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Pablo’s goes to Morrisons

Silver in the snow

Hello everyone.

We are pleased to let you know that Silver continues to get stronger, after his ordeal 2 weeks ago; he can always be found quietly munching on the hay in his Winter quarters!  Yummy!!!  As for his treatment, he has received his last dose of antibiotics and the wounds on his legs have dried up and healed nicely, all except one, which, on the advice of Martin, the vet, is now going to be left uncovered to allow the air to get to it, in addition, he has to have a mixture of iodine and honey applied daily!  A simple yet venerable treatment, and one which is very effective and will hopefully heal the last of Silver’s wounds.

We had another scare this week when it was reported that the fence at one of the fields at Burton Lazars, on which some of Pablo’s ponies are kept, had come down.  Luckily none of the ponies had ventured out on to the nearby road, and the fence was immediately repaired by planting eight new posts.  The paddock is now pony-proof again!

It’s that time of year again when Pablo’s accounts need to be sent to HMRC and the Charity Commission, and we would like to give a huge thank you to Lisa Roe AICB (Comp), at L M Bookkeeping Services (  Lisa has kindly volunteered her time over the past 3 years in order to keep Pablo’s books in order.  Lisa has been driving over from Markfield to collect accounts and receipts throughout the year, and making the books ready to be submitted to the Accountant for processing.  Thank you so much for all your help Lisa!

A big thank you smile to all Morrison's customers from Penny

A big Pablo’s thank you goes to everyone at Morrison’s, Thorpe End, Melton Mowbray, for allowing us to hold a store collection this Saturday.  Due to the generosity of all at the store, a fabulous total of £204.52 was donated by Morrison’s customers.  Thanks also to Gail and Rachel, two of our wonderful volunteers, for taking the time to organise and conduct the collection.  As you know, Pablo’s is run purely by volunteers who give their time and provide the resources needed, so that 100% of funds raised are spent on the welfare of the horses and ponies.  It was genuinely touching that so many of the customers asked about how Silver was getting on after his rescue, it’s nice to know so that there are so many caring people out there!


The next store collection is on Friday 11th February at Tesco’s supermarket in Lougborough (Shelthorpe site).  Please, if you see any of our volunteers, pop over and say hello, and if you can, please put any of your spare change in the collecting tins.  Every donation helps and is really appreciated by these innocent animals.

Finally, an appeal for any volunteers to help look after 3 of our ponies; Jester, Rupert and Thomas, who are on land at Thorpe End, Melton Mowbray.  Duties will include feeding, checking water, grooming and general care of them, either in the early morning and / or late evening.  Volunteers need to be 16 or over.  If you would like to help then please get in touch with Carole, we would love to hear from you.  We need all the help and support we can get.

Can you help look after us? - Jester, Rupert and Thomas


Mount Muckheap’s smelly end!!!

Silver...on the way to a full recovery!

Hello readers!

As those of you who tune in regularly will know, Silver had a bit of a rough time last week.  Well we are very pleased to report that Silver has not had any follow-up issues, so far, relating to his fall and subsequent rescue last Thursday.  He is still having checkups with the vet and is on a treatment of antibiotics for the cuts and scrapes on his legs, but other than that, he is doing really well.  We would like to thank everyone for all the kind wishes that they’ve sent to Silver for a speedy recovery.

The latest rescue pony to arrive at Pablos, Freeway, has settled in and although he is kept in the barn at night, he likes to be on the yard with the other horses, and each morning he makes it quite clear that he is very eager to get outside! He is starting to mingle with the other animals, and despite him being a little shy, Malty has decided to take an interest in being his friend.   Our other quite new arrival, Dolly has settled in really well and is now well involved in the daily routine.  Dolly, due to her age, also occupies a stable in the barn during the night, and goes outside on the yard during the day for her exercise, and she always looks happy and content wherever she is.

Freeway, happy on the yard

We are pleased to announce that this Saturday, 29th January, Morrison’s in Melton Mowbray have kindly let us hold another collection day.  Some of our volunteers will be there, so please pop over and say “hello” and if you could put any of your spare change in our tins, that would be a fantastic gift for all the animals here at Pablos.   Last year we raised £373.00, from all the generous Morrison’s customers.  Remember, we are a purely ‘voluntary’ charity, and as such, every single penny of your contribution goes into caring for the animals.

