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Cas, Bayler, Westie, and a dog named Otto


Hi Everyone

This week we would like to introduce you to the two new additions to Pablos.  They are Cas, who is a 21 year old Dales mare and Bayler who is a 30 year old sheltand pony.  Both Cas and Bayler have been together for the last 20 years and have been extremely well-loved and cared for by their owner Debbie in Nottingham.  Sadly Debbie is no longer able to care for Cas and Bayler due to serious health problems, and Pablos has offered Sanctuary.  Cas is absolutely adorable and has become a firm favourite amongst the volunteers very quickly due to her gentle nature and friendliness, she’s always there to greet visitors and volunteers alike when they arrive on the yard, and with her gorgeous full mane flowing in the wind, she always looks stunning.  Bayler is very sweet, and also very friendly and a has typical shetland pony character, he’s in very good condition in regards to his age and both are a true credit to the love, care and attention Debbie has lavished on them over the past 20 years.  And surprise, surprise Cas has also fallen for Westie – just wish we could bottle whatever it is Westie has got – we’d make a fortune!!!

Pedigree Petfoods were welcomed to the yard on their arranged visit on Monday, complete with a film crew, to see the difference their money has made to the Sanctuary.  As you know Pedigree Petfoods very generously pay for the insurance on the yard which enables volunteers and visitors to be covered whilst they are here, a huge help which the Sanctuary would otherwise struggle to fund.  This also enables people with disabilities to visit the yard and gain healing from the horses.  Thank you Pedigree Petfoods for your valuable support.


A date for your diary is our next store collection which is to be held on Saturday 11th June at Sainsbury’s in Loughborough.  Please pop over and say hello to our volunteers and, and if you can, place any spare change in the collection tin, again 100% of the money raised goes on the welfare of the horses and ponies.

A few thank-yous this week to volunteers Russ and Penny, who help out each Wednesday.  Russ and Wendy have been cleaning and fitting water filters to the new water collection tubs that our “Fix It” team have fitted recently, which helps to keep the water clean for the horses.  Also the strimming continues in the paddocks which helps to keep the weeds down.  And thank you to all volunteers who have been helping with this, in particular Sam, one of our Saturday volunteers, who not only is a real help with the maintenance, but also continues to gain confidence around the horses and ponies.  We are also pleased to report that the leak in the kitchen has finally been fixed – the floor has been dry for a week now.  Thank you “Fit It” team!!

Cas and Bayler - always together

Any finally this week, we’re pleased to let you know one of our long-standing volunteers, Ruth Hunt (you may remember Ruth did a sponsored bike ride to Skegness a few years ago, in aid of Pablos) is doing a sponsored dog walk.  Recently Ruth has adopted a rescue dog, called Otto, who is a hound cross, and as Otto is so happy in his new home he wanted to help other animals so asked Ruth to accompany him on a 20-mile walk around the vale of Belvoir and all the money Otto can raise, he wants to donate to Pablos.  Can you help Otto by sponsoring him?  More details of Otto’s sponsored walk to follow…

Have a great bank holiday weekend.


Westie’s Life

Hi Everyone

Still got it - our Dolly

Well it’s been another glorious week and all the horses and ponies are very well.  We have a little love triangle going on at the moment on the yard with two ladies being very interested in our Westie.  Who are they?  Well it’s Dolly who at 44 years old is smitten with Westie and follows him around their paddock with her love-struck eyes.  The other lady is our Bella, although her field is across the yard, she’s always trying to catch Westies eye and put on a little show for him.   As for Westie, he just takes it all in his stride….seriously cool dude moves going on, that’s what!  Charmer!

It’s good news to report that the web domain has now been re-linked to the website and thank you to Tim Myers for his help.  We apologise if this has caused any issues over the past couple of months, but now the technical hitch has been sorted the website can now be viewed through either or

Beautiful Bella

This week marks the Return of the Killer Kitchen Leak!!???  The mystery leak in the kitchen is still there!!  Our Fix It Team have had to dismantle the new collection drain that they made the other week, so that they could check all the pipework.  They have made repairs to the pipework and have rebuilt the collection drain again, and hopefully this will now fix the problem but given that this leak has had more come backs than Robbie Williams, we’ll just have to wait and see if it works this week.  Another job to add to their list is to check, and if necessary, repair all the pipework on the yard and then insulate all the pipes ready for the Winter weather, which should hopefully solve the probelms of frozen pipes in the cold weather.

A big thank you this week to Fleur and Clarice Ellingworth and Sarah Howgarth who raised a fantastic £30.10 by visiting all the houses in the village of Eaton and playing the ukelele (pronounced ‘yuke eh lay lee‘).  Also a thank you goes to John Lewis Partnership for their kind donation of £50.00.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Sue at Rearsby Lodge Saddlery, at Rearsby Lodge Farm, who is a valued supporter of Pablos.  At her shop Sue always manages to fill one of our collection tins around 3 times a year and makes sure all her customers know about Pablos.   Thank you Sue.  You are a star!

