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Arthur’s too hot to trot

A 'cool' Arthur

Wow, what a scorcher with today (Sunday) being a hot 28 celsius, the hottest day of the year! As you can see Arthur took full advantage of his field shelter today by staying in the shade – a very sensible move (that’s our Arthur for you – sensible through and through!) However, all the volunteers still carried on looking after all the horses and ponies, despite the sweltering heat and we’d like to say a big thank you  to all of them! This week work has started on “Project Rug Room”, after many months of planning our volunteers Wendy, Chris and Gerry have started to clear out the rug room, sorting the rugs as they go, and a bespoke new shelving system has been made to house the rugs, so they can be neatly stacked by size. A cracking start has been made and will continue over the next few weeks.

All the horses and ponies are well, with Dolly, who is still looking good at 46 years old, still being smitten with Westie and following him around during the day in the paddock they share with Blossom. At night Dolly is stabled in a lovely deep bed in the barn, and after a good night’s sleep Dolly is ready for another day following Westie around the paddock. Westie, as always takes admiration in his stride, always knowing that he is a very handsome boy!

Just a reminder of the next fundraising event, our Psychic Evening with Bob Perris, Spiritual Healer, which is being held at the British Legion in Melton Mowbray on Thursday 7th July 2011. The British Legion have excellent disabled facilities and the doors open at 7.30pm, with the show starting at 8.00pm. Entrance is only £5.00 on the door and as always 100% of the money raised on the night goes toward the welfare of the horses and ponies. A raffle will also be held on the night, and you could win a one-to-one reading with Bob.

Can you sponsor Otto?

If you would like to support Otto in his sponsored 20-mile walk for Pablo’s, a sponsorship form is now available at The Melton Times Office, in Melton. Otto is a beautiful, energetic  young giant Ottohound cross, a breed of dog that has been selectively bred for stamina and long-distances. Ruth his owner is mega-fit and has been gradually building Otto up for the walk and takes Otto out for long walks each day, with a 15-mile walk twice a week, and reports that Otto’s still full of energy after every walk (what’s your secret Otto?). On Saturday 16th July, the 20-mile walk will take place over approximately 8 hours with plenty of scheduled rests and water stops and Otto’s welfare will be paramount during the event.

A thank you this week to 10 year old Meggie Swann who visited the yard with her parents to generously donate all her pocket money to help the horses and ponies. Also Meggie’s mum Karen, had picked apples from her garden and her local village shop in East Bridgeford sold them and raised £11.70, and this was kindly donated as well. In total Meggie raised a wonderful £26.20, which is fantastic.  Thank you so much Meggie (and to her mum and dad).

Cherry saying "Thank You" to Meggie

If you would like to visit the yard to see the horses and ponies, the visiting times are from 10.00am – 1.00pm. If you contact Carole to let her know of your visit, we can arrange for a tour around the yard for you.

Have a lovely week.


‘Changing Stables’ – the makeover

Our beloved Sidney

Hi Everyone

It was a sad day on Friday as we said goodbye to our beloved Sidney, a little grey pony came into our lives 10 years ago. Carole had a call from a dealer who had picked up a little old pony who was destined for the meatman, but was too old and too thin and so he offered Sidney to Carole for £100.  Sidney was immediately bought to the Sanctuary and was worth every penny as he turned out to be the most lovable, charming and well-mannered pony you could wish to meet.  Nobody knew his exact age but he was definitely over 40 years old, but Sidney was always bright and happy right up to the end. We’re already missing Sidney and his impatient whinny when it is feed-time on the yard. We would like to give our sincerest thanks to Andrea who took such great care of him during the Summer months and Carol and Dawn who looked after Sidney when he was back at the main yard during the Winter months. We are sure Sidney knew how much he was loved and now he is galloping around in horse heaven being reunited with his dear friends, his beloved Caper and Tappy.

Another of our older ponies, Jiffy who is 34 years old was moved off the yard to keep old Arthur company, as they are about the same age, on Saturday.  (Old) Arthur had been Sidney’s companion for the past year, and we are pleased to report that Jiffy has settled in extremely well in his new field and on Sunday morning was cantering around his new field with old Arthur following him behind. Thank you to Lucy at LVR Equine Transport for helping with the transport.  Jiffy, on Tuesday this week at the yard, unfortunately got kicked by Icarus on the side of his mouth.  The vet was immediately called out and after cleaning and cutting away a bit of the skin on Jiffy’s mouth, antibiotics were given and cream was prescribed.  We are very pleased to report the the wound has healed incredibly well and so quickly, and Jiffy seems to be unfazed by all the fuss.

