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The eggstatic Easter Egg Raffle eggstravaganza!!!

Icarus and Penny

Hi Everyone

We are very pleased to announce this week that Fern Mae’s Traditional Sweet Shop, at 8 Market Place, Melton Mowbray, held their Easter Egg raffle this weekend and raised an incredible amount of £250.00 for the horses and ponies at Pablos, and not stopping there, Fern Mae’s Traditional Sweet Shop then donated £50.00, which gave the total of £300.00!!  A huge thank you to Fern Mae’s Traditional Sweet Shop for their amazing generosity and for their support to Pablos.  The lucky winner got the huge chocolate egg!  We’d like to thank all those who bought a ticket to help the horses.

Also a huge thank you to Jim and Sue Barlow, from Scalford, who donated 60 bales of hay this week to Pablos, a gift which is truly appreciated.  Also a big thank you to Graham Wassell from Global Safety, who has been a very good friend to Pablos over many years, and on this occasion very kindly collected the hay and delivered it to the yard in Long Clawson.

The new secure chick shed

Another thank you goes to Wilkinson, who last week gave a £50 voucher to Pablos to spend at its store.  The voucher has been spent on tins of paint, so that the stables inside of the barn can get a much needed lick of fresh paint.  We are now looking for volunteers to help paint the stables and if you, or perhaps the Company that you work for, or own, would like to help out the charity by spending the day at Pablos painting, then please get in touch with Carole.

This week the chickens have got there very own chicken coop, inside the barn.  Unfortunately, last week, a fox visited the yard and very sadly a few chickens were lost, therefore, our Fix-It Team, once more leapt into action and have constructed a very secure living quarters for the chickens, complete with perches.  The chickens quite happily have moved in, and are now securely fastened away each evening, safe from any harm.  They are a little nervous, which is very sad to see, but hopefully with their new, safe and secure accommodation, they should get back to their happy old selves, soon.

For many years now there has been a mystery leak around the back of the barn, and despite the water board being called out on numerous occasions, and recommending one pipe to be sealed off, the ground was not drying out, and the water bills were still huge.  However, this week, one of our volunteers, Alex, noticed a few bubbles coming out of ground and on further investigation by digging down into the ground, he discovered a pipe which was leaking water.  This has now been sealed off and hopefully the longstanding mystery of the water pipe has been solved, so that the ground can now dry out properly and, most importantly the hugh water bills will cease.  Well done Alex!

Two of our "Fix It Team" fixing the barn roof

Our Fix-It Team  have been taking advantage of his gorgeous dry weather by starting to fix the barn roof.  There are a few small leaks around the skylights and you can see an action shot of the roof being repaired, by our intrepid stunt man!

Don’t forget this Thursday in the Psychic Night with Bob Perris, at the Noel’s Arms Public House on Burton Street in Melton Mowbray.  Tickets are only £5.00, and you can pay on the door on the night.  So come along, it’s predicted to be a great night and you have the chance to win some great prizes on the raffle.  Again all funds raised on the night, will be spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies.

A cheque for £19.00 was received this week from the Ink Cartridge Recycling Scheme.  Thank you to everyone who supports the charity by putting their empty printer cartridges in to the bags, and if anyone knows of a school or business which could support Pablos in this way, we’d be really pleased to hear from you.

Our appeal this week is for a garden strimmer.  If you have a petrol strimmer, we would be very grateful if you would be able to let the charity borrow it, or even better, donate your time to strim around the yard.  Please contact Carole if you are able to help.

Jiffy - still pretty at 34

Hope to see you at The Noel’s Arms, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray on Thursday night – show starts at 8.00pm, if you are not able to make it, we’ll let you know all about it next week.

Our final photo, is of Jiffy, who has been cared for by the Sanctuary, for 2 years now, and I think you will all agree that he is a very handsome chap….and doesn’t look half of his 34 years!

See you all next week!


The sun has got his hat on!

BeBe and Bussie relaxing together

Hi Everybody

The sun is still continuing to shine and all the horses and ponies are loving every minute of it.  Sparky is still sun-bathing every day and we are pleased to announce that Westie is absolutely fine, and fully recovered from the scare he had last week.  All the horses and ponies are still loosing their winter coats, with their summer coats are finally coming through.  Volunteers are still grooming vigorously to help get rid of all the unwanted hair, which is transforming them into beautiful new colours and bringing out the lustrous shine in their coats.