Here’s a one for your diaries; our next fundraising event is a “Fun Quiz” which is to be held at The Crown pub in Melton Mowbray on Tuesday, 8th February.  Entry to the Fun Quiz includes a “supper” provided by The Crown, with some fantastic prizes on offer and also a chance for you to win a great prize in the raffle.  So don’t forget to pop the date in your diary, come down, have a spot of supper, a few laughs at the quiz, a drink or three, and maybe even win some great prizes.  It goes without saying that all proceeds will go to helping the horses.  We hope you can all make it.

Hello Dolly!

Our famous ‘doozers’; volunteers, Chris, Gerry and Tommy continue to build and improve on our facilities, and have now installed 4 new halogen lights, on the yard, and 1 new halogen light inside the barn.  The outside lights have really helped the volunteers with the night-time shift and now the yard can clearly be seen on arrival!  Their next project is to improve the drainage at the front of the pony field.  One thing’s for sure, if they keep up this pace, the old yard will be the ultimate horsey dez rez!

A most warm welcome this week to our two new volunteers, Jenny and Jolanta who have selected Pablo’s to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Both Jenny and Jolanta are from De Lisle School in Loughborough and have both been riding for sometime.  We’re glad to have them aboard, and look forward to seeing them on the yard, over the next 3 months, if you’re passing give them a wave! We’d also like to mention Sam and Alec; two new volunteers who have started to come up and help, I must say that it’s nice to have some men volunteer to help the ladies out with some of the more heavier duties, thank you so much guys, we love you!

We would like to thank Gill Bland for doing a sponsored Santa Fun Run/Walk, on Sunday, 12th December, at Melton Mowbray.  Gill raised £200.00 for the animals here at Pablos!!!  Thanks Gill!  Also a thank you to all of those kind people who sponsored Gill.

Another huge thank you goes to ‘Pets at Home’ for their kind donation; a cheque for £250.00, which we received this week, the money will go towards the purchase of more hay for the horses, and we’d all like to thank them for their continued support.

Ah....bisto......Mount 'Muckheap's smelly end!

Just a quick action shot of the muckheap being removed this week.  The muckheap needs to be removed every 4-5 weeks during the Winter months, to prevent it taking on the aspect of Mount Kilimonjaro!  Hot and smelly…..yum!!!  We’re thinking of bottling a vintage for widescale distribution for gardens everywhere!

On a last note, if you would like to donate any of your empty printer cartridges, to help raise funds, please click on the link to the right (Pablosrecycle4charity) which will take you to the Recycling page that has been set up for Pablos.  Just follow the instructions and send your empty ink cartridges and each quarter Pablo’s receives a cheque.  This quarter a cheque for £9.00 has been received.  Remember we are grateful for every penny, as every little bit helps.

See you next time!

Silver’s “Lone Rangers” to the rescue!!!!

Silver standing next to his straw bale before it is spread on his yard

We had a very worrying time with on Thursday with Silver.  On arrival at the yard it was discovered that he had somehow managed (and we still can’t work out how) to have fallen down in the new shelter attached to his winter quarters, and had wedged himself up against the wall, half-in and half-out of the shelter.  It was obvious he had cut his legs, but until we got him on his feet, we didn’t know what else might have been wrong with him.  The vet was immediately called out and was concerned that, as Silver (over 18hh, a big horse) had been on the ground for some time, may have cut off his blood supply to his legs and perhaps even to some of his internal organs!  Although, fortunately, the cuts on his legs were just superficial.  It was imperative we get Silver back on his feet.  A pain killer was administered and the Melton Mowbray Fire Brigade was called to help get Silver out of the shelter.