Pablo's stall at Mars UK Family Day

On Saturday, Pablos was invited to hold its first fundraising stall at the Mars UK Family Day.  An incredible £193 was raised from “Pablo’s Pick, Pop and Pap” game, and despite the wonderful British Summer weather providing heavy showers, when the sun did come out, a very enjoyable day was had by all.  A huge thank you to Mars UK, in particular to Mandy Cobley for running such a well-organised event and to the Mars UK staff available who helped blow up over 200 balloons for the game, also to Gayle, Chris and Rachel, our volunteers for giving their time on the day.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Bev, one of our Saturday volunteers for very kindly donating £50 to purchase extra hay for the horses and ponies, at the time of the hay delivery.

Gerry and Sam working hard!!

Our ‘Fix-It’ Team have been incredible this week, with Gerry and Chris taking a week’s annual leave from their full-time jobs and spending the whole week at Pablos. Work has now been started, with help from Sam, on a shelter for Jack, Arthur, Kizzy and Sparky in their field.  Also Russ spent alot of time and hard graft with the preparation needed in the first stable to get it ready for its makeover, followed by Gerry and Chris putting on the paint (kindly donated by Wilkinsons) and we think you’ll all agree the amazing job that has been done when you look at the before and after photos.  That’s one stable done – only seven more to go inside the barn!

Before the makeover

Remember to put Thursday 7th July in your diaries, for the Psychic Night with Bob Perris at The Royal British Legion, Keswick House, Thorpe End, Melton Mowbray.  Doors open at 7.30pm and the show starts at 8.00pm.  Great raffle prizes are on offer to be won, and as always 100% of all funds raised on the night are spent of the welfare of the horses and ponies.

After the makeover - looking good

Tickets for the Horse Whisperer event on Saturday 6th August are now on sale from Sue at Rearsby Lodge Saddlery, at Rearsby Lodge Farm, Rearsby.  Tickets are still available at the “early-bird” rate so make sure you get yours early!  Also you can call either Carole or Rachel for tickets or for more information about the available sessions for your horse with Adam.  This is a fantastic opportunity to have Adam working with you and your horse at the event for only £40, with a session taking as long as your horses needs.  In addition to Adam volunteering his time, Adam has been in contact and has offered  to auction 2 days of his time to raise funds for the Sanctuary.  This very generous offer by Adam will give the lucky bidders a whole day with him to learn about natural horsemanship and work with their horse on their particular problems.  This is an incredible opportunity, and the auction will take place on Saturday 6th August  at the Horse Whisperer Event.  The auction is open to anyone in the UK, so if you are unable to come to the auction you can place a pre-bid before the deadline of 5th August (please contact Carole) and good luck!  Adam is in the UK only for August this year, and if anyone would like Adam to work with their horses / or themselves, please contact Adam through his website.

Hope you all have a good week and please if you are passing The Melton Times office at all, pop in and support Otto, the dog who is wanting to raise funds to help other animals, by doing a sponsored 20-mile walk all by himself (accompanied by his owner Ruth, of course).  Thank you.

A little “rein” today

Tommy and his dedicated carer Shanty

Hi Everyone

Another good week has passed with the horses and ponies still all doing well.  There was just a little worry on Tuesday when, on arrival at the yard, Tommy had managed to cast himself in his stable. We managed to roll him gently over , and after a little rest and fuss Tommy got back up on his own and then was OK to go out into his field for some fresh air.   Tommy is in his very late 40s and is a tiny scewbald Shetland pony.  Tommy has been with his companion, Shanty for 21 years, and Shanty does not ever let Tommy out of her sight.  They both go out into the pony field during the day, and at night are stabled kept together, or if the weather gets a little chilly, Tommy and Shanty ask to go into their stable earlier by standing at the gate of their field.

This week we were pleased to let you know that Bob Perris, Spiritual Healer will be at the British Legion in Melton Mowbray on Thursday 7th July 2011.  The British Legion has excellent disabled facilities and doors open at 7.30pm, with the show starting at 8.00pm so make sure you have this date and time in your diary.  Entrance is only £5.00 on the door and 100% of the money raised on the night goes toward the welfare of the horses and ponies.   A great raffle will also be held on the night, and Bob has donated a one-to-one reading with him as a raffle prize. Thank you Bob for your continued support.