Bumper Birthday Week

Westie - Birthday Boy

Hi Everyone

We are pleased to report this week that all is well with the horses and ponies at Pablos. We had a birthday boy this week; Westie, one of our ex-racehorses, who celebrated his 16th birthday! To mark the occasion, Jodie, one of our volunteers (Westie occupies a very special place in Jodie’s heart) brought a birthday cake to mark this special occasion for Westie. Westie got extra carrots and lots of extra fuss to make him feel extra special. Westie has been cared for by Pablos for approx 3 years and is a popular horse due to his extremely sweet nature and good looks. As you can see by the photo he’s quite a handsome boy!

Also this week, one of our long-standing volunteers Ruth Hunt, along with her husband and her good friend, Alison, had a combined Birthday party and asked for no presents, instead they asked for donations which would be split between Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary and St John’s Ambulance. At the birthday party Ruth had also organised fundraising events such as a caption competition and raffle to add to the funds raised. A staggering £310.00 was raised on the night, for which Pablo’s received a wonderful £155.00. A huge thank you goes to Ruth and her family, and friend Alison, for their generousity (and no, we’re not going to tell you Ruth’s age!!) and also for their continued support over the last 4 years.

Our Wendy raising funds

Another thank you this week to Wendy, who spent the day at Fiveways Riding Club, Croxton Gallops, Waltham on the Wolds, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, just off the A607 with her mobile new and nearly-new equine stall. A fantastic £85.00 was raised and a big thank you to Margaret Musson (Secretary) and all the members of FiveWays Riding Club for their support. Wendy will be attending her next show sometime in July and we’ll let you know where you can find Wendy when we have confirmation of the date.  Attached is a photo of Wendy ‘on the job’ with the stall!

As always, every penny that is donated to Pablo’s gets spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies and the funds that Ruth and Wendy have raised has paid the hay bill this week.

Unfortunately there has been another leak in the kitchen area, and our fantastic “Fix It” Team, once again lept into action and on investigation found that there were small cracks in the concrete around the pipe, and as the pipe runs through the kitchen area, when water backs up in the drain, it was leaking. Our “Fix It” Team chipped in and re-concreted around the pipe and hopefully this has now sorted out the problem.

A few visits will be taking place this week. On Monday the Brownies, from Long Clawson, will be visiting the yard to see Cherry, our blind pony, who the Brownies sponsor and raised funds for. Also Pedigree UK will be visiting the yard, as Mars UK very generously fund the yard insurance each year, so that volunteers and visitors can come onto the yard, a very much needed gift to the horses and ponies. Also Mars UK, as you know, are kindly allowing Pablo’s to hold a fundraising stall at their Mars UK Family Day on Saturday 18th June, at Waltham.

It remains only to say one final note of thanks, to the volunteers who took the time to ‘strim’ the dock leaves around the edges of the paddocks.  A vital task, at this time of year, although somewhat lacking in glamour.  We all think they are glamorous anyway, despite the chlorophyl green look they all have at the end of their strimming activities (we’re sure this will catch on as the fashionista look of the teenies!).

Thank you all, and see you next week!

OAPs (Old Age Ponies) big day out!

Two of our Old Aged Ponies (OAPs) enjoying life

Hi Everyone

It’s a little bit funny, but it’s strange not having to tell you all about some wonderful event or adventure one of the horses has undergone this week.  But all is truly well this week; all the horses and ponies are in good health are still enjoying every moment of this glorious sunshine we’re having.  It has been great that some of our really elderly ponies, who receive their special care inside the barn where it is nice and quiet and warm for them, have been able to be taken, by our volunteers, out to one of the paddocks, so that they can enjoy munching on the lovely grass there and soaking up a few of the rays!  They really do enjoy it, as you can see from the photo of Polly and Willow being cared for by Jenny and Jolanta (who are volunteering as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award).

On arrival at the yard this morning, we discovered that the kitchen area was flooded with water?!  On investigation it was found that the drainage-pipe system for the water tap (on the other side of the wall) had backed up with water from the heavy rain last night, and had come out of the drain and ran back into the kitchen.  Our “Fix It” Team immediately leapt into action and spent all morning taking down the old shallow collection drain, and rebuilding it; higher, deeper, and with two new removable grates (for cleaning access)!!!  They are truly our caped crusaders (thanks Tommy and Gerry!!!).  Hopefully this should now resolve the problem.

More good news on the Corporate donation front, and a big Pablo’s thank you to 3M Health Care in Loughborough, who donated a box of 200 rolls of “Vetrap”  (the self-adherent bandaging tape) to Pablo’s.  Also, we would like to extend a personal thank you to Jonathan Neachell at 3M Health Care who organised everything.

Another super thank you goes to Waitrose, who selected to support Pablo’s for the month of April at it’s store in Stamford.  An incredible £340 was donated by Waitrose customers, and it is planned for a representative of Waitrose to visit the yard, to present the cheque at the end of May.

