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Little Gerry and Christina Scarlet

Hi Everyone

Little Gerry and Christina safely in their new home

We’d like to give a warm welcome to two new ponies, on to the yard this week, Little Gerry and Christina Scarlet. These two little ponies were in need of Sanctuary, as they had not been handled for a very long time, and as a result they have both become fearful of humans.  They were both due to be taken to Melton Market to be sold, and as they cannot be handled easily their options for a new home were very limited.  Little Gerry (the grey) is thought to be around 4 years old and Christina Scarlet is around 7 years old and is an Exmoor pony.  Both were so frightened it took two attempts and hours of dedicated volunteer work to be able to catch them in their field and load them into the horsebox to get them safely to the Sanctuary. Now, stabled together in the barn, we are slowly and gradually gaining their trust.  Both Little Gerry and Christina are extremely timid, but have the sweetest of natures, Little Gerry is the more curious of the two and will now venture towards you to take a carrot.  Both have a long way to go before they trust of humans again, but we will take everything at their pace and eventually they will come to realise just how loved and how special they are.  We’ll keep you informed of their progress.


We’d like to say a big thank you to Morrisons at Stamford, as on Monday 21st February we held a store collection and raised an amazing £253.22 from donations from their customers.  Thank you to Wendy and Rachel for volunteering their time to help on the day and to Morrisons and their customers for their donations and giving us such a warm and friendly reception.

Don’t forget the Big Sale is to be held on this coming Saturday 5th March at the Noels Arms, in Burton Street, Melton Mowbray. Come down and bag yourself some real bargains with all nearly new items on offer, which have been kindly donated to be sold to help raise funds for the care of the horses and ponies.  Refreshments will be available and the Big Sale starts at 10.00am til 3.00pm.  Remember to get there early!!

Another thank you goes to the 2nd Long Clawson Brownies, who have sponsored one of our ponies, Cherry, and raised over £200 for the Sanctuary to help towards her care.  The girls held fundraising events and you can read their story on our “Stories and Tributes” page, and we’d also like to thank the Melton Times for publishing an article on their fundraising event.  We hope to see the Brownies in Spring when they are going to come onto the Yard at Long Clawson to meet Cherry and all the other horses and ponies, and hopefully make some new friends.

The latest newsletter is due out next week, covering what’s been happening over the past three months.  So if you sponsor one of our ponies or subscribe to our Standing Order scheme, please look out for the Postman who will be delivering your newsletter very soon.

And it remains only to say thank you to everybody who helps support the charity by either sponsorship, monthly donation, or simply the offer of their time….we couldn’t do it without you all!


Hairy Hippy Minty

Hello Pablo’s-istas

Just to remind you that Morrison’s supermarket have kindly allowed us to hold a store collection on Monday 21st February in Stamford. So come on down and see if see our volunteers, Wendy or Rachel, and if you do, please pop over and say hello, and if you could spare any change to put in our collection tins it would be really appreciated. As always 100% of the donations go towards the welfare of the horses and ponies, as our volunteers give their time and cover their own expenses.

A date for your diary is a fantastic sale on Saturday, 5th March 2011 at the Noels Arms, Burton Street in Melton Mowbray between 10.00am – 3.00pm. The sale items includes good quality adult and children’s clothing, toys, games, books and bric-a-brac. Refreshments will be available on the day and all the proceeds will go towards the welfare of the horses and ponies – so come along and bag yourself a real bargain!

Good news this week about Silver, Martin the vet has been researching Silver’s condition and has found a new product on the market which could help Silver to manage his stress levels and thereby help him to remain calmer and happier. Martin is going to source the new drug, which is only available through veterinarian prescription, and we will keep you informed on how Silver gets on.

A too hairy Minty

Does anyone know someone who can donate a set of horse clippers?

A few of our ponies are extremely hairy in their winter coats and with the weather turning mild, and despite a lot of grooming, they are becoming a little warm in their coats and could really do with a trace clip to help them. If anyone has any horse clippers that they would like to donate, or if you can offer a horse clipping service as a donation of your time, please give Carole a call.

This week we would like to say a special thank you to Waitrose in Stamford for choosing Pablos as the charity of the month during April this year. Waitrose will be putting out collection tins and promoting awareness of Pablo’s for the whole month of April. So all you Waitrose customers out there please help us during April by dropping any spare coppers into our tins.

Thank you to the ladies at Riseholm Feeds in East Leake, for their continued support of Pablos and this week 8 bags of feed were kindly donated. Also Riseholm Feeds are to have a collection tin on their counters. Thank you ladies from everyone here at Pablo’s!  Big cuddles from our ponies go to you all!

And a big thank you to the band “Pingles Delusion” a Ceilidh band who having seen Silver’s plight, in the Melton Times, generously donated their fee for a gig they had played, to go towards helping Silver.

Just a note to all those seeking aid from Pablo’s. The sanctuary is currently at maximum capacity at the moment with no spare space remaining for any extra horses or ponies!!! We’ve had a bumper year, picking up unwanted or abused horses and ponies all last year, and now we’re completely full. To take any more would cause us to compromise the welfare of the animals at the Sanctuary, and that is something we simply cannot do. We’ve had to turn down 6 horses and ponies this last week, but although our hearts break whenever this occurs, we simply cannot take any more animals in. For those of you tempted to ring the sanctuary for us to take more animals in, we’d urge you to find alternative arrangements, as we simply do not have the facilities, food or finances to pay for the welfare of any other animals. Pablo’s is entirely funded by donations, and crewed by volunteers only, who give their time without payment…and as you know, the small amount of money and donations we gratefully receive from people, has 100% of the money going to the animals welfare.  Right now, every penny of our funding is allocated, and we do not have anymore space to take on more horses and ponies.