Upon their arrival the Fire Brigade assessed the situation and decided to escalate the situation to the Special Fire and Rescue Unit in Loughborough who arrived in an amazing 20 minutes.  Straw was placed all round Silver.  And he was gently eased out of the shelter and onto the yard.  However, Silver made no attempt to get up and just lay there.  At this point what was needed was help to hoist Silver back to this feet.  Birleys Garage in Long Clawson was contacted who then made a call to Richard Chandler to borrow his small tractor with the lifting pronges at the front.  Once Richard and his Manitou tractor arrived, Silver was sedated and a rescue harness put around his body by the Special Rescue Unit.  Silver was then gently hoisted to his feet, but unfortunately made no attempt to stand on his own legs.  We tried another 3 times with the same result.  Silver was left for 30 minutes on his own, with padding to support his head, the situation was grave, and we were all very concerned for Silver.  In desperation, and hope that Silver was going to make it, we all agreed to give Silver one final chance to get to his feet!

The hoist lifted, Silver rose gradually into the air, and hung limply from the harness!  ‘Oh please, please Silver, come on boy…you can do it’  Everyone held their breath and prayed, and suddenly, miraculously, Silver gathered himself, and broke into a gallop. Plunging forward, now the danger was that Silver, far from being lifeless, had started to thrash around, risking injury to himself and those assisting.  He was lowered to the ground, his feet touched down gently.  He calmed, and even better, he was able to support himself without assistance.

Following a full check up by the vet; it was announced that nothing more than minor cuts and bruises to his legs, marred our lucky old boy!  Hi ho, Silver!  He rides again!

We’d like to thank all those who played a critical part in helping Silver, and spent the whole morning caring him;

  • Melton Mowbray Fire Brigade
  • Loughborough Special Fire and Rescue Unit
  • Birleys Garage in Long Clawson
  • Richard Chandler for his help and the use of his Manitou tractor
  • and last but by no means least, Martin, a fabulous vet, from Crescent Vets, Melton Mowbray

Freeway with Lucy

Let’s all give a warm Pablo’s welcome to a new arrival on the yard today.  A very sweet 30 year old 14.2hh chestnut cob called “Freeway” whose owner, due to personal circumstances, can not care for him anymore, and asked Pablo’s to help.  There was a lot of excitement on the yard when the horse box arrived and Freeway was unloaded, after a few “hellos” there were horses and ponies trying to get into the horsebox – with Westie perhaps thinking he was going to the races again, ‘just like the good old days!’, and Winston thought he was heading for a ride out to the local pub!!  Freeway will spend the Winter stabled in the barn at the main yard and when Spring time comes he will move to the paddocks to spend the warmer months with his new field companions, Syndey and Arthur.  We would like to thank Lucy (LVR Equine Transport) for bringing Freeway safely to us, and for the continued support she offers to Pablo’s.  Thank you so much Lucy!

Which way to Ascot? said Westie

We’d also like to mention the generosity of Peter Marsh, and his partner Lesley, for not only supplying free grazing land at Burton Lazars for some of our ponies, but also for the collection, and donation of £500, from their penny jar, for the upkeep of the horses!  Wonderful!  We actually hear it was a whisky bottle, which they’ve been saving in for over a year.

Due to the unpredictable weather patterns over the last year, there is a national shortage of hay.  As a result of this, hay prices have gone sky high, so if anyone could donate any hay, it would really help us to feed the horses for the remainder of the winter. Please contact Carole Fielding (see contacts page on the site for Carole’s contact details) if you can offer any help.

So it’s been a few days since Silver’s fall, and you’ll all be pleased to hear that he is back on his feet (forgive the pun!) and acting like it never even happened. And our new boy, Freeway, has impressed everyone with his shiny wheels! Oh….and he’s an absolute little darling, who’s gonna capture everyone’s heart!

‘Til next week…

"When we get to the pub mine's a pint" said Winston "Me too" said Malty

New Year, New Accommodation

The new stalls

This week some of the ponies have been fortunate enough to now have their own individual new accommodation in the barn. Daisy, Jive, Willow and Polly have been enjoying their own individual stalls, deep with straw to keep them all nice and warm, especially during these Winter months. A huge thank you to Chris and Gerry for working so hard over the past two weeks to get them ready and their next project (this week) is fixing a few more lights around the yard, which will help the volunteers during the dark evenings.