Pablo's fundraising stall by Wendy

Today, Sunday 8th May, Wendy, our intrepid stall runner and all round super volunteer, set up Pablo’s new and nearly-new equine tack stall (from 9.30am to approx 3pm) at Soar Valley Riding Club (in a field off Farley Way, in Quorn next to the football club), which raised £115 from SVRC members.  We thank all at Soar Valley Riding Club for their continued support.

And finally, Pablo’s are proud to announce this week we had a new volunteer join our team, from “Rethink“, a charity which works together helping people affected with sevear mental illness recover a better quality of life.  So now we have ‘Rethink’, ‘Head Start’ and ‘Pathway‘, who’s members have come along to help out and spend a little time with the horses (as you know spending time with animals can have a calming effect on us all, and can be truly beneficial to those of us with mental health ailments).  We are honoured to have them onboard.  If you’d like more information please contact Carole Fielding for more details.

Please remember that the Horse Whisperer event tickets are now on sale….we hope to see you all there!

See you next week

A right royal bit of good news

A royal pose from Silver

Hi Everyone

All the horses and ponies are very well and enjoying this gorgeous spell of warm sunny weather; relaxing in their paddocks, sunbathing the days away (yes, you Sparky!), and generally enjoying life.

We’ve had a lot of requests to discuss Silver’s progress after his terrible fall in January.  For those who’ve only just started following the website, let me give you a quick sum up; one of our dearest, and largest horses, Silver, a huge 18.1 hh show jumper, who suffers from ‘shivers’ which means he cannot be ridden (as he can collapse at any moment when under stress), had somehow managed to fall and wedge himself up against a wall, half-in and half-out of his new shelter.  After trying for several hours, and on one last attempt (we feared that he would be unable to rise, which would have led to the direst of consequences), the volunteers from Melton Mowbray Fire Brigade, Loughborough Special Fire and Rescue Unit, Birleys Garage in Long Clawson, Richard Chandler and his Manitou tractor and Martin, from Crescent Vets, Melton Mowbray, were finally able to winch Silver back onto his feet.  He was very badly shaken, mentally, but physically, Silver sustained some minor cuts and bruises.  We are extremely pleased to report that Silver is now very well, and is enjoying himself to the full in his summer paddock with his field companions, Lady, May, Chantelle and Busie.  As you can see by the photo taken yesterday, Silver is looking his gorgeous self, and cantered across his field to have his photo taken.  Thank you to everyone who helped Silver and also to everyone for their kind words, thoughts and support that has been given to Silver.

Tikka at the "Showing-In-Hand"

Also, we have good news this week about Tikka who is being fostered by Denise Shaw at Old Dalby.  Denise is a good friend of Pablos, is experienced  and well-respected in equine matters, and has spent a lot of time, knowledge and patience with Tikka with her rehabilitation.  Last week Tikka was entered in the Five-Ways show at Waltham and came second in the Showing-in-Hand competition, with her daughter Phoebe, doing the honours and leading Tikka around on the competition.  We’re very happy and proud to share with you all the photos taken at the show, and you can see how happy and relaxed Tikka is with Phoebe; they both look so wonderful.  A huge thank you to Denise and Phoebe, for all their time, love and energy spent with Tikka, and it is great to know that Tikka has a fantastic foster home and is so happy (and spoilt rotten!) which every horse deserves.  We wish them all the best for many years to come.

Tikka and Phoebe

A great night was held on Thursday with Bob Perris, Spiritual Medium, at the Noels Arms in Melton Mowbray.  The evening started with a huge turnout, and then Bob and his spirit guide provided many people with advice over the next 2 hours.  An enjoyable evening was had by all, and it is hoped that we will have another event with Bob later this year.  The event and raffle raised approx £400.00, and we’d like to extend a huge thank you to Bob Perris, for his support, and also Nigel Baker, a local singer, for providing the PA system and the entertainment after the event, which carried on well into the night.

After the success of last year’s Horse Whisperer Event, we are pleased to announce that tickets for Adam Sheraston, Horse Whisperer Event 2011, to be held on Saturday 6th August, are now on sale!  Tickets are £10.00, with children 14 years and under free of charge.  This is a great opportunity to meet and see Adam working with horses.  In addition, this year we have Dr Ray Smith,  a local Equine Back, Muscle and Joint Specialist, who has used a combination of healing, massage and manipulation techniques (and has been working with our Daisy), will be there to give a demonstration, on his techniques also.  If you would like to purchase your tickets early, we are offering a special concessionary rate so please contact Carole or Rachel (01664 820278 ansaphone) for more details.

On Sunday 8th May, our volunteer, Wendy will be setting up her new and nearly-new equine tack stall (from 9.30am to approx 3pm) at Soar Valley Riding Club (in a field off Farley Way, in Quorn next to the football club). Please pop over and see Wendy and have a look at what is on offer, and grab yourself a great deal, and help the horses and ponies of Pablos into the bargain!  Donations of stock are always welcome.  You can also buy your tickets for the Horse Whisperer from Wendy, so you can get yours early, save some money, pick up a few bargains and guarantee your place at a fantastic event!!!!!

Wishing you all a smashing week, and see you all next episode.