combellack generously signing up to the Standing Order Scheme this week.  The standing Order scheme is a great and easy way to help the horses and ponies, and you can donate either monthly, quarterly or annually and any amount you wish, so please see the “How you can help” tab for more information.

Thank you to volunteers Chris and Wendy for holding a car boot sale today at Melton Market and raising a fantastic £90.  Wendy has also sold a saddle to Kate and Mani (Kate recently fostered Mani) for £100, and reports that Mani looks really well and happy in his new home.  Wendy is holding Pablos new and nearly new tack stall on Saturday 15 October at Riverside Riding Centre at Asfordby from 10.30 -12.00, and also (weather permitting) on Sunday 16th October at Rearsby Lodge Show at Brooksby.  So please pop over and say hello and have a look at the stall, you can grab yourself a great bargain and help the horses and ponies as well.  Donations of stock are are always needed, please contact Wendy.

Also on Thursday 20th October a Fun Quiz Night is to be held at the Noel’s Arms, Melton Mowbray starting at 8.30pm. The brilliant local Quiz Master – Paul Jaggard will be hosting the quiz with great prizes on offer.  At only £1 per person entrance fee and with a great raffle; a fun night of entertainment is predicted.

Also, don’t forget to get your registration forms in for the 5km Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk on Saturday 29th October – not long to go for a fantastic fundraising event!

Have a good week

29 celsius in October???


Hi everyone

We’re back this week, as normal, with holidays over and more news on what’s been happening. We are pleased to report that the two new cats, Pixie and Dixie have settled in really well, becoming very friendly and last week they caught their first rat – well done!!

The horses and ponies are all well and enjoying this wonderful (and surprising) heat-wave over the past week, and yes Sparky has been taking full advantage and doing his sunbathing.

However, unfortunately Silver had an attack of Shivers on Friday, and went down again. The vet was immediately called and Horse Lymphangitis was diagnosed in his off-side hindleg. The vet administered antibiotics and fortunately (and thankfully) Silver managed to get up himself after a while and started to walk around. Silver is being monitored on Metacam, is walking around and seems to be responding very well.

(Lymphangitis in horses is an inflammation and/or swelling associated with impairment of the lymphatic system, particularly in a limb. It is most commonly a bacterial infection, although bacterial culture may be negative.
Often referred to as Fat/Big Leg Disease. The mainstays of treatment are the administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics. The initial pain and lameness usually respond rapidly to treatment; however, the swelling may persist for many weeks. In addition, once a horse has had an episode, it appears to be predisposed to recurrence.)

Silver was diagnosed with Shivers when he was brought to the Sanctuary and it was advised his life expectancy was to be only 2-3 years. Silver has been at Pablos for 5 years now and he has beaten the odds. Hopefully Silver will continue with Pablos for many years more, until his time comes.

Buzzie and Chanelle

Jubail is having a visit from the Equine Dentist this week, as he is an elderly horse and now needs the help of the dentist to keep him fit and well.  Shhh don’t tell Jubail though – he doesn’t know the dentist is coming yet!!!

This week saw a visit to the yard from Mars UK Ltd. They are going to very kindly organise a team of 10 people to come to the main yard on 7th November to repair fencing and help with the general maintenance. Mars UK are also supplying all the materials needed for the repairs and will be supplying new gates as well. We look forward to welcoming Mars employees for the day and appreciate their extremely kind offer of help.

A big thank you to Cat Rhuon at Eagle Lodge Tribal Centre for very generously donating 15 big bales of haylage.  The Eagle Lodge Tribal Centre is located just outside of Melton Mowbray and is influenced by Native American spritiuality and art. For more information please call Cat or Su on 07590 569533 or or visit  Also to Steve, our ever helpful, local farmer, for collecting the haylage and delivering it to the yard at Long Clawson. Steve’s kindness hasn’t stopped there as he is bringing his tractor to the yard next weekend so that it can be used to dig out essential drainage needed in Jack’s field, ready for the Winter months.

Also thank you to Dawn, a long-standing volunteer who has been successfully treating Mays ‘greasy heal’ (a condition she came to Pablos with). Due to the hot weather this week it has caused a flare up and Dawn has been bathing May’s leg and applying the cream all week (very time-consuming as May is a shire horse). May’s leg is now fine and Dawn you’re a star.

Icarus watching the chickens

Unfortunately, the Sanctuary has received a high water rate bill of £1700. This high bill is due to the past 6 months being so hot the brook at the yard completely dried up and alot of mains water was needed for the 40+ horses at the yard in the hot weather. Funds are desperately needed, so please if you could help in anyway, or perhaps join us in the 5km Sponsored Walk / Dog Walk on Saturday 29th October at RandR Country Superstore, it would really be appreciated. Please see the tab for more information and you can download the registration form from there as well.

On Thursday 20th October a Fun Quiz Night is to be held at the Noel’s Arms, Melton Mowbray starting at 8.30pm. The brilliant local Quiz Master – Paul Jaggard will be hosting the quiz with great prizes on offer.  At only £1 per person entrance fee and with a great raffle; a fun night of entertainment is predicted

Since the visit of the horsewhisper, Adam Shereston, and with volunteers working with Little Gerry and Christina, we are looking to find them a foster home. Both the ponies are still tricky to handle and will need a very experience home, with facilities and a lot of time and patience available to be spent on them. Ideally they would be rehomed together. Or if you are looking for a companion pony, please get in touch.

Have a great week, enjoy this lovely weather.