The chickens which joined the Sanctuary recently have all settled in very quickly and have started laying again; anywhere and everywhere we are finding the eggs!! One chicken has become very attached to Cherry and lays a couple of eggs for Cherry each morning in the corner of her stable. One of our volunteers has offered to make the new hens some nesting boxes which will make the new girls very happy when they arrive.

We are sad to announce that one of our old ponies, Tappy has passed away; it appears that he had suffered heart failure, he was 39 years old. Tappy joined Pablo’s approximately 3 years ago and quickly became inseparable friends with Sidney, one of our oldest ponies. Tappy was a sweet old pony and we’d like to say a huge thank you to Andrea for looking after him so well during his time with us, he will be truly missed, in particular by Andrea, who loved him dearly.  We like to think that Tappy was very happy at Pablos, and it was a pleasure to have known and cared for him in his last years.

Sidney has now been brought onto the Yard and we are pleased that he has made friends with another of our old horses, Arthur, and we hope that this helps him to get over the loss of his friend.

We would like to thank Sharon from the livery yard at Swithland, near Loughborough for the kind delivery of bales of straw and hay this week. Instead of everybody at the livery yard sending Christmas cards to each other, everyone gave a donation to buy some straw and hay for the horses and ponies at Pablo’s. A big thank you to Sharon and everyone who made the donations to help our horses and ponies.

Good news as more horses and ponies have joined the sponsorship scheme, and more will continue to be added this week. Please check out our ‘Sponsorship’ page to see the new additions and maybe find another one to fall in love with, and have the opportunity to provide support for.

Finally, just to show that it’s not always so dark and dreary in the Winter time, here’s a photo of Kizzy, Sparky and Arthur relaxing in the sunshine in their Winter quarters (Sparky is doing a bit of sunbathing, catching the rays and generally chilling out!).

Kizzy, Sparky and Arthur

A Good Start to the Year!

Happy New Year to you all.

May in her new rug

On 31 December all the horses and ponies were moved from their fields and are now on the yard, and all safe in their new quarters for the Winter period. There was a little drama when Silver, who suffers from Shivers, took his first steps onto the concrete yard and when he realised the different texture under his feet he started to shake as he found it very stressful. Once straw was put on the ground for him to gently get used to the change this eased his stress and he stopped shaking. He is now absolutely fine in his new surroundings on the yard, and is now settled with his slightly changed routine, and we think he’s secretly enjoying all the extra attention! Silver is still with his field companions, (above is a picture of one of Silver’s field companions, our Shire horse, May who is all warm and cosy in her new rug, which she kindly is modelling here).

This week, the horses and ponies were joined by 20 new chickens. The chickens needed sanctuary when their owner could no longer care for them on his allotment in Nottingham. They have settled in really well and have joined in with the other chickens on the yard and Egbert, the cockerel, has now got plenty of girls to look after.

Three of the new chickens

We would like to thank the great tribute band “The Platforms” for letting Pablo’s hold the raffle at the Market Tavern, in the Cattle Market at Melton Mowbray on New Years Eve. The raffle raised a fantastic £210 on the night which will go towards looking after the horses. A big thank you to Ruth and her family for selling the tickets on the night, and all the companies that so generously donated the all the prizes.

This year we have upgraded the “Sponsor a Horse” sponsorship scheme so that your sponsored horse or pony will now send you a card from them on your birthday. Everyone who has a current sponsorship and has included their birthday date will receive this special card, so watch out for the postman near your birthday.

We would like to thank the Melton Times for all the articles that they have published in support of Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary over the last few months. An incredible amount (over £600) of money has been handed into the Melton Times office as donations to help the horses, which will be used to buy hay and go towards veterinary bills. A huge thank you to everyone who has been so generous, it is really appreciated. Also a big thank you to Roland Gayle of Langar who delivered a special Christmas present for the horses, of 200 bales of hay! This has now been unloaded from the trailer and stored away safely (many thanks to the volunteers who helped unload this most welcome and generous gift).

The field shelter has been finished in Jack’s field and is looking great and is very much appreciated by the horses. Many thanks to Chris, Gerry and Tommy who have worked tirelessly over the Christmas period to get it finished in time.

The finished field shelter