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Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun!!!

Hi Everyone

"Ahhhh....... just a little to the left please"

Hasn’t the weather been wonderful?!  Not only are we all enjoying it, but all the horses and ponies are enjoying the recent sunny weather, many of them taking the opportunity to have a relaxing lie down and do a spot of sunbathing.  It’s only a few days to go before they are all back in their paddocks on Friday 1st April, and we’re sure they are all doing a mental count-down.  All the horse are losing their winter coats at the moment so the volunteers are frantically brushing them to help them get rid of all that hair – see our two Duke of Edinburgh girls in action with a very happy Freeway!

A big thank you to The Ministry of Defense Hospital Unit, based at the New Peterborough Hospital in Peterborough who came down to the yard on Thursday 24th March to help out for the day. Around 12 nurses and medics arrived and helped by clearing around one third of the straw on Silver’s yard, painting rails and brushing all the horses and ponies.  A great day was had by all and some of the nurses and medics have since gone on deployment to Afghanistan and we hope and pray, that all come home safe and sound.

"Can you see Australia yet?"

This week our marvellous Fix-It Team are repairing the gate on to Westie and Blossom’s field which will help with access to the fields and we have an action shot for you!!  Two men and a hole!

The car boot sale held on Sunday 20th March at the Melton Market raised £112.00 from the house-hold items and £60.00 from the new and nearly new equine items.  A big thank you to Wendy, Sue, Bev and Rachel for holding the two stalls and all the funds raised will be spent on the horses and ponies welfare.

There have been a lot of equine items which have been kindly donated to the Sanctuary, both new and nearly new items.  However, these items are very valuable to us, as we can sell them to raise funds which allows us to help the horses in other ways.  If you would like to know what we have in stock, please contact Wendy on 07831 453504   (please note no message service) or email:   and Wendy will see if she can help.  Currently we have all types of rugs to fit all sizes, travel boots, numblas, saddles, bridles and overreach boots – so please contact Wendy and see if you can bag yourself a great deal and help the horses and ponies at Pablo’s into the bargain.

Yum yum in the Sun

This week, we’d like to say a big Pablo’s thank you to Pat from Grantham, who has been a keen supporter of the Sanctuary over a number of years now and in 2009 she even went so far as to organise a celebrity auction for Pablo’s.  Recently Pat saved all her 20p, 10p and 5p in smartie containers and has raised £80.00.  A huge thank you to Pat for her continuous support!

We are very pleased to announce that Fern Mae’s Traditional Sweet Shop, at 8 Market Place, Melton Mowbray, are holding an Easter Egg raffle, with quite possibly the largest Easter Egg this volunteer has ever seen, it must stand over 2 feet high!!!!  That’s a lot of chocolate for all those choccy holics out there (me included!!!!!).  The egg will be raffled on Pablo’s behalf….so if you’re passing, pop in, top on your choccies and sweeties and buy a raffle ticket (as always proceeds go to the horses and ponies).

Unfortunately, the Tesco store collection in Loughborough, which was arranged for last Friday, 25th March, was cancelled by Tesco Head Office, due to a new policy, which came into effect between the time of us securing the booking, and the actual date it was due to occur.  However, Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary has been invited to apply again, for which we are all very grateful, so, hopefully we can have a date in the second half of this year.

A reminder for your diary – “Psychic Night” with Bob Perris, Spiritual Medium and Healer, will be held on Thursday, 28th April, at the ‘Noel’s Arms’, in Melton Mowbray.   Doors open at 8.00pm, with only £5.00 on the door, or to ensure your place you can purchase a ticket from the Noel’s Arms on sale next week.  Everyone is very welcome and a good night is most definitely predicted!

Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary have always welcomed people living with, or recovering from, illness.  The individuals who come along to the charity, seem to draw a great deal from being with the horses and ponies; helping animals, has proven to aid with reducing stress levels, and brings a great sense of mental well-being.  It remains Pablo’s great pleasure to offer assistance in this regard, so if you need further information, to see if we can help, please contact Carole for more information, whether you are an individual or another charity, we’d love to hear from you.

For those of you who were wondering about young love on the yard….Bella and Magnum are still an item – even the handsome Freeway could not come between the loved-up couple!

We are sad to announce, that at the moment, we are at maximum capacity, and cannot take any more horses into the Sanctuary, without risking the welfare of the other 65 horses on the yard.

See you all next week.  Enjoy the weather!  Let’s hope the sun keeps on shining!  Fingers crossed.


Silver ‘in the pink’!

Silver "in the pink" and Lady

Hi Everybody

We are pleased to report that Silver is feeling most definitely ‘in the pink’, so much so that he has even started wearing a natty line in rugs; one which matches his mood….very snazzy!  We’re not sure about him rolling whilst wearing it…maybe mud splotches are the new ‘must have’ accessory?