Freeway (and Mikey) head for shelter "its just a little rein" said Mikey

On Saturday 18th June, Pablos has been invited to hold a stall at the Mars UK Family Day in Waltham which is a event for their employees and their families of Mars UK.  This is a great opportunity for Pablos, and we will be holding our “Pick, Pop and Pap” fundraising game with plenty of great prizes to be won.  Also tickets to see the horse whisperer will be on sale at the show.

Also, Otto and his owner Ruth, will be starting their fundraising 20 mile sponsored walk, and The Melton Times office in Melton are holding a sponsorship form for anyone who would like to sponsor, so if you would like to sponsor Otto, please pop into the Melton Times office.  Your support for Otto is much appreciated.

A big thank you to Sainsbury’s in Loughborough for allowing our volunteers, Rachel and Margaret to hold a store collection on Saturday 11th June.  An incredible £166.25 was generously donated by Sainsbury’s customers.  These funds raised have gone toward the latest delivery of hay and we would like to thank all involved.

Another thank you this week to Lucy from LVR Equine Transport.  Lucy held fundraising events including a raffle and held riding lesson and raised £75.00.  Lucy is a valued supporter of Pablos and for more details of LVR Equine Transport please click on the link on the  right.  Also thank you to S&J Transport for their donation of another load of wooden pallets, which are dismantled and used as fencing and also for the use of their huge lorry to transport them all.

Have a good week.

The whole “tooth” and nothing but the “tooth”

Winston "it's the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth - it fell out"

Hi Everyone

All’s been well this week at the Sanctuary. With a bit of a wet start to the week, (yes, typical bank-holiday weather), towards the end of the week the horses and ponies all got to basque in the sun, either relaxing in their paddocks or playing with their companions or sunbathing (yes, you Sparky). However earlier in the week it was discovered that one of the ponies, Winston, had a loose tooth. It was not causing Winston any problems but the dentist was booked to come out to look at, and maybe remove the tooth. We think that Winston must have been tipped off about the dentist visit as just before the dentist arrived his tooth fell out on its own!!! Winston has been in the care of the Sanctuary since the age of 19 years old, when his owner could no longer look him, as he was kept as a well-loved pet along with his mother, who sadly had passed away. Winston has never been ridden, but is such a lovely pony, not only with his stunning looks, but also with his sweet nature and playfulness with the other ponies.

It’s newsletter time! All those who support the Sanctuary by either sponsoring a horse or pony, or though the standing order scheme will be receiving their Summer newsletter through their letterboxes soon!  Sponsoring a horse or pony makes a great gift for someone, or if you would like to give a little more and spread it out over the months, then the Standing Order scheme is the one for you.  All forms are on the website and are downloadable, and 100% of the funds raised this way are spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies. So THANK YOU for supporting the Sanctuary, it really is appreciated!! Enjoy your newsletter and watch out for the postman!!

Best friends Moley and Coco

Look out for our volunteers if you are shopping at Sainsbury’s in Loughborough this weekend, on Saturday 11th June. Sainsbury’s has very kindly let Pablo’s hold another collection at their store for the second year running. If you see our volunteers, please pop over and say hello and any spare change you have would really be appreciated.

STOP PRESS: Bob Perris, Spiritual Medium has contacted the Sanctuary and has offered his support again. It is planned to hold another Psychic Night in early July – the date and venue are to be confirmed soon. So watch this space.

A huge thank you to Lindsey from Rise Holme Feeds, who regularly supports the Sanctuary and generously donated eight bags of feeds last week, to help the horses and ponies. Also a hugh thank you to Faye from Bottlesford who supports the Sanctuary by hassling all her friends and family for donations for raffle prizes, fantanstic prizes have been donated and Faye’s kindness does not stop there, as she has arranged for 60 bales of hay to be delivered this week for the horses as a gift. Thank you Lindsey and Faye.

Moley and Coco enjoying a mutual scratch

Good news this week for two ponies on the waiting list. As you know, unfortunately Pablo’s is not able to give Sanctuary to all the horses and ponies in need, however there is a waiting list and sometimes Pablo’s recieves enquiries from potential new homes. In this case we can match up those on the waiting list to potential homes, and although everything is done though a private arrangement with both owner and potential carer, it is a service which can help and this week two ponies were able to be married-up with new homes and we wish them all the best.

An appeal this week for volunteers to help paint the inside of the barn. A Spring clean is taking place, and although the paint has been donated, help with the painting is needed. Please contact Carole if you are able to offer your assistance.

Enjoy your week, and hopefully see you at Sainsbury’s in Loughborough on Saturday 11th June.