This week we would like to thank Wilkinson, for their kind donation of a £50 voucher to spend at their store.  This will be exchanged for paint, so that the stables in the barn can have a fresh lick to get them looking smart.  Also a few Grand National syndicate winners have kindly given donations this week (not the Aga Khan, or other winner’s enclosure sums as yet…but very welcome all the same!) .  Thank you so very much to all of you who donated something to the horses.

Silver and May

A big thank you to our volunteer, Wendy, who on Sunday 10th April attended the Soar Valley Riding Club’s first show of the season (they meet in a field off Farley Way, in Quorn next to the football club) with her new and nearly-new Equine tack stall.  The members of the Riding Club supported Pablo’s to the tune of £68 in total.  A big Pablo’s thank you to Emma (the chairperson) and members for all their support.  Their next show is on Sunday 8th May and Wendy will be there there from 9.30am to approx 3pm. If you would like to know what’s in stock, please contact Wendy on 07831 453504   (please note no message service) or email:  and Wendy will see if she can help. Donations of stock are always welcome, again please contact Wendy.

Only one week to go before the drawing of the Easter raffle of the gigantic chocolate egg at Fern Mae’s Traditional Sweet Shop, at 8 Market Place, Melton Mowbray.  The egg will be raffled on Pablo’s behalf….so if you’re passing, pop in, top on your choccies and sweeties and buy a raffle ticket (as always proceeds go to the horses and ponies).

General and Bella out for a spot of lunch

And don’t forget our Psychic Night on Thursday 28th April at the Noels Arms Public House in Melton Mowbray.  There is a lot of interest in this event, and as seating is limited, make sure you don’t miss out…ensure that you purchase your tickets early (on sale, either at the Noels Arms or from Carole directly).

Well, that’s all we have to tell you all this week!  So go out, grab a nice cold drink, find a nice shady spot in the garden, and enjoy the sun!

See you all next week.

A mixed week

What the... who's there?? said Sparky

Hi Everyone

As this glorious weather continues, all the horses and ponies have been enjoying the sunshine, and one pony in particular, Sparky, has been sunbathing just about everyday. Here’s a picture of Sparky sunbathing on Sunday – he was so in the sunbathing-zone he didn’t see the camera until the last minute and his surprised look on his face says it all – and all captured on camera!

Our Westie gave us a scare on Tuesday night as he came down with colic. The vet was immediately called and Martin, from the Crest Veterinary Practice in Melton Mowbray came out. After checking Westie by a tubal rectal examination, he diagnosed a mild colic attack and recommended Westie be stable-kept Tuesday night and then could be back in his paddock if he was OK on Wednesday morning. A big thank you to two of our volunteers, Dawn and Sophie who stayed and cared for Westie all Tuesday evening til 9.30pm, when Carole then took over the rest of the shift til mid-night.

Westie back in his paddock, fully recovered

We are pleased to report that Westie has recovered from colic and is now back in his paddock enjoying his life. (see picture). As with all veterinary care needed by the horses, if you could help in anyway to offer assistance to help towards Westie’s veterinary bill, it really would be appreciated.

A date for your diary is the Psychic Night with Bob Perris on Thursday 28th April at the Noel’s Arms in Melton Mowbray – tickets are £5.00 and are selling fast and seating is limited on the night, so please contact Carole or the Noel’s Arms if you want to guarantee yourself (and friends) a fantastic night.

We are pleased to announce that Pablo’s has been invited to hold a stall at Pedigree Masterfoods Family Day on Saturday 18th June at their Waltham site – more information to follow.


We are sad to announce the passing of Ted, one of Pablo’s ex-racehorses, this week. Ted was cantering across his field to see his carer when he suddenly had a massive stroke and fell to the ground. The vet was called out and on the vet’s recommendation Ted was gently put to sleep. Ted had been cared for by Pablo’s for approx 9 years, and was 29 years old. Ted was fit and well, and his sudden passing is a shock to us all, and Ted is particularly missed by his carer Andrea, and Prince his field companion, who got down on the ground and laid next to Ted whilst waiting for the vet to arrive. God bless you Ted.

We are pleased that our Little Gerry and Christina Scarlet are both progressing well and are on the yard during the day. Both of the ponies are very sweet and Little Gerry is very curious and inquisitive, whilst Christina can be spooked sometimes. Being on the yard is helping with their socialisation skills, both with humans and other equines, and we are really pleased with the progress both are making.