Little Gerry and Christina Scarlet are both doing well and settling in; with both showing a little more trust with all the volunteers – they are both such sweeties and do love their carrots.

We also have a pair of star crossed lovers!  A love-triangle has sprang up on the yard with Freeway falling head-over-hoofs for Bella!? Much to Magnum’s annoyance!!!   So with a love-struck Freeway trying to impress Bella and win her heart, and Magnum determined to keep the love of his life with him it’s been an interesting week to watch the horses – at one point even General got involved by offering protection to Bella and Magnum by keeping Freeway at bay.  So who will win Bella’s heart…….watch this space…it’ll be pistols at dawn if we’re not careful!

A big thank you this week goes to Morrison’s at Gamston, who very kindly let our volunteer, Gayle have a store collection with them.  A fantastic £98.95 was donated by the generous customers of Morrisons and 100% of the donation will be spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies.

And may we give another thank you to Travis Perkins for kindly donating a bag of hardcore which will be used in the pony field around the gate area to help with the drainage.

Thanks to the newly opened Hungry Horse pub “The Welby” who have kindly offered to have a collection tin on their counter.

A few dates for your diary are:  Sunday 20th March at the Car Boot at Melton Market, Pablos are having a table to sell new/good quality second-hand horse equipment and a table with nearly new household items.  All have been donated to Pablos so if you see some of our volunteers, please come over and say “hello” and have a look at what’s on offer.  Again, 100% of the funds from the sales will be spent only on the welfare of the horses and ponies.  So come along and grab yourself some bargains.

A “Psychic Night” with Bob Perris, Spiritual Medium and Healer, will be held on Thursday 28th April at the ‘Noel’s Arms’, in Melton Mowbray.   Doors open at 8.00pm and we’ll post details of how to get tickets next week on the website.  Everyone is very welcome and a good night is most definitely predicted!

The finished field shelter

A big thank you goes to our fantastic Build-It volunteers; Gerry, Chris and Tommy, who have now finished the repairs to the field shelters in Blossom’s and Silver’s fields.  Working through all weathers, the double shelter is looking great and very, very strong.  It’s now ready for the horses to inhabit when they are able to return to their paddocks in April (weather permitting).

Well, as the weather begins turning to spring flowers, april showers, and the long awaited return of our friend, Mr. Sunshine…it only remains for all of us at Pablo’s to wish all our readers well.

See you next week

Dismantling the old Field Shelter


Getting started...

Half way there..

Nearly there...

Carrots and Cuddles!

Bea and Jubail enjoying lunch together

Hi Everyone

We are pleased to report that Little Gerry and Christina Scarlet are both well and have been with us a week now. Little Gerry is getting very curious, and although still very timid and nervous, will tentatively approach volunteers for his carrot, and has let one of our volunteers give him a little brush. Christina is still extremely timid and it could take a long time for us to gain her trust which will allow her to become confident around people. They have been kept together in a large stable in the barn all week, and tomorrow it’s planned to let them out inside the barn which will hopefully increase their comfort zone within the Sanctuary. We are also pleased to report that Silver is still continuing to do well after his ordeal.


Just a reminder for you to come and see us in Morrison’s in Gamston on Monday 7th March, where we will be holding a store collection. Our volunteer, Gayle, who does a marvelous job with fundraising, will be there, so if you see Gayle please pop over and say hello (and don’t forget to drop a few spare coins into the collection tins!). Again, 100% of all donations are spent on the horses welfare and we couldn’t continue to help the animals without your support.

The Big Sale held on Saturday 5th March at the Noels Arms, in Burton Street, Melton Mowbray raised £98. We hope that those of you who could come along, bagged some great  bargains. And we’d like to say a big thank you to Janet at the Noels Arms and Gayle who organised the sale and helped on the day, and thank you to everyone who came and helped to raise these much needed funds to help the horses and ponies.

Puff Ball

The Ministry of Defense Hospital Unit, based at the New Peterborough Hospital in Peterborough have offered to come down to the yard on Tuesday 22 March to help out for the day. Around 12 nurses and medics have offered to help give the barn a fresh lick of paint and help out with the horses, and will be approaching DIY stores for donations of paint and brushes. The Unit approached one of our volunteers at the store collection day held at Morrisons in Stamford and struck up a great conversation, during which they indicated that they would love to offer support to the Sanctuary.

Keep checking your post boxes, as copies of the quarterly newsletter “Pablo’s Pony Express” have been posted, to all our subscribers (the newsletter is sent to all those special friends who support the charity by either sponsorship or standing order scheme)….it will be with you shortly!

We have had a few problems with our website registration recently (which we are trying to sort out at the moment), but you can still reach us through google, which will take us to one of our 2 working internet (URL) addresses.  Just for the record these are;   &

So as always, stay tuned in to the website for all the ‘hot’ news and let’s see if we can get Christina to take some crunchy, munchy carrots in next weeks munch-crunchy web spectacular!!!!!!