We are truly sorry.

Valentine’s Day

"Give us a kiss" said Jack to Blossom

The inseparables - Minty and Polly

Loved up Bella and Magnum

Hello everyone. As promised in last week’s post, we bring to you some photos of the loved up “couples” on the yard. I don’t know whether you know this, but horses can form life long attachments, just like people. Despite the sense of ‘herd’ within the animals at Pablo’s, we also tend to see bonds of affection developing between some of our horses. They can become a little ‘family’ of three or four friends, or sometimes bond with just one other horse. It’s so heart warming to see two horses bond. They are in each other’s company all the time, they show one another an unbelievable amount of affection, and can become anxious if they lose sight of each other for any reason. But mostly, they just love one another, and love to be loved in return. So here’s a few photos to show you some of our loving couples out there on the yard.

We’d like to a say thank you to Mr Foxwell from Nottingham for his generous donation of £150. Mr Foxwell, saw Pablo’s appeal on the TV last year and wanted to do something to help, so he travelled over on Thursday this week to meet some of the horses and ponies, and hand-delivered his gift to Pablos.

Another thank you goes to Cherry Wessell from Wymeswold, who has very kindly donated 4 bags of horse feed this week and another thank you to our new volunteer, Martin, who has donated £200 towards Silver’s vet bill.

At the moment we’re looking to appeal for more weekend volunteers to help look after the horses and ponies on the yard at Long Clawson. A few more volunteers are needed at weekends, especially on a Saturday morning, for general yard duties, which include mucking out, feeding, cleaning and helping with the horses. Even if you can only spend a couple of hours, it would really be appreciated, especially as the horses are all in their Winter quarters which makes for plenty of extra jobs around the yard. So come down, meet all our wonderful horses and ponies, get fit (cheaper than those gym fees!) and make some new friends.

During the high winds over the last couple of weeks, one of our field shelters has had a rough time of it, having it’s roof blown off!!! Two of our wonderful helpers, Chris and Jerry, who are the ultimate Bob the Builder team, have leapt into action, and are in the process of repairing the shelter, in readiness for the return to paddocks, when the warmer weather finally gets here.

We’d like to apologise for those who travelled to Tesco in Loughborough to see us last Friday. I’m afraid that due to a clerical error we were double booked with another charity. Tesco asked us if we’d like to come on Friday 25th March instead. For which we are extremely grateful. But for those who can’t wait ’til then….we are at Morrison’s in Stamford on Monday, 21st February…so come and see us if you can!

Until then, it remains only to wish you all a very happy St. Valentine’s Day, and pass on the cuddles and kisses from the horses here at Pablo’s.


Spring is in the air…and love is on the yard!

Puff-ball and Willow always together

Hello readers

As the weather has turned warmer and Spring is just around the corner, and love is in the air…some of our horses are well and truly head over heels with each other.  Puff-ball and Willow, as seen here on the left, are just one of the loved-up couples who walk around the yard…they’re inseparable!  With Valentines here next week, we’ll be doing a feature on some of the “couples” with photos to prove it! But so far, Cupid’s arrow seems to have lodged firmly into Blossom and Westie, Minty and Polly, Cherry and Arthur, Silver and Lady, and even Shanty and Tommy.

We are pleased to report that Silver is still making good progress, the last of his cuts and scrapes are healing and he has not had another incident. Silver is still unfazed by it all and he is enjoying all the extra fuss he’s been getting.  Although with the bill due for his care, we’d really appreciate it if anyone would like to hold a fundraising event, on behalf of Silver, to help Pablo’s with his vet bill. You could hold a sponsored silence, horse / bike ride, or perhaps a cake sale. Or perhaps you would like to sponsor him, or any of the other lovely horses here, there are new ones added this year to sponsor so please take a look at our “Sponsorship” page.  Any proceeds made in aid of Silver will go straight towards his medical bills.

Silver and Lady - Can you help Silver?

Our next fundraising event is a “Fun Quiz” which is to be held this Tuesday 8th February at The Crown pub in Melton Mowbray, starting at 8.15pm.  Entry to the Fun Quiz is only £2.00 which includes a “supper” provided by The Crown, with some fantastic prizes on offer and also a chance for you to win a great prize in the raffle.  So don’t forget to pop the date in your diary, come down, have a spot of supper, a few laughs at the quiz, a drink or three, and maybe even win some great prizes.  It goes without saying that all proceeds will go to helping the horses.  We hope you can all make it and would love to see you there.

We are also pleased to announce that Tesco’s (Shelthorpe site) in Loughborough is allowing us to hold a store collection, our first collection at the store.  The collection will be held this Friday, 10th February. If you see our volunteers, Gail, Wendy or Rachel please pop over and say hello, and if you could donate any of your spare change in the collecting tins, we would really appreciate it.  All funds raised on Tuesday 8th and Friday 10th will go directly to the welfare of the horses and ponies in the Sanctuary.  Yes 100%, as all our volunteers give their time and resources for free, and we have no hidden admin fees, every single penny, goes to the welfare of the horses.

Pablo's little "helper" - Minty

We would like to say a big thank you to Bottesford Police Station for their kind donation this week.  Every year they hold their annual lost property sale and have very kindly donated £400.00 to help all the horses and ponies.  Thank you from everyone here at Pablo’s, we never cease to be humbled and amazed by the support we get from the Emergency Services, who do a terrific job for the protecting and serving the community, and the time they offer to help and support our animals.

Tune in next week, to our Valentine’s day special….don’t miss it.

…or the Cherubs will get you!!!