Little Gerry and Christina on the yard

Also when you are next in Melton Mowbray, please pop into Mae’s Sweet Shop and have a look at the huge Easter eggs that is being raffled on behalf of Pablo’s. It’s 4.6kgs of chocolate!! The raffle is to be drawn at Easter – so only a few weeks left to get your ticket.

Just a quick reminder about the opportunity to help Pablos by recycling your cartridges…. just click on the link on the left and find out how. Also if you would like some bags of well-rotten manure to put on your roses / vegetable patch we are just looking for a donation of 50p a bag – just give Carole a call and let her know how many bags you would like and when you will be coming to collect them.

And finally this week….


This week's new arrival - a shed!

We’ve had another new arrival this week – a new shed!! (which has caused a lot of excitement on the yard for some). One of our volunteers, Alex knew of someone who was going to dispose of their unused dog kennel, so immediately offered to take it along to Pablo’s instead. Our excellent “Fix it” team, got to work and converted it into a shed to store our small bales of hay – a fantastic job as ever! Their next project is to work on the drainage in the pony field.

Spring is on the yard and in the fields!!

Hi Everyone

Arthur, Jack, Sparky and Kizzy enjoying the sun

Hip, hip hooray ….. we are really pleased to announce that all the horses and ponies are now back in their paddocks and enjoying the lovely sun on their faces and grass under their feet!!  On Friday, 1st April, they were all moved to their Summer quarters and, as you can imagine, there was a great deal of excitement and a lot of high-spirited play once they were all out on the fields.  It is lovely to see them all relaxing, without their rugs, with the sun on them.  We thought we’d share a few photos this week of all the horses and ponies enjoying being back on their paddocks. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers for their help in getting through what has been an extremely hard winter, for braving the snow and ice, and working in freezing temperatures to keep the horses warm, safe, watered, fed and loved.  We couldn’t have managed without all your dedication and hard work, and we know the horses love each and every one of you.  Thank you.

Little Gerry and Christina in their new quarters

We are also very pleased to report that Little Gerry and Christina Scarlet are both doing well and have now been moved to their new outside quarters.  From their quarters they have an excellent view of what’s happening on the yard, and this is helping them to get used to the busy yard life.  Little Gerry is getting very curious and is quite a smart little chap, Christina Scarlet is still timid but slowly coming out of her shell.  Both are little sweeties and have such beautiful temperaments and natures.

A big thank you goes to Charlotte Rathbone and the Eastwell Carol Singers who have raised £111.00 to aid the horses and ponies.  Thank you so very much!!!

Just a reminder if you are in Melton Mowbray to pop in to Fern Mae’s Traditional Sweet Shop, at 8 Market Place, who are holding an Easter Egg raffle in aid of Pablo’s.  Buy a raffle ticket to try to win the biggest Easter Egg, and all the proceeds will go toward helping the horses and ponies.

Silver and his companions

Also tickets are now available for our evening with Bob Perris, Spiritual Meduim at The Noel’s Arms, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray on Thursday 28th April at 8.00pm.  Entrance is £5.00 on the night, at the door, but to ensure your place, you can buy your ticket in advance from Carole or at The Noel’s Arms.  Seating is limited, so don’t miss out on a fantastic evening!!!

If you have any horse equipment that you don’t need anymore and is in good ‘sellable’ condition, and feel that you would like to donate it to help the horses and ponies, please contact Wendy on 07831 453504   (please note no message service) or email:  Wendy, is one of our volunteers, and sells on these equine items, on behalf of Pablo’s to raise the much needed funds to help keep Pablo’s running and as always 100% of the money raised goes to the charity.

Our lovely new gate

Our Fix-it team have finished working on the new gate into Blossom’s field and it’s looking great (see pic).  Thank you to Gerry, Chris and Tommy for their continued hard work.  We would like to ask if anyone has a portable welding kit which we could borrow or if you’d like come along in person, then gives us a call and volunteer your time to help? There are a few repairs needed to the gates, which require welding, and a portable welding kit would be of great help to us.

Sunbathing chickens

This week, we’ll leave you with a shot of the some of the ex-battery hens Pablo’s looks after, sitting in the hay and enjoying the sunshine.

Have a wonderful week, and see you all next installment!